Wolf Coloring Pages

Explore all 25 of these brand new, fascinating wolf coloring pages

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but these beloved furry creatures evolved from a much bigger and wilder species – wolves. These powerful animals live in packs in the wild and hunt mammals for their food. Wolves live in all kinds of environments and their coats come in many different and beautiful colors.

Wolves have fascinated people throughout the years. There are many books and movies themed around these creatures like The Call of the Wild and The Jungle Book. Wolves have even lent themselves to the mythological werewolf.

Wolves are the perfect subject for printable coloring pages that you can download and color for free.

So without further ado here are 25 brand new and completely free wolf coloring pages that you can color any way you want. Have fun and use your imagination!

Wolf Coloring Pages – 25 Brand New Printables

This wolf coloring page shows a wolf on high alert. His hackles are raised and his fur bristles. The wolf snarls to show his sharp teeth. Wolves growl and snarl as a warning to announce that they are ready to attack if someone comes too close.

This wolf has very thick fur, especially around her neck. Wolves actually have two layers of fur to keep them warm in extremely cold temperatures. Some wolves make their homes in the freezing climate of the Arctic.

Wolves are extremely beautiful and regal creatures. This wolf printable shows a wolf with thick fur around her neck and a fluffy tail. She sits quietly with her head slightly bowed. What do you think she is thinking about?

A wolf’s distinctive howl is a spine-tingling sound to be sure, but it is the best way for them to communicate with each other from far away. This wolf coloring sheet shows a wolf giving a long howl.

Sometimes looking at a wolf reminds us how closely related they are to our beloved pet dogs. Feel free to color as many of these wolf coloring pages as you want. They are all completely free to download and print.

Wolves are very intelligent animals. They track their prey using their amazing sense of smell and work together with their pack to take down prey much larger than they are. The creature in this free wolf coloring page seems to be hot on the trail of some animal.

We love this wolf coloring sheet of a shaggy wolf sitting in front of a full moon. Wolves are associated with the full moon because they are nocturnal creatures. They hunt at night and sleep during the day.

Wolves’ speed and endurance come in handy when they are hunting for food. They have been known to chase prey for miles to get their kill and can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour in short bursts. It looks like the wolf in this coloring page is on the hunt.

Wolves can be very fierce creatures. This wolf coloring page for kids shows a wolf that looks ready to defend his territory. A wolf’s home is very important to them. It’s where they hunt to get their supply of food.

Wolf packs have alpha males and females that are in charge of the group. This wolf coloring sheet shows alpha proudly stepping up to lead his pack. Wolf pack sizes vary, but usually, they consist of around 6 wolves.

There are many different types of wolves across the world. The animal in this coloring page looks like he might be a gray wolf, which has a thicker coat in the winter to keep it warm. It looks like this wolf is gearing up for cold weather.

Gray is not the only color that wolves can be. They can also come in various shades of black, white, and red. Red wolves are the rarest of all. What color will you make the wolf in this printable?

Wolves are definitely wild and ferocious creatures, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that when they look so similar to our pet dogs. Some domesticated dogs, like the Northern Inuit, are even bred to look similar to wolves. Perhaps this friendly-looking wolf coloring page is really a domesticated dog

Wolves howl to tell other members of their pack where they are or to let them know about predators or prey. They can even help a lost wolf find his pack again. Perhaps this wolf is howling to find his way home.

Like dogs, wolves have an incredible sense of smell that is very important to their survival. In this free printable, a wolf pauses on her walk to sniff the air.

There is definitely a theme of howling in these wolf coloring pages. This fascinating habit is a trait that was passed down from wolves to their domesticated cousins. You’ve probably heard your pet dog howling at the doorbell or the piano at times.

Baby wolves are called pups, and they could not be more adorable. This fluffy little pup has a cute tuft of fur on the top of his head and interesting markings above his eyes.

This wolf coloring page features a pup that looks ready to play. Pups play fight with each other as they grow to learn socialization and important survival skills. This pup gives a less than intimidating little growl as he plays.

Wolf pups live in an underground den with their mother until they are about eight weeks old. This pup looks like he is about old enough to leave his den and explore the world all by himself. Don’t forget to post a picture of your wolf coloring pages on our Facebook page. Every month we hold a contest and the best uploads win a prize!

Our coloring page designers love creating wolf coloring pages featuring these adorable pups. This pup is in full-on play mode. He lunges forward with his tongue out and wags his tail in the air, ready to spring into a play attack.

Wolves have large paws that come in handy when walking over many different surfaces, like snow. This wolf smiles proudly and you can see his enormous paws resting on the ground. Wolf paws are bigger than both domesticated dogs and coyotes.

A wolf runs to the top of a rock jutting out from a cliff. Perhaps he is the alpha of his pack, preparing to address his fellow wolves in an important meeting. Did you know there is both a male and a female alpha in most packs?

We love this coloring page of a wolf howling at the moon underneath tall mountain peaks. In reality, a wolf’s howling has nothing to do with the moon. This myth probably came from the fact that wolves are more active at night. There is also a legend that werewolves transform under a full moon.

This wolf looks like he has spotted someone. Perhaps it was another wolf friend or even a human. Wolves are wild creatures that can be dangerous, but luckily they are mostly afraid of humans and want to avoid coming too close to people.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring the wild with these fierce wolves. Don’t forget to keep checking back with us to see which new animals and characters are available for you to color. We are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets.

Remember to post a photo of your finished wolf coloring pages onto our Facebook page. We love to see how you have used your creativity to color these original images. There are so many more printables to come!

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