Recycled CD Owl Craft for Kids

By now you probably know that I have a serious owl craft obsession. I can’t get enough of them!

So naturally, while we’ve been crafting with old CD’s this week, we had to whip out some adorable owls. This recycled CD owl craft is colorful and fun and makes a perfect afternoon craft for any time of the year.

Their bright colors remind me of the colorful patterned owls in the book, The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy, so if you love to pair crafts with books this one is simply perfect!


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How to Make a Recycled CD Owl Craft

Supplies Needed for this Recycled CD Owl Craft

– old CD
acrylic paint
foam sheets (orange, tan and another color)
permanent markers
– googly eyes
– scissors
– glue

Directions for these CD Owls

1. Start by painting your old CD with acrylic paint. Set it aside to dry completely. When it is finished drying, use your permanent markers to draw squiggly feather lines on the bottom half of your CD.

2. Cut out an orange beak, tan feet and wings out of your foam sheets.


3. Glue your beak, googly eyes, foam sheet wings and legs onto your CD.

4. Finish your recycled CD owl craft by gluing colorful feathers onto the wings.


Try coupling this colorful owl craft with one of these children’s books:

The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy (recommended!)
Owl Babies by Martin Waddell (Make them white like baby owls!)
Owls by Gail Gibbons
Cock-a-doodle-hooooo! by Mick Manning

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