Cute And Sweet Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

These brand new cute Hello Kitty coloring pages will capture your heart

It’s rare to find a character as well-known and beloved as Hello Kitty. Originally created in Japan in the 1970s, Hello Kitty quickly found her way to the United States and took the country by storm. Now you can find almost anything themed around Hello Kitty – clothing, toys, books games, and more!

The world of Hello Kitty has also expanded to include other characters, like her twin sister Mimmy and her friend Dear Daniel. Hello Kitty believes that you can never have too many friends.

The popularity of Hello Kitty has translated into a huge demand from our readers for Hello Kitty coloring pages that you can print for free.

So at long last, here are 30 cute and sweet Hello Kitty coloring pages for you to enjoy. Have fun!

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages – 30 Brand New Printable Sheets

Hello Kitty likes to dress up in costume sometimes. She looks adorable in this coloring page wearing a bear outfit that goes over her head to give her two tiny ears. Hello Kitty looks like she also wants a hug.

Hello Kitty can’t always wear the same outfits. She wears a sundress with polka dots and has a flower on top of her usual bow in this coloring sheet. Hello Kitty seems to giggle and gives us a little wink. 

Hello Kitty has plenty of hobbies and one of these hobbies is photography. Here she wears a long-sleeved dress and closes one eye to focus on taking pictures with her little camera. What do you think she is taking a picture of?

She also likes to dance. In this Hello Kitty printable, she seems to be practicing ballet. She wears a beautiful tutu and balances on her tiptoes as she dances around the room. What a talented character!

Hello Kitty is so cute and sweet. She always brings a smile to our faces. Remember that all of these Hello Kitty coloring pages are completely free to print, so feel free to print and color as many as you want.

We wonder where Hello Kitty is off to today. She wears a long button-up coat and a little round hat in the coloring sheet. She has also changed to a bow with polka dots this time and she carries a little purse with a heart-shaped latch.

Hello Kitty is on her way somewhere! She rides a little motorbike that kicks up some exhaust behind her. Hello Kitty wears a striped dress and a scarf around her neck to keep her warm. Where do you think she is going?

This Hello Kitty coloring page could not be any sweeter. She closes her eyes to hug a small heart-shape that has blushing cheeks and a little bow just like her. Hello Kitty wears a dress with puffy sleeves and a pearl necklace to complete her look.

In this coloring sheet Hello Kitty hugs a big heart. The heart seems to have magical powers, and Hello Kitty holds on tight as it floats through the air.

We love this coloring page of Hello Kitty as a doctor. She wears a lab coat and a mirror on top of her head. Hello Kitty also has a stethoscope around her neck and is holding the other end, ready to listen to someone’s lungs.

Hello Kitty loves to find a sweet treat. In this printable, she has discovered an enormous strawberry. You can tell that the strawberry is very heavy as Hello Kitty closes one eye with the effort of lifting it.

This coloring page might not actually be a picture of Hello Kitty. It looks like it is her friend My Melody. My Melody is a little rabbit who always wears a hood covering her ears. She also wears a cape around her shoulders with flowers on it. She seems to be thinking curiously about something.

In this Hello Kitty coloring page she sits on the grass by the lake, enjoying a beautiful day. She holds two balloons. Maybe they are for someone’s birthday.

Hello Kitty wears a long sleeve dress with a polka dot skirt. As if she couldn’t get any cuter… this little character has really stolen our hearts.

We love this coloring sheet of Hello Kitty dressed as a fairy. She flutters in the sky using her little wings and wears a frilly fairy dress. Hello Kitty also waves a magic wand with a flower on the end. Who wouldn’t want Hello Kitty as their fairy godmother?

Our coloring page designers love to see Hello Kitty with hearts. They’re the perfect image to compliment such a sweet character. Here Hello Kitty peeks out behind a big heart to say hello.

Hello Kitty is always happy to see the people she cares about and she can never have too many friends. In this printable, she seems to have spotted one of her friends. She stands on one foot and waves her hand to get someone’s attention.

Hello Kitty looks happy to have a delicious strawberry for a snack. Even though she seems to love strawberries, her very favorite food is apple pie. Do you think she’ll share the strawberry in this coloring page?

Remember – when you finish your Hello Kitty coloring pages, post your finished pictures onto our Facebook page. Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize!

The stripy outfit Hello Kitty wears in this coloring page looks like it might be a bathing suit. Maybe Hello Kitty is getting ready for a day at the beach. We wonder if Hello Kitty likes to swim, or hates it as many cats do.

It looks like Hello Kitty just went to pick flowers in this coloring sheet. She sits with a bunch of flowers in her hands and has even put a flower behind her ear. Little stars float behind her as she enjoys the flowers’ fragrant scent. Hello Kitty’s favorite flower is a daisy.

In this Hello Kitty coloring page she eats a big bowl of ice cream that sits in front of her. She seems to be waving to someone, perhaps to invite them to share in her treat. She might not be able to eat all that ice cream by herself!

In this Hello Kitty printable, she looks like royalty. She wears a little crown on top of her head, along with her usual bow. She also wears a pretty dress and seems somewhat surprised by something. We wonder what it could be.

Did you know that Hello Kitty has a little teddy bear friend named Tiny Chum? Hello Kitty and Tiny Chum are very good friends and Tiny Chum sometimes comes to visit her and her sister Mimmy. Hello Kitty seems pretty protective of her little friend in this coloring page.

Hello Kitty looks so cute carrying a heart in her hand in this coloring sheet. She wears a dress with big buttons on the front that reminds us a little bit of overalls. Did you know that Hello Kitty’s full name is Kitty White?

Our coloring page designers seem to love to see Hello Kitty dressed as another animal. In this printable sheet, she is wearing a snail costume. It has big googly eyes on the top of her head and a swirly shell on her back.

This time Hello Kitty is a beautiful butterfly! She has big wings with polka dots on them that seem to give her the ability to fly through the air. Hello Kitty also has antennas like a butterfly and wears a butterfly clip in her fur.

She hides in a sack in this Hello Kitty coloring page. The sack is all patched up with a little heart shape on it. We wonder who Hello Kitty could be hiding from. Maybe she is playing hide-and-seek with her friends.

Now Hello Kitty is dressed in a pig costume. She looks so cute with the little snout and ears on the top of her head and her bow poking out from underneath. Hello Kitty is holding a container of something. Maybe it is a snack to share with her friends.

In this coloring page Hello Kitty is spending time with Tiny Chum again. He jumps on top of her head and Hello Kitty holds her hands to her face and winks at the camera in fake surprise. Did you know that Tiny Chum was a stuffed teddy bear until Hello Kitty’s love made him come to life?

Remember – we are constantly updating our catalogue of coloring pages and printable sheets, so keep checking back to see which new pages have been uploaded and which new animals and characters are ready for you to color. There is so much more to come.

We hope you have enjoyed all the cute and sweet antics of Hello Kitty and her friends. Don’t forget to post a photo of your finished Hello Kitty coloring pages on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you’ll bring to life these super fun images

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