Realistic Animal Coloring Pages

Go on a colorful safari with your favorite realistic animal coloring pages!

Our world is filled with a practically unending array of wild and amazing creatures! It’s constantly amazing to see the variety and uniqueness that nature presents us with how many incredible animals there are for us to behold.

With so many animals with so many unique looks, it presents us with a color palette to really go wild with! We’re sure we’ll be seeing every color of the rainbow and then some with these free realistic animal coloring pages.

We hope these free coloring page sheet printables for kids will let you get in touch with your wild side and create some colorful animal creations.

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We can’t wait to go on a colorful safari with you and see how you’ve creatively interpreted these realistic animal coloring pages.

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15 Brand New Realistic Animal Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

For the first in our series of realistic animal coloring pages, we have an animal not exactly known for it’s bright colors, the zebra! Zebras are black and white, but you don’t have to stick to that if you feel like being creative. You could use pinks and reds and greens for his stripes in this coloring page if you wanted!

Or, if you want to stick to black and white, maybe you could balance it out with a bright and vibrant background color.realistic horse coloring pages to print

Do you like coloring animals that are both cute and exotic? If so, you will love our next realistic animal coloring page, featuring the tapir.

This adorable animal looks like a cross between a pig and an elephant, with a large body, short legs, and a long snout.

They can also swim and dive very well, using their snouts as snorkels. In this coloring page, you can see a spotted and striped tapir standing on a rocky terrain near a lake. realistic animals coloring pages

Don’t you want to just lay down and take a nap with this sleepy panda? That’s the feeling I get when looking at this coloring sheet!

Moods can be reflected with color usage, so for this lazy image some deep blues and purples for the background would compliment this sleepy fellow nicely. What colors will you use to finish off this coloring page?printable realistic bear coloring pages

This realistic animal coloring pages series continues with a very special animal, the pangolin. This animal is unlike any other, as it has scales all over its body that act as armor.

Pangolins can roll up into a ball when they feel threatened, hiding their vulnerable parts under their scales. They are also good climbers and can hang from trees with their tails.

I would use the color brown, black, or gray. You can also add some details to the background, such as grass, flowers, or stones. realistic animals coloring sheets for kids

Giraffes always seem like a calm and wise animal to me, and we’re focused on one for this next coloring page.

Giraffes have dark yellow and brown coloring, and you could stick with that for this one, or much like we explored for the zebra you could go creative with some bright colors.

Why not print a few copies and try some color variations?

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free printable realistic giraffe coloring pages

We have a clever looking owl for you to color in for the next coloring sheet.

There are so many different kinds of owls with different color schemes, so maybe you could create your very own breed of owl with your own colors!

I’ve never seen a green owl, so maybe you could do something like that for a fun printable realistic owl coloring pages

Meet the armadillo, nature’s little armored tank! This curious creature is protected by bony plates that cover its head, body and tail.

These strong “armors” help shield it from predators as it scours the ground for insects, plants and grub.

Armadillos are skilled diggers, using large claws and sticky tongues to unearth tasty morsels.

In this coloring page, you can see an armadillo walking on a flat surface with the horizon in the background. For a creative twist, try vibrant colors to make its armor shine.armadillo coloring pages

We have a cute and gentle deer for this next coloring page. She’s looking at us as if she wants us to feed her from our hands. Wouldn’t that be a special moment to enjoy?

Deer usually have shades of browns and dark yellow for their coloring, so if you go with that maybe you could balance it off with a brilliant light blue sky printable realistic deer coloring pages

There’s a scary looking snake as the star of this coloring sheet printable. I’m glad this one can’t move! Snakes come in all kinds of colors from brown to yellow to green and everything in between.

That means you could pick pretty much every color you like and still have it be realistic to some snake species out there.

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free printable realistic snake coloring pages

Our realistic animal coloring pages series continues with an animal that has big eyes and a long tail, the lemur.

Lemurs are primates that live only on the island of Madagascar and some nearby islands. They are very social and communicate with each other using sounds, scents, and gestures.

They also have a special claw on their feet that they use for grooming. Enjoy coloring this cute animal and learning more about it.lemur coloring pages free printable

Let’s hope the chameleon in this coloring page doesn’t change color before you can finish the page!

Wouldn’t it look cool if you made it look like he was in the middle of changing colors by having each half of his body be different colors that meet in the middle? That would make for an interesting look!free printable realistic chameleon coloring pages

Koala bears are always taking it easy and relaxing, so this coloring page printable gives us a chance to relax with him and have a good time relaxing and coloring!

Maybe you could use some cool blues and greens to represent the sleepy mood of this cute little guy.

Or you could keep it realistic and use grays and whites for his body and color the sky a beautiful blue. What will you choose for this printable coloring sheet?free printable realistic panda coloring pages

Keep your eyes peeled with this vigilant meerkat on high alert. Meerkats are highly social and constantly on the lookout for danger.

Standing tall on its rock perch, this mammal scans the desert horizon, ever ready to sound the alarm.

Bring this cautious creature to life by coloring its tan, brown or black fur in natural camouflaging tones.

Add cream and white accents for contrast, just like in the wild. In the background, include sand, scattered rocks and prickly cacti to capture the desert landscape. meerkats coloring pages for kids free printable

We’re back on safari with a serious looking rhino for this animal coloring page. Does it look like he’s about to charge at something to you? It definitely looks like he means business!

Will you use gray and brown colors on him to make him look realistic? Maybe you could incorporate some reds onto him to symbolize that he may be feeling mad or a bit printable realistic rhinoceros coloring pages

It’s time to heat things up in the desert for this last animal coloring page. We have a happy looking camel looking at us, and don’t you think it would be so cool to take a ride through the desert on his back?

This would be a striking image with some bright yellows for the sand of the desert contrasted with a brilliant blue sky.

We can’t wait to see how you bring this desert coloring sheet to life!

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free printable realistic camel coloring pages

Realistic Animal Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had a wild and colorful time with these realistic animal coloring page printables! All of the art and printable coloring pages we feature are 100% free for you to print and enjoy as many times as you like!

The animal kingdom provides us with many colors and shapes, so why not experiment with different color schemes and mediums to bring these animals to vivid life?

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We always love to see the creativity on display and can’t wait to see the creations you come up with!original and free realistic animal coloring pages


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