Simple Accordion Fold Paper Bat Craft

Halloween is two weeks away so it’s time to get crafting up something cute with your kiddos. This simple accordion fold paper bat craft is perfect. It’s simple enough that toddlers can enjoy it and older children will have fun too. After making them you can hang them up on a string from the ceiling around the house for Halloween decoration or tape them up in your front window to greet trick or treaters.


[This craft was originally posted on October 17, 2016 and has been updated.]

How to Make a Simple Accordion Fold Paper Bat Craft

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1. Download and use our paper bat template or cut out two circles (one smaller than the other) from your black cardstock and two triangle bat ears. We traced two different sized bowls with a pencil to get our circles. We used the smaller one for the bat face and larger circle for the wings.

2. Fold your larger circle accordion style. This is not only great for working fine motor skills but the accordion fold gives the paper bat craft awesome texture. When you are finished folding the circle use your scissors to cut the circle in half. Now you are left with two bat wings.


3. Glue your bat wings onto the sides of your other circle. Glue your bat ears onto your paper bat. Glue your googly eyes onto your bat.

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4. Finish your paper bat craft by using your white crayon to draw a mouth and some spooky vampire teeth onto your bat.


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