Easy Summer Crafts for Kids -100+ Arts and Crafts Ideas for all ages

Summer time is so much fun for kids getting a break from school all summer long but let’s face it, some times they get bored. That’s why I am super excited to share this ultimate guide to the best summer crafts for kids with you today. With over 100 arts and crafts ideas to choose from, your kids are going to have an awesome summer making some of these easy craft ideas.

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Fun and Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

When I think about summer I think of going to the zoo, enjoying the beach, learning about ocean animals, pirates and mermaids, star gazing at night, riding bikes in the sunshine and flying kites on a windy day.

This big resource of crafts for kids has something to fit any theme for summer you are looking for and there’s fun summer crafts for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary age children. Get ready to plan out some awesome activities for kids this summer after looking at our list.

Easy Animal Crafts for Summer

Going to the zoo is an essential part of enjoying summer break, don’t you think? We have quite a collection of animal crafts on our website, everything from zoo animals to jungle friends and even pets. Find some of our favorite animal crafts listed below that you are sure to love!

animal summer crafts 1

Giraffe Finger Puppets

Zebra Finger Puppets

Paper Plate Elephant Puppet

Hedgehog Paper Craft

Paper Plate Koala Craft

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Paper Plate Hippopotamus

Easy Paper Bag Monkey Puppet

Llama Finger Puppets

Paper Plate Cat Craft

Wooden Spoon Lion Craft

animal summer crafts 2

Paper Bag Zebra Puppet

Wooden Spoon Mouse Craft

Doily Lion Craft

Paper Bag Skunk Craft

Ocean Animal Crafts

Along with a trip to the zoo, our local aquarium is a must for my children during the summer. Whether you take a trip there yourself or learn about ocean animals from books or TV this summer, here are some darling ocean animal crafts for kids of all ages to enjoy.

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Paper Plate Swimming Jellyfish Craft

Egg Carton Whale

Paper Bowl Sea Turtle

Easy Paper Fish Craft

Cupcake Liner Crab Craft

ocean summer crafts 2

Black Glue Seahorse Art Project

Easy Cupcake Liner Fish

Colorful Paper Bowl Jellyfish

Octopus Kids Craft

Simple Newspaper Shark

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Reptile Crafts for Kids

Let’s not leave out our reptile animal friends. You can find a mixture of these animals at the zoo and aquarium for kids to observe in person and then come home and make a craft of your favorite reptile.

reptile summer crafts

DIY Alligator Puppets

Paper Plate Snake Craft

Cardboard Roll Snake Craft

Paper Straw Bendy Snakes

Paper Bowl Turtle Craft for Kids

Amazing Space and Solar System Crafts

Learning about the solar system is one of my favorite summer activities. Summer is the perfect season for late night star gazing and observation through telescopes. Here are some colorful space crafts kids can enjoy this summer. We have activities for toddler-age children to create and something older children will love too.

space summer crafts

Black Glue Galaxy Art Project

Out of This World Craft -Design your own solar system!

Easy Cardboard Roll Space Shuttle Craft

Marbled Earth Craft for Kids

Eric Carle Inspired Textured Moon Craft

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Space Shuttle Paper Craft

Preschool Space Craft -Marbled Planets

Earth Day Collage Recycled Art Project

Happy Birthday Moon Invitation to Create

Simple Summer Beach Crafts

Hanging out at the beach is an iconic family summer activity. In fact, one of my kids’ favorite summer activities is visiting tide pools and hunting for ocean creatures at low tide on the beach. Bring some of the sunshine and fun of the beach back indoors by making some of these simple summer beach crafts.

beach summer crafts

Easy Sand Castle Craft for Toddlers

Paper Plate Crab Craft

Puffy Paint Starfish Project

Prickly Sea Urchin Craft

Paper Bowl Sea Anemone Kids Craft

Paper Cup Lighthouse Craft

Easy Crab Craft made from Cupcake Liners

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Adorable Summer Pirate Crafts

Arrrr, mateys! Ye can’t get through the summer without making ye a cool pirate craft! From paper plates, paper bags and more, you are going to want to make every single one of these cute pirate crafts.

pirate summer crafts

Awesome Paper Bowl Pirate Craft

Paper Bag Pirate Puppets

Easy Paper Plate Pirate Craft

Pirate Finger Puppets

Wooden Spoon Pirates

Gorgeous Mermaid Kids Crafts

Mermaid Crafts are a must during the summer too, just like pirates. We have a fun selection listed below of different ways for you to get crafting your own magical mermaids this summer.

mermaid summer crafts

Wooden Spoon Mermaids

Mermaid Bookmarks

Cardboard Tube Mermaid Craft

Paper Bag Mermaid Puppets

Make Yourself into a Mermaid Project

Paper Plate Mermaid Twirlers

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Hot Air Balloon and Kite Crafts

Have you ever had a ride in a hot air balloon? I haven’t, but boy would that be a treat! If you aren’t up for a real ride in the sky, making a hot air balloon craft is the next best thing. We also have some pretty awesome kite crafts for those who love kite flying in the summer months.

hot air balloon summer crafts

Recycled CD Hot Air Balloon Craft

Black Glue Hot Air Balloon Art Project

Painted Newspaper Hot Air Balloon

Washi Tape Hot Air Balloon Craft

Hot Air Balloon Bubble Wrap Craft

3D Heart Air Balloon Card

kite summer crafts

Black Glue Kite Art Project

Cupcake Liner Kite Craft

Kid-Made Decorative Driftwood Kite

Fun Desert Themed Crafts

Although I’m not a fan of the hot desert heat, these fun desert themed crafts are among my favorites. Gorgeous cactuses, sun crafts and birds on a wire in front of a desert sunset top the list of my favorites.

desert summer crafts

Black Glue Cactus Art Project

Easy Paper Plate Sun Craft for preschoolers

Birds on a Wire Art Project

Cute DIY Cactus Card

Yarn Wrapped Sun Craft

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Paper Bowl Sun Kids Craft

Cupcake Liner Sun Craft for Kids

How to make a DIY Cactus Plushy

Paper Plate Goat Craft

Easy Ice Cream Crafts to make this Summer

Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream for colorful, fun ice cream crafts! These simple ideas are perfect for a quick summer afternoon activity and with materials like cupcake liners, paper plates and paper, you can whip them up in a jiffy.

ice cream summer crafts

Cupcake Liner Ice Cream Craft

Easy Popsicle Cards

Ice Cream Cone Craft for Kids

DIY Ice Cream Corner Bookmarks

Paper Plate Ice Cream Cone Craft

Summer Bird Crafts

While I think any type of bird craft would be fun for a summer craft, peacocks, toucans, parrots and flamingoes scream summer time to me. Here are some of our favorites listed below. You can might also love our list of over 75 awesome bird crafts.

bird summer crafts

Paper Bag Peacock Puppets

Simple Toucan Craft for Kids

Colorful Paper Cup Parrot Craft

Paper Plate Peacock Craft

Flamingo Finger Puppets

bird summer crafts 2

Yarn Weaved Paper Plate Peacock Craft

Cupcake Liner Toucan Craft

Cupcake Liner Parrot Craft

Flamingo Cupcake Liner Craft

Twirling Parrot Craft

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Simple Summer Fruit Crafts

You know it’s summer when fresh watermelon and pineapples are a regular at meals. Check out these fun ideas for ways to make simple summer fruit crafts.

fruit summer crafts

Bubble Wrap Pineapple Craft for Kids

Easy Cupcake Liner Watermelon Bunting

Pineapple Bookmark Design

DIY Watermelon Pinwheel Craft

Hanging Citrus Fruit Craft

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Beautiful Sunflower Crafts

Sunflowers in full bloom during the summer months are quite the sight, especially a whole field of them. Check out these gorgeous ways to make a beautiful sunflower craft.

sunflower summer crafts

3D Sunflower Paper Craft

Black Glue Sunflower Art Project

Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft

Easy Sunflower Paper Plate Craft

Painted Newspaper Sunflower

Sunflower Patch CraftGoes with a book!

Cutest Dinosaur Crafts

Do you have a little one at home who loves everything about dinosaurs? If so, save a few of these fun dinosaur craft ideas to make with him or her this summer season.

dinosaur summer crafts

Paper Plate T-Rex Craft

Easy Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Toilet Roll Dinosaur Craft

Dinosaurs Clothespin Puppets

Paper Plate Dinosaur Designs

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paper plate animal crafts 2 1

Patriotic Summer Crafts for Kids

You can’t forget about including some patriotic fun into your summer. Making some patriotic crafts to go along with your Fourth of July celebrations is a great way for kids to use their creativity. Here a list of some simple summer craft ideas with a patriotic theme.

fourth of july summer crafts

Patriotic DIY Bubble Wands

Washi Tape American Flag Craft

Exploding Fireworks Art Project

Simple Torn Paper Flag Craft

Recycled Newspaper Fireworks Art

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DIY Patriotic Kids Necklace

Paper Plate Patriotic Suncatcher Craft

Pony Bead Flag Craft

Paint Stick Button Flag Craft

Patriotic Swag Bunting made from Cupcake Liners

More Summer Crafts for Kids

Looking for other summer crafts for kids not listed here? You can search our website by typing in what you’re looking for at the top of the page where the search bar is located. You can also browse through our category pages along the top menu bar of our page.

Save this page for later! We’ll be adding more summer crafts to this page as new crafts get posted.

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