Mixed Media New Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft

Looking for an awesome art project for the kids to make during a New Year’s Eve celebration? This mixed media New Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft is absolutely stunning and is perfect for kids of all ages. The use of newspaper gives this beautiful fireworks craft a fun recycled element and the bright colors and sparkly glitter glue make the fireworks pop off the paper. Get ready for a night full of fun with this gorgeous New Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft.

How to Make a Mixed Media New Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft

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New Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft Instructions:

1. Begin by cutting out several rectangle buildings from your newspaper. Make them different in width and height to give your fireworks craft more dimension. Glue the buildings along the bottom of your black cardstock paper with your glue stick.

2. Use your yellow highlighter to make lit up windows inside all of your newspaper buildings.

3. Pour several different colors of acrylic paint onto a paper plate. Use Q-tips to paint colorful fireworks along the entire top of your newspaper buildings. Let your paint dry.

4. Use your colorful glitter glue to add sparkle to your New Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft. Add the glitter glue to the existing painted lines and then add more lines coming out from each firework on your paper.

5. Let the glitter glue dry completely.

Your Mixed Media New Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft is complete!

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