All New Minecraft Coloring Pages for 2024

Get creative building some coloring fun with these printable Minecraft coloring sheets!

On this page, you will find 45 all new Minecraft coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Video games give us a chance to live out many different lives and fantasies.

Of all the video games you can play, however, few give you the freedom to express your creativity as much as the hugely popular game Minecraft does.

These free Minecraft coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to express creativity with Minecraft in a whole new way!

Minecraft is all about freedom and creativity, so you should feel free to color in these Minecraft printables however you choose.

You could use any colors that make you happy and experiment with mediums like paint, colored pens, pencils and crafts. The sky’s the limit with how creative you can get!

Once you’ve colored in your favorite Minecraft coloring sheets, we hope that you’ll share them to our Facebook page for us to see.

We’re sure to see some amazing creative coloring with these pages and we can’t wait to see your colorful artworks!

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45 Brand New Minecraft Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first image in our collection of free Minecraft coloring pages for kids has a Minecraft cat for you to meet!

These cute cats can be tamed to be your very own pet in game, so maybe if you have a cat in real life you could color in this one to look like yours.

If you don’t have a cat in real life, what colors will you make this one?cute minecraft coloring pages

It’s never fun to encounter a Minecraft zombie, but you can still have fun coloring in the one featured in this coloring sheet.

These pesky zombies usually have a mostly green coloring, so you could stick to that color scheme or go with your very own one!printable minecraft coloring pages

This Minecraft coloring page features a character that is wielding a trident. This is a weapon that is often associated with the king of the seas, Poseidon.

That would possibly show that this is set within an ocean setting, so we would use plenty of blues and greens for this one if we were coloring it in.

You could also add some extra details to make it look like he is swimming in the ocean! There are so many cool things you could add, so be sure to get creative with it and see where it takes you.minecraft coloring page

Our Minecraft hero is on a mission! Look at him go, striding along with his handy hammer in his hand. Those blocky legs are moving fast, carrying him onwards to his next epic adventure.

As you color in his oval eyes and smiling square mouth, think about where he might be headed. To gather supplies for a new build?

To explore a mysterious cave? Maybe even to battle some pesky Creepers! However you imagine his Minecraft story, have fun bringing this character to life with bold reds, sunny yellows, leafy greens or whatever colors you choose. minecraft coloring pages pdf

This Minecraft skeleton is next for you to color in this Minecraft coloring printable. These common enemies are also not a welcomed sight in the game, but they do look pretty cool!

What colors will you use to represent this wither skeleton?minecraft coloring pages ender dragon

Mining and building is a tiring business, and this player is taking a much needed breather for this Minecraft coloring page!

Maybe you could make the sky a nice orange to make it look like a sunset, which would suggest it’s been a long and busy day building!

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minecraft house coloring page

We have another cute cat for this Minecraft coloring sheet. What kind of day do you think it is in this picture?

You could use orange like I suggested for the previous printable or use a lighter blue to show it’s a beautiful mid day scene.

You could even use a dark blue with yellow dots to make it look like night time! We can’t wait to see what you minecraft coloring page

Our Minecraft explorer is taking a brisk walk under the beautiful blocky sky. Look closely at his iconic pixelated face—those two tiny square eyes resting above his friendly smile.

What colors will you use to shade in his simply-shaped features?

Classic black for his eyes and mouth? Cheerful yellows and oranges? Dreamy purples and blues?

You decide! His boxy body is also ready for your artistic touch. Will you color in his clothes with bold primaries or pastel rainbow hues? minecraft coloring printable

This character is off on an adventure in this Minecraft printable! He seems to be heading off with a great deal of purpose, so I wonder what he’s planning on doing?

You could color in this character to look like your own avatar that you play as in Minecraft!

Either that or you could color in a brand new character and then recreate it in game!

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minecraft coloring sheet

Minecraft is all about creating your own adventures, and that is just what you can do in this next image.

This character is holding a sword as they venture forth, so that could mean that this is a fantasy setting.

Going with a fantasy theme also allows you to get creative with the background details that you add.

What kind of adventure do you think this character is on? We hope you will show us when you have completed this particular picture!Minecraft Coloring Pages

This next character is looking very cool! They are posed with a gun, but they seem to be enjoying a quiet moment between the action.

With this character, you could show who this character could be with how you decorate their outfit. For example, they could be a policeman, a soldier or maybe a sneaky thief!

You could easily show these or any other identities with the colors and extra details that you add. What kind of character do you think this is?

Remember to use the space in the background to further build the scene around this character.Minecraft Coloring Page PDF

This pig is lost in the big city in this Minecraft coloring page!

I would use a lot of different, vibrant colors for the background of this image to really make it seem like a huge, bustling city that this pig is roaming around in.

You could also use colored pens and pencils for the windows of the buildings to make it seem like they’re glowing with color!easy minecraft coloring page

Hammer held high, our Minecraft hero is off on another adventure! Notice his strong grip on the handle and eager stride as he heads out on a quest.

As you color in his square mouth and oval eyes, think about where he might be going.

Is he off to gather supplies? Search for hidden treasure? Or fend off troublesome Creepers? The story is yours to imagine! You can also get creative with his stout hammer.

Transform it from black and white to a vivid rainbow tool, metallic shades of silver and gold, or your own unique color palette. black-and-white minecraft coloring page

A ghostly ghast is up for some coloring fun in this next free Minecraft coloring sheet. These spooky enemies can really throw a spanner in the works when they appear!

You especially have to be careful of the fireballs they shoot out in the game, so maybe you could color in the mouth of this one a bright orange to show it’s about to spit one out!

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free minecraft coloring page

Our next page in our collection of free Minecraft coloring pages for kids features a character that is looking a bit nervous!

Unlike the previous pages, the theme for this character has been left very vague. That works in your favor, as it allows you to get creative and choose who you want this character to be!

You could add clothing, accessories and other details such as those to show who you think this character is.

They’re looking pretty nervous, so you could also draw a scenario around them to show what could be making them look this way.Easy Minecraft Page

Minecraft has some scary monster that you wouldn’t want to run into, and this next page features one you certainly wouldn’t want sneaking up on you!

When coloring this monstrous character, you could use colors that would make it look like a monster you have encountered in the game.

Or, you could create your very own one by using some unique colors and extra details! It’s completely up to you, and you don’t have to stop there.

You could show where you think this monster is prowling by creating another awesome background setting for this page.

This is another instance where you could use the game as inspiration or create your very own Minecraft location using your imagination.Minecraft Coloring Page for adults

Our speedy Minecraft character having a blast zooming around the blocky landscape.

Notice his oval eyes facing forward in happy determination as those boxy legs carry him on an exciting adventure. Where do you think he’s headed in such a hurry?

To craft new structures? Discover hidden secrets? Or maybe just enjoy a breath of fresh, pixelated air! As you color in his simple features and clothes, really imagine the thrilling tales this guy could tell.

You choose the colors to craft his story–bright neons, bold primaries, pastel shades, metallic hues, the options are endless!original minecraft coloring page

This player character is sitting down and surveying their good work in this Minecraft printable.

There are a lot of segments to the background of this image, so you could really use a lot of great colors to make this a cool image to behold!

How will you color in the structure this character has been working on?coloring pages of minecraft for kids

We have a much less intimidating character for you to color on this next page! This one looks a lot more human, and it is again left vague enough for you to customize it as you wish.

The stripes on the clothing make us think of a thief or a prisoner character, but those are far from the only identities you could go for.

When you have this much creative freedom, it can get intimidating when you have to choose what to go with!

If you find it hard to choose between your ideas, you could print our many copies of this page so that you can try out different ideas.Minecraft Coloring Pages

We have a dramatic image for you to color in for this Minecraft coloring page! This player is riding a horse and having it rear impressively.

For this image, I would suggest using bright, bold colors to give this image an impressive and white minecraft printable coloring pages

From a horse rider in the previous printable, we have a horse going solo for this Minecraft coloring sheet.

This is a much calmer scene than the last coloring page we had for you, so I would suggest the opposite for this image and use some milder, cool colors for this one to suggest a much quieter moment.

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minecraft printable colouring pages

A Minecraft Creeper is usually not something you want to encounter in the game, but the mini one featured in this Minecraft printable is at least kind of cute!

These characters are usually a mixture of different greens, so you could go for that color scheme or create your own variant! How will you color in this Minecraft page?minecraft coloring pages free pdf download

It’s time for another really interesting-looking character for this Minecraft coloring page.

This one doesn’t look human, but it is also not as monstrous as some of the other characters we have seen so far in this collection.

Using your colors and extra details, you could make this character look either scarier or more friendly depending on what you choose.

Which approach would you go with? Maybe you could print out two copies and make a bad version and a good one!Minecraft printable

Minecraft is all about mining, as you may imagine, and this character is ready to mine for some previous resources.

Some of these resources are rarer than others, and it can be very exciting to finally find one you’ve needed to build something!

With that in mind, you could use some of these resources you have encountered in the game and use your colors to show them around him.

This could make it look like he has struck the jackpot and found a big reserve of whichever resource you choose!Minecraft Coloring Pages

Our Minecraft explorer has a friendly companion along for the adventure—an adorable blocky dog! Look how happily the pup trots alongside his owner, big oval eyes shining with loyalty.

As you color in his sweet smiling face, imagine the fun they’ll have traveling the pixelated landscape together. They’re heading past block buildings now, but endless worlds await!

You choose how to color the dog’s furry coat and cute collar. Soft browns and beiges? Vivid red or blue? Rainbow shades? Go wild and make it unique! new minecraft coloring printable

This cool wolf is here for coloring fun in this next Minecraft coloring page! These wolves are usually mostly grey in color, so will you recreate the look from the game or come up with your own colors?

You could also use your favorite bright colors for the background that this wolf is in. We’ll look forward to seeing what you choose!minecraft colouring for preschoolers

We have a peaceful villager here to meet you in this Minecraft coloring sheet.

These non threatening characters can come in a variety of different colorings depending on the kind of environment they’re in.

What kind of environment will you make this villager come from? You could make it so that it looks like he comes from your favorite biome in game!

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minecraft coloring pages free pdf for adults

The Minecraft Ender Dragon is a formidable force in Minecraft and one of the most intimidating and powerful creatures you’ll meet.

For this free printable, I would use some colored pens, pencils or acrylic paints to give a bright and striking color scheme to this dragon.

As perhaps the most powerful being in the game, it deserves to stand out!printable minecraft colouring pages for teenagers

A zombie is blocking the way in this creepy Minecraft printable!

For this threatening image, I would use mostly darker colors for this one to make it look like whoever is looking at this zombie was caught unawares while leaving a dungeon.

I think that using some watercolors would also help to create a darker, more muted feeling for this image.printable minecraft colouring pages for kids

Next, we have another more human character for you to color in. This is another example of a character that has been left up for you to customize.

There are many possibilities with this guy, and you could even try to make him look like your own character you have created in Minecraft.

Otherwise, you could pick a theme and decorate him to fit it! Then, finish off the theme by adding a background setting for him to be a part of. What are some ideas you have for his theme?Minecraft Coloring Pages

The character in this Minecraft coloring sheet seems to be exploring a dark area. He seems to be a bit on edge! For this one, we would use some darker colors for most of the image.

Then, we would use some bright yellows and oranges for the flame of his torch to make it really stand out against the darker background.

You could also add some details such as bats or maybe some spooky glowing eyes surrounding him to create a truly spooky scenario for him to be a part of!

What scary place do you think he could be wandering through?Minecraft Coloring Pages

I think that this coloring sheet leads on quite nicely from the last Minecraft coloring page!

This character is running for their life, which would be an understandable reaction to seeing a zombie.

What colors will you use for this fleeing character?minecraft steve coloring pages free download

This next Minecraft coloring printable has a character ready for adventure!

This player is holding a pickaxe and some food to consume and looks ready to take on anything.

How will you color in this exciting Minecraft printable?minecraft coloring pages creeper

We have another horse rider for you to color in this free Minecraft coloring page.

There are a lot of great details for you to color in, so you could really use all of your favorite colors to fill this character in!

This might be another great chance to use some other mediums like colored pens and pencils for some more intense color details.

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sword minecraft coloring pages free

Another creeper is out to get you in this Minecraft coloring sheet. As mentioned before, these creatures are never a welcome sight, and this one seems to be patrolling a dungeon setting.

I think that for the background you could use some greys and reds to suggest a rocky texture with some lava details.

That would also help the green creeper to really stand out!prestonplayz minecraft coloring page free

This cute dog is here to be your coloring companion for this Minecraft printable. These dogs do have some typical colors in-game, but once again you should feel free to color it in however you please!

If you have your own dog in real life, why don’t you make this good boy look like your own dog using your colors?minecraft pig coloring pages free printable

Another villager is ready for coloring in this next Minecraft coloring page for kids.

If you colored in the other villager in a previous Minecraft printable, maybe you could make this one to look like he’s from a different environment than that one.

You could also have them matching to look like they’re from the same village, so which approach will you take?minecraft skeleton coloring pages free printable

This adorable fox is out and foraging in this next Minecraft coloring sheet.

These creatures are usually a nice red color in-game, so you could use a brighter red to really make this fox stand out with color.

This might be another good one to use some acrylic paints on if you have some!

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minecraft dog colouring pages free printable

I don’t like spiders much in real life, but this Minecraft printable has one that looks like it would be fun to color in!

What colors do you think this spider should be? Once you’ve colored it in, what kind of environment will you color in around it?minecraft characters coloring pages free download

Another curious pig is exploring in this Minecraft coloring page. What do you think he could be up to?

Maybe to make this a really striking picture, you could try to make each segment of the background a different color!new minecraft characters colouring pages

It’s always great to have some backup, and these two characters look like they’re ready for anything!

For this free Minecraft coloring sheet, you could color in one character to look like your own game avatar, and then color in the other to look like a character your friend or a Youtuber has minecraft characters colouring pages free print out

This next Minecraft character is looking pretty heroic! Wielding a big sword, they look ready to take on anything.

How will you color in the cool character in this Minecraft coloring sheet? We hope you’ll show us by sharing the finished product on our Facebook page!minecraft christmas coloring pages free

We have a sheep for you to color in for this Minecraft printable!

These gentle creatures are usually mostly white, so maybe you could get creative and use your own favorite bright colors to fill in this sheep.

What colors will you use for the background?

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black and white minecraft characters coloring pages

The zombie in this Minecraft page looks a little unsure of himself.

For this more laid-back image, I would personally use some watercolor paints with some lighter colors to finish off the mood of this picture.minecraft herobrine coloring page free

This final picture in this collection of free Minecraft coloring sheets for kids has another zombie for you to color in.

This one has a lot of details on it, so you could really mix it up to create some cool color details on this creepy guy.

We’ll look forward to seeing how you close off this awesome Minecraft collection!minecraft wolf coloring page free printable

Minecraft Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that you had a really fun time coloring in this series of free Minecraft coloring pages for kids!

All of our pages and art printables are free for you to print and enjoy, so feel free to print out as many copies as you like!

These pages provide a lot of opportunity for some creative colors and interesting art mediums to try out, so it will be interesting to see what you all choose to finish off these Minecraft printables.

You could even go the extra step and combine some of these printables into your very own unique coloring book!

Please be sure to like and share our Facebook page to make sure you never miss out on our great new pages and printables we’ll be bringing out.

Lastly, we’d love it if you would share your favorite completed Minecraft coloring sheets on our Facebook page for us to see!

We can’t wait to see what colorful adventures you went on in these pages.original and free minecraft coloring pages


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