Ice Cream Coloring Pages

Cool down for some tasty coloring fun with these ice cream coloring pages!

When it’s hot outside and you need cooling down, there are a few ways you can beat the heat. You could jump in a pool, sit in front of a fan or drink some cool water, to name a few.

However, perhaps the tastiest way to cool off is with a big, tasty ice cream to enjoy!

These free ice cream coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to have some cool coloring fun that everyone can enjoy.

Ice creams come in many shapes, sizes and colors, so you’ll get to use all of your favorite colors for these ice cream printables!

You could also try out some different mediums like paints and colored pens to make each image stand out from the last.

Once you’ve printed and colored your favorite free ice cream coloring printables, we hope you’ll share them to our Facebook page. We can’t wait to share in the tasty coloring fun with all of you!

25 Brand New Ice Cream Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first free ice cream coloring page for kids has a pair of delicious treats for you to color in!

They’re covered in tasty sprinkles, so to get this series off to a colorful challenge you could try to color in each sprinkle a unique color.

To get in with those small details, I bet you could use a colored pen for precision. Then the only thing left to decide is what flavor you’ll make the ice cream!ice cream coloring pages free printableIt’s a triple helping of deliciousness with the cone in this ice cream coloring sheet!

You could color in each dollop of ice cream in the colors of your three favorite flavors to personalize this image a bit.cute ice cream coloring pages free download

This adorable ice cream coloring printable shows a living ice cream bowl! She’s admiring her wonderful ice cream hairdo, and judging by the many fruits in it, I bet this is a fruit flavored ice cream.

The fruits in this image will add some great opportunities for wonderful colors in this printable! What fruity ice cream will you make this ice cream lady?ice cream coloring pages for kids printable

We’re serving up a delicious soft serve cone for you to color in for this ice cream coloring page. This is a more pared back ice cream, so you could color or draw in some toppings for it!

I would add some sprinkles and maybe a cherry, but I’d be interested to see what toppings you’d cream coloring pages pdf to print

This next ice cream coloring sheet has a cone with a chocolate bar and is topped off with a tasty cherry!

I bet that this ice cream printable would look really great colored in with some bright acrylic paints to really make it pop with color.

Do you think you’ll use paints for this one or stick to another favorite medium?ice cream coloring pages for adults

For this next free ice cream coloring printable, there are two straws poking out of this delectable treat to make sure you don’t miss any of the delicious ice cream!

The sprinkles and the cherry will sure make for some great bright color details. What colors will you use for the ice cream itself?cartoon ice cream coloring pages free printableWe have a delicious looking sundae up next for this ice cream coloring page.

There’s some kind of sauce on top of it, and I think it would look really nice to color in the sauce with some thick acrylic paints. I bet that would add some great color depth to this picture!free printable ice cream coloring pages for preschoolThis glass full of ice cream is looking very good to me! This ice cream coloring sheet might look nice with some watercolor paints.

Seeing as watercolor is much milder looking, you could use some colored pens to add some brighter bits of color contrast to the image.

However you color in this image, we hope you’ll share the finished product to our Facebook page for us all to enjoy!free printable ice cream coloring pages for girls

We have another really classic cone for you to color in this ice cream printable. If you have some small beads or other crafts, you could stick them over the drawn on sprinkles.

That would make it look a bit like there are real sprinkles on this ice cream once you’ve colored it in!free printable ice cream coloring pages for boys

This ice cream coloring page is looking tasty! It’s great when there is a cherry involved in these printables, as it means a beautiful bit of red for the picture.

To make it stand out, I would use colored pens, markers or even acrylic paint for a gorgeous red cherry. What mediums will you use to finish this delicious looking ice cream?banana split ice cream coloring pages

For this next ice cream coloring sheet, the ice cream has a big bite out of it. I don’t know about you, but I sure can’t bite ice cream like that! It still looks really tasty, though.

I would use some lovely thick brown acrylic paint for the outer layer to look like it’s covered in chocolate!

Coloring in the sprinkles with bright colors would really help them stand out beautifully if you also use brown for this ice cream.popsicle ice cream coloring pages	free pdf

I’d sure like to have the ice cream in this free ice cream coloring printable in my hand right now!

There’s another cherry sticking out the top, but there’s something else jutting out as well. What could that be?

I’m imagining it’s a nice big chip of chocolate, so I would color it in with brown.
It could very easy be a piece of fruit or candy or anything else, so how will you color it in?small printable ice cream coloring pages

The amount of ice cream looks like it vastly outweighs the small cone it’s in for this ice cream coloring page!

I would color in the ice cream a nice yellow or orange so that it could be a mango or an orange flavored ice cream.

I’ll be interested to see what kind of ice cream you all thought of when you saw this one!peppa pig ice cream coloring pages

We have another triple decker cone for this ice cream coloring sheet! You could color them in all the same color, or use a different color for each one.

I wonder what three flavors would go best together for this one?

I would pick brown for chocolate, red for strawberry and green for lime. What colors will you use to show the flavors?big ice cream coloring pages free download

Get ready to take a sip out of this ice cream coloring sheet! A big straw is ready for you to take a huge gulp of ice cream.

It looks like a piece of lime or some other fruit is in the top, too.

I like to eat that kind of topping first, but do you prefer to leave it until you’ve finished the rest of the ice cream?kawaii ice cream coloring pages

The soft serve ice cream in this ice cream printable has two straws in it, so that means it’s ready for sharing!

Maybe you could draw in your face and the face of someone who you would share this tasty ice cream with in the back of the picture!

We’ll look forward to seeing who else is getting a taste of this colorful treat.back to school ice cream coloring pages

These balls of ice cream are smothered in some kind of yummy looking sauce! What color could you use to show the kind of sauce in this ice cream coloring page?

You could use brown for chocolate or red for a strawberry sauce for a few ideas.

Which of your favorite sauces will you use for this page?ice cream coloring pages with three scoops

For this next ice cream coloring sheet, these ones appear to be fruity ice pops.

For that reason, I would use some watercolor paints for these ones to give them a soft, colder look. I would use yellow, red and yellow to make these a lovely fruity treat!ice cream popsicles coloring pages for kids free

There’s a smiley face on the bowl of this ice cream, and most people would indeed be smiling to receive such a treat!

For this ice cream printable, you could use some lovely bright colors for the bowl to make that part pop off the page with color!

I think that for the bowl it would be great to use some bright mediums like colored pens or cream coloring pages for preschoolers

This next smaller cone is looking tasty in this ice cream coloring page! It looks like there may be a cookie poking out of this one, and that sounds like a great idea to me!

That could make this ice cream a cookie dough flavored one, so maybe you could color it in with a light brown to show this flavoring.i love ice cream coloring pages

There’s a lot of great detail on this next ice cream coloring sheet. The swirling details made me think of a rainbow inspired color scheme.

If I was coloring this in, I would use as many colors as I possibly could to make a colorful treat for the eyes!

What colors and mediums will you use for this frozen treat?cute easy ice cream coloring pages free download

This ice cream printable shows one that looks like it’s been dipped in something really yummy!

You could use brown for a chocolate dip or perhaps a much lighter brown for a caramel dipping.

You could really use any colors you love for this one though, and whatever you pick will look delicious, I’m sure!cute girls ice cream coloring pages

We have another sundae in a glass bowl for this next free ice cream coloring page.

If you have some glitter or glitter pens, you could use it on this ice cream to make it look like it has sparkly sprinkles!

You could use other crafts like beads or stickers as well to add some interesting visual elements to this tasty ice cream.boy and girl with ice cream coloring pages

When I saw this next ice cream coloring printable, I immediately thought of a chocolate covered ice cream with almonds in it.

That was what occured to me, but what other flavors could it be? There are lots of things those chunks could be, so what would you like to find in your ice cream?detailed ice cream coloring pages

This last image in this collection of free ice cream coloring pages for kids has quite a grand finale!

There are several layers of ice cream and more delicious sauce dripping down and looking super tasty.

There are lots of great little details to this image, so I would really go wild with as many of your favorite colors as you can for this one.

If there’s a medium you haven’t tried yet, maybe you could give it a go for this one! I especially think paints would finish off this image nicely.images of soft serve ice cream coloring pages

Ice Cream Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you really enjoyed coloring in the tasty treats within this series of free ice cream coloring sheets for kids!

All of our fun coloring pages and printable goodies are completely free for you to print, color and enjoy.

Feel free to print out as many copies of your favorite ice cream printables as you like to experiment with more awesome colors and art mediums!

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Lastly, we’d love it if you would share some of your finished ice cream coloring pages to our Facebook page for us to see.

We always love to see how creative and artistic you all are and look forward to enjoying some colorful ice cream treats!original free ice cream coloring pages

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