Brand New Fantastic Fox Coloring Pages

Brand new original and fantastic fox coloring pages – explore all 20 printable sheets

On this page, you will find 25 all new Fox coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Foxes are fantastic and fascinating creatures. You have probably heard that they’re sly and sneaky, but foxes are also extremely smart and playful.

They are also much more diverse in color and size than you might think, which makes them a great subject for fox coloring pages.

Foxes have become a popular animal to be displayed on everything from clothing to coffee mugs to bedspreads. They have also become very widespread in pop culture.

You can see these intelligent animals featured in films like Zootopia and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Recently we can’t get enough of these interesting creatures.

The on-screen popularity of foxes has translated into a high demand from our readers for printable fox coloring pages that you can enjoy for free.

Finally here are 25 brand new and completely free fox coloring pages that you can color any way you want. Have fun and use your imagination!

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Fox Coloring Pages – 25 Brand New Printable Sheets

Did you know that a baby fox is called a pup and a female fox is called a vixen? In this fox coloring page, a mother vixen wraps her tail carefully around her pup.

She looks down lovingly at him and the pup pokes his little head out of her tail. Vixen can have up to 11 pups in a litter, and they take care of their babies for many months after they are born.

This fox coloring page shows a playful and friendly baby fox that is having fun on a playground.

The fox is sitting with his fluffy tail curled playfully behind him, while his perky ears twitch at the sounds of nature.

You can use realistic colors, such as orange, brown, white, or black, to make the fox look like a real animal.

Or you can use fun and bright colors, such as pink, purple, blue, or green, to make the fox look like a fantasy coloring pages for kids

This proud fox walks through a grassy woodland on a pleasant-looking day. He has a unique stripe line running between his eyes and his nose and looks very happy in his environment.

This is probably because foxes love forests and grasslands. This environment has all kinds of food for foxes to eat. A fox might even stumble onto a human’s farmland or even into your backyard.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a fox in your yard! These little creatures are not mean and will usually run away if confronted by a human.

We love this fox coloring sheet that shows off the creature’s sweet and friendly side. With her blushing cheeks and tongue sticking out, this little fox has really stolen our hearts.

This fox coloring page features a cute fox. The fox has a cozy and furry body, a long and bushy tail, and a cute and pointy face.

He has a happy and adventurous expression on its face, as he enjoys the freedom of his environment.

You can use burnt orange, red and white to color his cozy fur coat and bushy tail. Give him playful emerald eyes and a fuzzy muzzle stretched into a mischievous grin.

In the background, draw a mystical forest filled with giant mushrooms, sparkling streams and curious woodland original fox coloring pages

Foxes might have a reputation for being sneaky or sly, but they can actually be very friendly and curious creatures.

They have been known to play by themselves or with other animals just like cats and dogs do! This adorable fox is having a great time playing by himself. He rolls around on his back just like a dog or a cat would.

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Foxes come in all shapes and sizes. This adorable little fox has enormous ears. She might be a fennec fox.

These types of foxes are actually the smallest in the world, but they have enormous ears that seem disproportionate to their bodies.

She seems to have one ear especially perked up to listen as she sits on the grassy earth in this printable sheet for kids.

This fox coloring page shows a lovely and sweet fox that is sitting down with her tail curled around its body. She looks quite happy as if she just had a large meal.

The coloring page has no background, so you can create your own or leave it blank. You can also go futuristic and create a sci-fi cityscape with hovering cars and rocket ships.

This coloring page is perfect for anyone who loves foxes and wants to relax and have fun. young fox coloring printable

There are so many fantastic foxes in the world – just look at how excitable and playful this little creature looks.

Remember that all these fox coloring pages are completely free to print, so feel free to print and color as many as you want.

We can’t get enough of these pretty fox coloring pages. This fox sits proudly and seems to sparkle all by herself. Foxes are actually very solitary creatures.

Unless they are raising their pups in small families (called a “leash” or a “skulk” of foxes) they like to hunt, sleep, and explore by themselves.

This clever vixen is ready for fun in a beautiful pose. She’s standing tall on a rock, smiling big with her fluffy tail wagging.

Her furry head is so cozy and her pointy ears stick straight up to hear everything.

For now, make her your new coloring buddy. Use your favorite crayons to color her furry coat and white tummy. Outline her sweet smiling face in black and make her eyes shine.

Give her purple paws or pink ears if you want. You can even draw some flowers, grass and trees in the background. cute fox coloring printable for kids

This creative fox coloring page shows a fluffy fox sitting with headphones over his ears.

You can tell he is listening to a song he loves from the hearts and music notes come from his ears and as he waves one paw along to his favorite tune.

Foxes are also music makers themselves. They can make over 40 different sounds unique to them!

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Not all foxes live in forests are woodlands. Some are at home amongst snow and ice and freezing temperatures.

This fox printable might feature an Arctic fox sitting on a bed of snow under a starry sky. Arctic foxes have fluffy white coats and are comfortable living in temperatures well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

This fox is lucky enough to have found a sweet treat! He perches on his hind legs to nibble a delicious cookie that he must have swiped from someone’s picnic.

Although foxes are good at hunting, they will also scavenge for their food. In fact, a fox will eat just about anything. They might even try to sneak some of your dog’s food!

This adorable fox is sitting down and smiling with its mouth slightly open. He looks so happy and playful, don’t you think?

He has a big head, a bushy tail, and a small nose. His fur is drawn with simple lines, so you can color him easily.

You can use any color you like for his fur, but did you know that foxes can have different colors depending on their type and where they live?

Some are red, some are gray, some are white, and some are even silver or fox coloring printable

This free fox printable is creative and fun. A fox squats under the shade of a large tree. He focuses intently on playing his guitar.

Several strings have broken and popped loose from his musical instrument, but the fox doesn’t seem to mind. He plays on anyway! Where do you think this fox got his guitar? 

We love this fox coloring sheet of a fox using binoculars or glasses to help him see. These seeing devices make the fox’s eyes look enormous!

Although the imagination in this printable is great, foxes actually have amazing eyesight. In fact, they can see as well as a cat in the dark. Their eyes are very similar to cats because they also have slit pupils.

Foxes also hunt in a very similar way to cats, by crouching and stalking their prey. You can see in this printable that foxes also appear similar to cats, from their whiskers to their pointy ears.

Remember – when you finish coloring your fox coloring pages, post your finished pictures onto our Facebook page. Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize.

Foxes need plenty of quality sleep, even more than people do. This adorable fox is curled up with her tail wrapped around her body, snoozing peacefully.

This is actually how foxes sleep in the wild, using their tails to keep warm. They also often sleep out in the open, like this fox. They only use dens when they are raising pups.

Foxes make great mothers! You can tell the mother in this fox printable really loves her pup. She keeps the pup close to her side and wraps her tail protectively around him.

Vixen take good care of their helpless pups and will go to great lengths to protect them from predators like eagles and wolves and other dangers that might arise in the wild.

We can’t get enough of this coloring sheet of a loving fox family. The father and mother fox wrap their paws and tails protectively around their pup.

We know that a female fox is called a vixen, but a male fox is actually called a dog. When the vixen has her pup, she keeps it safe in her den while the dog brings them food.

It seems that this fox family might have found a barn or a shed to hang out in.

Foxes have earned a reputation for being very cunning creatures. They are able to sneak about undetected and survive off of many types of food in many different environments.

This fox seems like he has just emerged from a thick patch of shrubbery. Perhaps he has been searching for food or hiding from predators.

There is definitely a theme of vixens with their pups when it comes to these fox coloring pages. Probably because they are just so cute!

This vixen protects her cub under the shade of a large tree. Perhaps they have a den nearby! Her fluffy tail mostly covers up the pup, but he pops his small head out to look around. 

This tiny fox is cute as can be perched on a grassy rock in the middle of the woods. Foxes have strong claws, which makes them excellent climbers.

They can even climb trees like cats, and will sometimes take a nap in a tall tree to stay safe from predators. Perhaps the fox in this printable sheet is thinking about climbing a tree next.

Although foxes act a lot like cats, they are actually related to dogs. This free printable shows a fox that reminds us a bit of the personality of a dog.

He looks curiously up at us with his head tilted to one side. One thing foxes have in common with dogs is that they love to play and have even been known to steal golf balls for a toy.

Remember – we are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets, so keep checking back to see which new pages have been uploaded and which new characters and animals are ready for you to print and color. There are so many more fun printables to come.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about and adventuring with these fantastic foxes. They really are fascinating and fun creatures.

Once you have picked your fox coloring pages, remember to post your finished picture to our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you’ll color these super fun images!

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