75+ Awesome Bird Crafts for Preschoolers -The Ultimate Resource!

We sure love birds! We have had so much fun creating bird crafts for preschoolers over the years. In fact, you can find almost 100 of them on our website. Eeep! No wonder I’ve been given the nickname The Bird Lady by a few people.

I thought it would be awesome to put together a round up of our favorite bird crafts so you can easily see them all in one place and find exactly what you are looking for.

With over 75 bird craft ideas to choose from, kids will love creating some of these simple projects!

[This round up was originally published on July 19, 2014 and only included 11 bird crafts. It has since been updated to reflect the addition of more bird crafts on our website from over the years.]

75+ Bird Crafts for Preschoolers

While these bird crafts are great for preschoolers, kids of all ages will enjoy making them!

The variety of birds around the world is amazing! We have a big collection of crafts of our favorite types of birds (owls and peacocks), but we also have a big variety from several different bird groups like common birds, tropical birds and even some fun penguin crafts.

Common Bird Crafts for Kids

Common birds are the types of birds I associate with seeing locally where you live. Check out our awesome list below to find a bird that you often see in your neighborhood.

Kids will love observing the birds and then making a craft. This simple bird feeders treat is a great addition to your unit on birds too.

Bright Bird Finger Puppets -Kids will have so much fun playing with these!

Colorful Paper BirdsCreate your own unique bird

Birds on a Wire Art Project

Pop Up Love Birds Card -Add a nest for a fun spring craft

Silly Paper Plate Bird Hats

Foam Cup Bird Craft

Handprint Raven Craft

Duck Finger Puppets

Paper Bag Duck CraftEasy toddler craft idea!

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Cupcake Liner Ducks

Cupcake Liner Quail

Paper Bag Crow

Robin Bird Craft

Cupcake Liner Chicks

Paper Plate Chicken Craft

Chick Finger Puppets

Balloon Printed Chicks

Yarn Wrapped Blue Jay

Winter Bird Art Project

Pop Up Bird Nest Craft -Fun make and play craft for preschoolers

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Yarn Weaving Turkey Craft

Newspaper Turkey Craft

Paper Plate Turkey

Cupcake Liner Cardinal

Yarn Wrapped CardinalGreat fine motor work!

Grateful Tissue Box Turkey -Make this together as a family and practice being thankful by adding thankful notes inside the tissue box.

Watch this short video of how to make the paper bird craft:

Adorable Owl Crafts

Our local bird aviary has a section in the park called the Owl Forest. I could walk around in it all day watching all of the owls. Aren’t they fascinating creatures?! Preschoolers will have a hoot of a time making one of these owl crafts listed below.

Fluffy Owl Babies Craft -Goes with the popular book “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell

Tin Can Owls -Makes a great teacher appreciation gift!

Paper Plate Little White Owl

Owl CardPerfect for Father’s Day!

Paper Bag Owl

Envelope Owl Puppets

Recycled CD Owls

Stick Owl Craft

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Recycled Newspaper OwlGreat craft for Earth Day

Owl Finger Puppets

Foam Cup Snowy Owls

No-carve owl pumpkins -Save this idea for Halloween!

Foam Cup Owls

Chalk Owls

Patterned Owls Paper Plate -Couples perfectly with the book “The Little White Owl” by Tracey Corderoy

Cupcake Liner Owl Puppets

Paper Plate Textured Owl Craft -The layers and different materials makes it pop!

Watch this short video below of how to make the fluffy owl babies craft: 

Colorful Tropical Bird Crafts

You can’t go wrong with creating a colorful tropical bird craft in preschool. We have a fun collection of parrots, toucans and flamingos that kids will love.

Fun Twirling ParrotIt really twirls!

Paper Cup Parrot Craft

Cupcake Liner Parrots

Parrot Beak Craft -Kids will love pretending to be a parrot for a day!

Handprint Parrot Craft -Children’s painted handprints are a perfect addition

Cupcake Liner Toucan

Toucan Craft

Flamingo Finger Puppets

Cupcake Liner Flamingo

Colorful Macaw Craft

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Stunning Peacock Crafts

These gorgeous birds deserved a category all on their own! You’ll be amazed at how many ways you can create a peacock craft using simple materials like paper plates, old CD’s and pinecones.

Yarn Wrapped PeacockFun way to work on fine motor skills

Paper Plate Peacock -Shiny sequins and cocktail toothpicks, oh my!

Pinecone Peacock Craft

Cupcake Liner Peacock Stick Puppets

Recycled CD Peacock Craft

Paper Bag Peacock PuppetGreat make and play craft for preschoolers

Peacock made with two paper plates

Coffee Filter Peacock

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Cute Penguin Crafts

Don’t forget about penguins! They aren’t your typical flying bird and that makes them a fun bird to learn about in preschool. Here are some fun and simple penguin craft ideas for kids.

Tacky the Penguin Craft –Goes with a popular preschool children’s book!

Cupcake Liner Penguins

Royal Penguin Craft

Newspaper Penguin Craft -Great way to recycle!

Stuffed Paper Bag Penguin

Paper Plate Penguin

Watch the video below of our birds on a wire art project:

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