All New Magical Unicorn Coloring Pages

All new and exciting unicorn coloring sheets for you to enjoy

On this page, you will find 70 all new Unicorn coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Unicorns are magical mythical creatures that have recently been all the rage for birthday parties, decorations, toys, and more.

They have even made appearances in shows like My Little Pony and Gravity Falls and movies like The Last Unicorn and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Unicorns are one of the most popular mythical creatures around. They are known for their beauty and grace and we simply cannot get enough of these enchanting creatures.

Their popularity in pop culture has created a big demand in our readers for these types of coloring pages that you can print for free.

Finally here are all new completely original unicorn printables that you can download and print for free. Enjoy these wonderful magical creatures!

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Unicorn Coloring Pages – All New Printable Sheets

Every unicorn fan knows that these legendary creatures resemble a horse with a spiralling horn on its head.

This next one shows a unicorn’s head with a mane that is curly on top and straight on the bottom. There is a mosaic-like background with many different shapes behind it.

Unicorn Coloring for Kids

This creature is known to be really mystical and magical, and this unicorn coloring sheet showcases that brilliantly!

This particular unicorn is up in the clouds, and it is surrounded by a multitude of stars. It creates a really wondrous setting that captures the magic unicorns are associated with.

If it looks this magic while in black and white, imagine how amazing it will look when you have colored it in!

We think it would look incredible to use lots of different colors for the stars, but how do you think you will color them?Cute and Fun Unicorn in the sky

They are often shown next to celestial images like the sun, the moon, and the stars.

This printable captures a trotting unicorn with a rainbow and stars that seem to be streaming from its back. Even the unicorn looks impressed by the rainbow.

Dancing Unicorn printable PDF

Our next unicorn is jumping over the rainbow in this magical image!

This one really captures the sense of wonder and imagination that they inspire, and there are some amazing ways that you could color it in.

For the rainbow, we think that it would look great to use some really bright and vibrant colors done with mediums such as colored pens or markers to really make the colors pop.

How do you think you will choose to color this magical rainbow trail? Whatever you choose, we know it will look so great!My little pony unicorn coloring sheet

Unicorns are free-spirited creatures. In fact, they are often used as a symbol of freedom in pop culture.

We think our designers really captured their free spirit with this printable of a unicorn with a long flowing mane standing in front of a bright sun.

Printable Unicorn head Coloring Page

The flowers in this next one grow in a complex design in the background and a unicorn trots in front of them with a happy look on its face.

It has a very fluffy tail and the flowers in the background almost appear to be growing from its mane.

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Cute Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults

Even unicorns need a nap every now and then, and what better place for a nap than on top of a fluffy cloud?

This unicorn looks like it is seconds away from drifting to sleep, and for that reason we would use some lighter colors done with some milder mediums.

For example, we would probably use some watercolors or colored pencils to give the colors that lighter feeling that would suit this sleepy scene.

Do you think that is what you will go for as you color this page?unicorn coloring pages pdf

This unicorn looks very young. Perhaps it is still only a baby. It seems to have a lot of excited energy as it stands in front of a large bunch of fluffy clouds.

Did you know that a baby horse is called a foal, but a baby unicorn is called a sparkle?

Baby Unicorn Coloring Pages

Since they are a lot like horses, we know they love to run. The unicorn in this sketch gallops across a grassy field.

It looks like it is having a very good time as it comes to the top of a large hill. It might even be  yelling, “Catch me if you can!”

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Unicorn Coloring Sheet for Children

This next page in our collection features a really stunning close-up on a beautiful unicorn.

There are some incredible details to admire here, and you can spend a lot of time bringing color to these details.

This is a picture that we think would be well suited to some colored pens and markers, as these would allow you to color small spaces like the strands of hair.

Then, there are details such as the stars and the hearts on the design, and you could add more details such as these if you like as well!Unicorn Coloring Pages free printable

It looks like a beautiful day on this coloring page. A large unicorn stands beside a lush field of grass with a river flowing behind it.

They need water and grass just like horses, so this spot must be perfect for the legendary creature.

Cute Unicorn Coloring Pages

They might be cute, but they are not to be messed with. That sharp horn on their head could be scary.

This unicorn looks fierce with its stern expression and seems to be pointing its horn at something.

It has flowers and vines coming out of its mane and the sun peeks out from behind its head.

Detailed Unicorn Coloring Sheet

Did you know that a unicorn with wings is called a Pegasus? These creatures date all the way back to Greek mythology.

The little Pegasus in this next page has very pretty flowing hair and rears up on its hind legs as if it about to use its awesome power of flight.

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Super Cute Unicorn Coloring Page

Next up, we have one of the prettiest and most elegant unicorns in the collection. There is such a graceful look to this one, and we think it will look stunning when you have worked your magic on it.

For this one, if we were to color this one we would use some more colored pencils or watercolors.

These softer mediums create a subtle look that gives the image a storybook feeling, so we think it would suit this graceful lady.

Will you go for a similar look or are you feeling some brighter colors for this one?Unicorn head to color

Mother unicorns have a lot of responsibility to take care of their babies and protect them from harm.

We love this coloring page of a mother unicorn nuzzling her baby and looking at it protectively. The baby, however, looks like its might have some mischief in mind.

Mother and Baby Unicorn

A Pegasus has taken off and is flying through the clouds. This legendary creature seems like it might be a bit more important than an average Pegasus.

It wears a jeweled crown, a necklace, and jewelry on its hind legs. It also has a star-shaped marking on its hindquarters. Maybe this Pegasus is royalty.

Little Princess Unicorn

We have such an adorable little unicorn for you to color on this next page.

This one is in a simple pose that gives off a lovely calming feeling, and you can have such a nice and relaxing time adding some color!

There are some amazing smaller details such as spots on the fur and a star on its face, and there are so many cool ways you could color such details.

You can also have even more fun by adding a background setting to the picture to show where this calm unicorn is hanging out!Unicorn Coloring Pages free printable

We love the use of hearts in this unicorn coloring page. A beautiful unicorn with long legs stands in front of the earth with hearts all around it.

She even crosses her two front legs so that the markings on her chest look like a heart.

Unicorn Coloring Page with Hearts

They have all kinds of magical powers and are often used to symbolize magic.

Perhaps this unicorn is using its magical abilities to walk through soft, pillowy clouds. It gallops high enough to touch the stars in the night sky.

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Unicorn and Rainbow Coloring Pages

If we had to pick a word to describe this next unicorn coloring printable, it would probably be ‘majestic!’

This unicorn just has such a powerful pose and look to it that gives off a feeling of nobility or royalty.

It is also in a wonderful cloudy setting, and you could use any colors you love for this fantasy background.

We would use some bright oranges to make it look like a dawn sky in the background, but that is just one way you could color it! Which colors come to mind for you when you see this image?Unicorn Coloring Pages free printable

Rainbows are the perfect image to pair with these magical creatures. They both represent a world of magic and color where anything is possible.

The unicorn in this coloring sheet almost seems to be emitting a rainbow from its horn. There are even little hearts dancing above the clouds.

Unicorn and Rainbow

A real cutie is ready to meet you on this next page! This one looks like it could be a baby unicorn, and it has such an adorable little face.

It is buried in some twisty shapes among the clouds, and there are some pretty flower shapes around the face as well.

We think that it would look great if you added even more shapes to this picture.

Some examples would be some stars flowers or hearts, and these would give you space for even more pretty colors! What other shapes and extra details could you add?Easy Unicorn Coloring Page

Everyone loves a tropical vacation, and unicorns are no exception. This adorable unicorn sits on a clamshell on its own personal island in the clouds.

A big palm tree grows overhead with coconuts ready to be picked. What a great place to relax.

Little cute unicorn

Another Pegasus rears up on its hind legs, ready to take flight at a moment’s notice. This one has an especially thick mane and fluffy chest.

Remember that all these unicorn coloring sheets are completely free to print, so you can print and enjoy as many as you want.

Winged Unicorn Coloring Page

We love the design of this next unicorn! The look on the face of this one gives off such a feeling of happiness and contentment, and you really feel it when you look at the image.

Perhaps you could draw some extra details to show why this unicorn is looking so pleased!

One idea would be to draw a tasty snack in front of it. To do this, you could draw something like a carrot or an apple, which are foods that a real horse would like.

This is a unicorn though, so maybe it would prefer a sparkly donut or a cake! What do you think it would enjoy?Smiling unicorn in the sky

We love this unicorn rearing up behind a regular horse. The horse looks pretty small compared to a unicorn, so it could just be a foal.

Or perhaps it is a baby unicorn that hasn’t grown its horn yet.

Two unicorns printable

We love the two-dimensional design used to create this unicorn coloring page. The creature seems to blend in with the various shapes and designs in the background.

There are two shapes that look like the sun and the unicorn has a distinctive and interesting patch of fur on its muzzle.

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Unicorn Coloring Printable for Free

Unicorns come in all different shapes and sizes. The creature in this coloring sheet has especially muscular legs and a thick mane.

Perhaps it is like a stallion, a male horse that leads a group of its kind. It has a bit of a smirk on its face that makes us think it might be up to something.
Fantasy Unicorn Coloring Sheet

The unicorn coloring page that we have next features a unicorn that is looking a bit sadder and more uncertain than some of the previous ones.

We wonder what could have made this unicorn feel this way?

Because of the sadder look of this page, we would use some lighter colors like some mild blues and pinks to give the image a less intense look.

Of course, you could also try to cheer up this unicorn with some brighter colors and mediums! How do you think you will fill this page with color?Unicorn Coloring Pages free printable

They definitely have a wild and rambunctious spirit. This unicorn is bucking forward and stamping its hoofs on the ground.

We love the beautiful mosaic design and flowers that our coloring page designers have created in the background.
Colourful Unicorns Page

Just like horses, unicorns love to munch on grass and hay. The silly unicorn on this coloring page is chowing down on a mouthful of something tasty from a grassy field.

Do you think he’ll share with the other unicorns?

Funny Unicorn Coloring Pages

Unicorns look beautiful doing just about anything. We especially love this coloring page of two unicorns splashing through some shallow water.

The waves look interesting around these creatures’ hooves. Unicorns enjoy being in the water and are very strong swimmers.

Unicorn Playing in the water

This beautiful unicorn has a confident and determined expression on its face. It appears to be floating in the night sky, surrounded by the moon and stars.

Did you know that seeing a unicorn in your dreams is supposed to be a sign of good luck?

Unicorn Head Coloring printable

We love this pretty and playful unicorn coloring sheet. The unicorn has tossed some of its mane in front of its face while galloping beneath a starry night.

Like some other unicorns, it has a special design on its hindquarters. This one is in the shape of a flower.

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Cute little unicorn coloring page

This coloring page looks a bit like a crest or a coat of arms with a unicorn at the center. It is featured with rainbows and stars, which are commonly associated with this magical creature.

Did you know that a unicorn is the official national animal of Scotland?

Unicorn Heart Coloring Pages

We can’t get enough of this adorable unicorn with its round face and stubby legs. It sits on a bed of clouds and is staring right up at us with a big smile and wide curious eyes.

It seems like it is asking you to play with it. Who could say no to that face?

Unicorn Printable

This Pegasus has an especially furry coat, with hair growing thicker at its hoofs and a beautiful mane styled into one thick curl.

We love this Pegasus’ happy expression as the sun shines down on it from behind the clouds.
Unicorn and Sunshine Coloring Page

Stars are another image our coloring page designers love to pair with unicorns. Did you know that there is actually a constellation called Monoceros that is said to look like a unicorn?

On this coloring page, a unicorn seems to leap over a rainbow to touch the stars above. Maybe it is looking for that constellation.

Magical Unicorn Coloring Sheet

The unicorn in this coloring page has a rather unique appearance. Its ears are longer and pointer than most of the other unicorns, and its face has an almost dragon-like appearance.

It also has little patches on its chest and back. The unicorn seems to have found an interesting bit of fabric stuck on a tree branch.

While it examines the fabric, a bird perches on its tail while another one looks ready to land on its head.

Unicorn with Birds

Just like horses, unicorns are very social animals. They live in groups called herds and can never have too many friends.

These three unicorns are glad to have each other’s company as they gallop through the clouds. They have very similar appearances. Perhaps they are even siblings.

Three Unicorns coloring pages

A Pegasus takes flight above a beautiful rainbow and into the clouds. Don’t forget to post your completed unicorn coloring pages to Facebook when you are done.

Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize!

Flying Unicorn over rainbow

This little unicorn soars through the night sky with a bridle on its face and a saddle on its back. Does that mean that someone was riding this unicorn?

Although it looks small, unicorns are powerful and have magical abilities, so perhaps it would be able to carry a companion.

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unicorn coloring sheet for children free download

The image of a unicorn is said to symbolize gentleness and innocence. All these unicorns coloring pages really brings out these aspects of the legendary creature but none more so than this next image.

The unicorn’s head is adorned with flowers and a bow as it floats in front of a glowing full moon.

unicorn coloring sheet for children free download

This unicorn has an especially pretty mane and a shorter fluffy tail. It trots through the clouds with a smile and a confident expression.

We can almost see it batting its long eyelashes in a charming manner.
unicorn coloring sheet for children

This coloring sheet shows a very realistic-looking unicorn. It trots through a forest with many trees overhead and appears to be approaching a hill or a mountain.

This unicorn loves to explore the woods and the great outdoors.

unicorn coloring sheet for children free download

The unicorn in this coloring page has an interesting design with its pointed feet. It smiles proudly at the crest of a hill while clouds swirl above it in the sky.

Four butterflies flutter overhead and the unicorn watches them with interest. Butterflies are also very beautiful creatures. We wonder if they’re friends with the unicorn.

unicorn coloring book for kids free printable

Unicorns love using decorations from nature to add their mane or tails. The unicorn in this coloring page has a flower and a long feather tucked into its mane.

A tiny sun pokes out at the bottom of the picture.

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unicorn coloring book for kids free printable

The unicorn in this printable has an especially cheeky personality. It floats in mid-air with its hoofs all over the place and a silly grin on its face.

Perhaps this is just a young unicorn trying to impress someone with tricks or antics.

unicorn coloring book for kids free printable

Unicorns rear up on their hind legs to show their power and freedom, like in this coloring page. This unicorn looks like definitely does not want to be restrained.

There are many different shapes behind it and some of them resemble diamonds, the sun, and the moon.

unicorn coloring book free printable

A unicorn has found a tasty treat in a lush field or pasture. It gives us a happy little glance as it munches on a big tuft of fresh grass or hay.

The unicorn will need to eat a lot to have the energy to run long distances and play with its friends.

unicorn coloring book free printable

We love this beautiful coloring sheet of a unicorn with a mosaic design all over its body. There are so many intricate details and challenging shapes to color on this unicorn.

Don’t forget to color in the borders above and below the creature.

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mandala unicorn coloring

Our coloring page designers love to include rainbows in all our printables.

This unicorn has short stumpy legs, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still rear up back on them. It also has little patches on its face and back. And did you notice the stars in the sky are watching?

unicorn coloring book free printable

The unicorn head in this coloring page is surrounded by many beautiful flowers. There are roses, daisies, and tulips that seem to be growing right out of its mane.

The unicorn looks very happy with its pretty floral decorations.

unicorn coloring pages for preschoolers

We love the imagination behind this coloring page. A unicorn bends its head in one direction and its mane flows in another.

When they come together the shape resembles a heart. These mythical creatures really have stolen our hearts.

unicorn coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

Unicorns look very impressive when they are reared back on their hind legs. Sometimes unicorns rear up when they feel threatened.

This unicorn’s tail is even pointed upwards as it kicks back up into a powerful stance. Maybe it is challenging another unicorn to a battle.

unicorn coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

You might remember seeing mandala flowers in some of our other coloring pages. We love this coloring sheet of a docile unicorn leaping in front of a mandala flower.

The overlapping layout is a great background for this unicorn’s serene expression and graceful pose.

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unicorn coloring pages free pdf download

The Pegasus in this coloring page has very large wings and is reared up like many of the other unicorns.

Perhaps it has seen another creature and it wants to prove that it is stronger and more impressive. Pegasus have very powerful wings so that they can fly for long periods of time.

unicorn coloring pages for kids free download

We hope you love all of this unique and original unicorn coloring page that you can print for free.

Our final unicorn stands proudly on its hind legs in front of a swirling rainbow. The stars sparkle around this proud creature as its horn touches the sky.

unicorn coloring pages for kids free download

Create Some Colorful Magic With These Ideas For These Cute Unicorns

We’re sure that you were delighted going through this collection of unicorn coloring pages! It would be hard not to be delighted, as there were so many incredible unicorn pictures to color.

Now that you have chosen and colored your favorites, we wanted to add just a few more suggestions. This way, you could even re-color some of your favorites in different ways.

When many people color pages, they think that choosing the colors is the only important part. It certainly is important, but there are other things to consider as well.

For example, you don’t have to just color, as you can also use crafts to stick things on the page.

Let’s think of the subject of this collection: unicorns.

What’s something we can all agree on when it comes to unicorns? We would say it’s that they’re magical creatures that give off a sense of wonder.

What better way is there to represent magic than using glitter and sparkly crafts? These kinds of crafting materials are easy and usually cheap to acquire at art and craft stores, so you should be able to get your hands on some fun stuff.

Beads, stickers and other similar colorful crafts could also be great to use for these kinds of images. Basically, anything you can find that would make these pictures look even more magical would be perfect!

We think these pages should be as colorful as possible, but using a lot of different art mediums and crafts will also help to make the colors look more dynamic and textured.

So as you color in, try to think not only of the colors you use but how you apply them to the image and you never know what might happen!

Remember – we are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets, so don’t forget to check back to see which new pages have been uploaded and which fun characters and animals that you can print and color.

There are so many fun printables to enjoy.

Unicorns are incredibly popular right now and we hope you have enjoyed coloring these majestic and legendary creatures.

Once you have finished your unicorn coloring pages don’t forget to post a photo of your finished masterpiece on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

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UPDATED FOR 2024! 15 Brand New Unicorn Coloring Sheets

As a special treat for 2024 we have added another set of unique and free to download unicorn coloring pages for you to enjoy!

All that we ask in return is that you share your finished pages on our social media channels – we love to see what all our loyal readers come up with.

There are so many printables here now that you could even print off you favorites and make them into a special coloring book and give it to someone you love as a special gift!

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Two Unicorns Playing Together In Field Of Rainbows

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