Paper Plate Unicorn Valentine Holder

Are your kids crazy about unicorns? If so, they are going to love this simple way of using two paper plates as a clever way to create a unicorn Valentine holder. In this post learn how to make this handy paper plate unicorn Valentine holder with the help of our our easy step-by-step tutorial and video.

The amount of space inside this sweet unicorn Valentine holder isn’t huge so it won’t do if you are looking for more of a big box holder, but it is perfect for using at home or for a small classroom or preschool classroom size. Names can be written on the front or back of each unicorn and they can be placed on hooks for kids to easily distribute their Valentine’s. Then kids can simply carry their unicorn around on their shoulder when they take them home.

unicorn valentine holder 1

This paper plate unicorn Valentine holder goes along great with our new Unicorn Valentine Cards. We have attached adorable unicorn stampers to the cards too, to make them extra festive and to add a fun non-candy Valentine treat for kids to play with. After you are finished reading how to make our unicorn Valentine holder, head over to grab the free printable Valentine cards.

Grab our free printable unicorn Valentine cards to hand out to classmates for Valentine's Day. Tape on a piece of candy or a fun unicorn stamper.

How to Make a Paper Plate Unicorn Valentine Holder

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  • heavy duty paper plates
  • white cardstock
  • gold glitter adhesive foam sheet
  • paper flower embellishments
  • pink ribbon
  • black marker
  • pink marker
  • scissors
  • stapler


1. Begin by cutting the top off two heavy duty paper plates creating a straight line at the top of them. To keep our paper plates the same size, we cut the top off one paper plate and then used it as a template to trace the size on the second paper plate. Then simply cut along the traced line.

2. Cut out a horn from a glitter adhesive foam sheet. Remove the backing off the bottom inch of the unicorn horn and place it at the top of your paper plate.

unicorn valentine holder 5

3. Cut ears out of your white cardstock paper and glue them on the top of the paper plate, one on each size of the unicorn horn.

4. Glue paper flowers around the bottom of your unicorn horn.

5. Use a black marker to draw eyelashes on your paper plate unicorn Valentine holder. Then use a pink marker to draw nostrils at the bottom of the paper plate.

unicorn valentine holder 6

6. Grab your second paper plate and place the two of them together with the white sections facing out.

7. Cut a piece of pink ribbon about 24-30 inches long. Place one end of the ribbon in between the paper plates where they connect at the top on the left side . Add staples on the rim of the paper plate over the ribbon to secure it to the unicorn Valentine holder. Repeat this step with the opposite end of the ribbon and paper plates.

8. Continue adding staples around the outside perimeter of the paper plates every 1-2 inches, connecting the two plates together.

unicorn valentine holder 3

Your Unicorn Valentine Holder is complete!

Now it’s time to fill your darling unicorn with Valentine Cards and sweet treats! You can see in the picture below how the lip of the heavy duty paper plates makes the unicorn face pop out a bit. This also creates some extra room inside the holder for all of your Valentine’s.

unicorn valentine holder 2

Video Tutorial: How to make a Paper Plate Unicorn Valentine Holder

Watch the video below to be guided through each step of this unicorn Valentine holder. You can view more easy kids craft tutorials on our Facebook page, or right here on our website.

unicorn valentine holder 4

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unicorn valentine holder pin


paper heart tree craft 3

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Grab our free printable unicorn Valentine cards to hand out to classmates for Valentine's Day. Tape on a piece of candy or a fun unicorn stamper.

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