New Pokemon Coloring Pages Free to Print and Color

Become a coloring master with these unique Pokemon coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 27 all new Pokemon coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

The Pokemon series is one of the most popular franchises ever created!

Starting out with games that are getting new entries to this day, it has also been adapted into anime, movies, books and a live-action film.

There are so many vibrant and colorful Pokemon, and we have a few to meet with this collection of 27 free Pokemon pages for kids!

Whether you pick a few favorites or color every single one, there is plenty of fun to be had here! All of these pages are completely free to enjoy your coloring experience and share as much as you like, too.

Get ready for a Pokemon coloring adventure, and remember to share some of your finished artworks on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

27 Brand New Pokemon Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

We’re beginning this collection of free Pokemon coloring sheets with the iconic duo from the anime series!

Ash Ketchum is posed here with his beloved Pikachu, and there are some great details to color in here.

Ash has had a few different visual versions throughout his appearances, so you have some different appearances to choose from as you finish the image with your colors!Pokemon Coloring Pages for kids free download

Squirtle is posing just for you, with his round eyes and happy smile. He’s surrounded by lots of round bubbles floating around him.

As you complete this printable Pokemon page, use light blues, greens, and purples for Squirtle. His shell will look great in bolder blue and red.

The bubbles can each be a different color – try using all the colors of the rainbow on them!

What other details can you add to the background to create an underwater scene for Squirtle?original pokemon coloring pages

In this second page, Pikachu is the focus of the page, and it really shows off how cute this Pokemon is!

Pikachu is probably the most famous characters in the Pokemon Universe, and he really stands out with his yellow and red color scheme.

We would use some bright colored pens and markers for this one if we were working on this Pikachu coloring!Pokemon Coloring Pages for adults free printable

From the warm, bright colors of Pikachu, we have a Pokémon that has a much cooler color scheme.

Squirtle is a water Pokemon, and that means that he has a blue color scheme with some light brown details mixed in as well.

We think that some watercolor paints would look great for this particular page!Pokemon Coloring Pages free pdf download

Pikachu is back for more in this next image! He is looking very happy here, and it almost looks a bit like he may be about to receive a tasty treat.

Maybe you could draw one being handed to him! What kind of treat would you feed a Pikachu if you had one of your own?Pokemon Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Fluffy, adorable Eevee is ready to be colored! This cute Pokemon has fluffy fur and a big, bushy tail. Eevee usually has cute little front paws and a furry collar around her neck.

Eevee is special because she can evolve into 8 different Pokemon types! As you color in Eevee, use warm browns for its fur and black for its eyes and nose.

Draw in the furry collar around her neck, color it white and add some pink inside its ears. For even more fun, draw a background scene related to the Eevee evolution you like best!new pokemon printable

Get ready to party with Pikachu with this fifth page in our collection of free Pokemon coloring sheets for kids!

Pikachu is showing off some dance moves here, and he is surrounded by some large bubbles.

It could look great if you colored each bubble in a different color, as that would make for an image that really pops!Pokemon printable of Pikachu

Dragonite is looking cute and playful in this Pokemon coloring sheet! This kind dragon Pokemon has cute round eyes and little wings on its back.

Dragonite is bright yellow with green wings and antennas. It can fly faster than a jet plane! When coloring, you can make the body a sunny yellow and use forest greens for the wings.

Add dark blue or black for the antennas and round pupils. For a fun background, draw puffy clouds, mountains, and birds flying around Dragonite. dragonite coloring page

Mew is one of the most mysterious and powerful characters in the series, and it is here for you to color!

This Pokemon has a light pink color scheme in most appearances, and if you stick with that color scheme then you have plenty of background details to color in as well.

Mew is sliding down a rainbow pattern, and that opens up plenty of opportunities for amazing colors!Pokemon Coloring Book for kids free printable

We have another awesome picture of Mew for you to enjoy in this seventh image. Mew is striking a cool pose, and it is surrounded by lots of small, round bubbles.

For these bubbles, we would again probably try to color each one a different shade for a more dynamic image, but what colors come to mind for you?Pokemon Coloring Sheet for kids

Get fired up with Charmander in this Pokemon coloring page. This fiery lizard Pokemon is giving a wide grin and looks like it’s ready to have some coloring fun.

Charmander’s name comes from a mix of char for charcoal and salamander. This Pokemon has a flame burning on its tail that’s said to represent its health.

If the flame goes out, that means Charmander is in trouble!

You can use bright oranges and reds for the flame tail in this Charmander coloring. You can also make the body orange and add blue or green eyes. black-and-white pokemon coloring page

Jigglytuff has to be one of the most adorable Pokemon in the series, and we have one up for you to color here!

This Pokemon is also typically seen in a pink color scheme, but there are also some great background details to color here.

Which of your favorite colors will you pick for this adorable Pokemon and the background?Pokemon Coloring PDF

This famous electric Pokemon is sitting cute and ready for you to bring it to life with color. Pikachu has red chubby cheeks that store electricity. Its tail is shaped like a lightning bolt!

For the body, make sure to use bright yellow and even add some black stripes or markings. Don’t forget the red cheeks and brown tips on the ears!

For extra fun, draw Pikachu playing in a field or forest scene in the background. Add lightning bolts, clouds and flowers all around this energetic Pokemon!pokemon coloring sheet

Pokemon can evolve into different forms, and the one featured in this image is the evolution of Squirtle, who we colored in an earlier page.

Wartortle is a more intimidating version of the adorable Squirtle, but it has a similar color scheme.

We know this one will look great when it’s done!Pokemon Original Sheet for children

Next up, we have Sandshrew as the star of this Pokémon coloring printable.

As the name suggests, Sandshrew is a sand-type Pokemon, and that means that its color scheme is composed of yellows and light browns.

Will you stick with these classic colors, or will you create a unique look for Sandshrew?Pokemon Easy Coloring Pages

Squirtle is back for more fun in this next image, and it is striking a fun pose! This time, Squirtle seems to be doing a little dance, and it certainly looks happy.

Maybe you could color some bright shapes into the background in order to make it look like Squirtle is having fun at a party!

What other settings do you think Squirtle could be in?Pokemon Coloring for kids

The grass-type Pokemon Bulbasaur is up next, and this is another really adorable creature!

As mentioned, Bulbasaur is a plant-themed one, and that means that it is typically depicted in a green and blue color scheme.

This is another one where we would use softer, milder art tools such as watercolors or colored pencils. Will you use these or maybe something else?Pokemon Coloring Sheet

Eevee is a super cute Pokemon that looks a bit like a fox. This Pokemon also has the distinction of being able to evolve into various different types of Pokemon, which makes it rather unique.

For one idea, you could color the background to match what type you would evolve this Eevee into. For example, you could use reds if you would evolve it into a fire-type.Pokemon pdf download

Togepi is one unique Pokemon, as it looks like it is constantly emerging from an egg! That egg is also decorated with some colorful shapes, and they are depicted here for you to color as well.

For the shapes, we would recommend some colored pens or markers to make the colors pop, as the rest of Togepi’s colors are a bit milder and more muted.Pokemon Coloring Pages for preschoolers

This final Pokemon coloring sheet that we have for you features another evolution of a previous Pokemon.

Sandslash is the next step up from Sandshrew, and it is certainly a more intimidating Pokemon to behold!

Sandslash has a similar yellow and brown color scheme to Sandshrew, so these two pages would make a great pairing if you do them both!Pokemon printable

All New Pages Updated for 2024!

As a special bonus for all you super Pokemon fans we have just added another 7 brand new and exciting coloring pages.

These are new Pokemon coloring pages from our brand new artist Jamie – he is the worlds biggest Pokemon fan and he begged us to show you these brand new sketches he just finished.

Jamie told us that his Clefairy coloring page was his personal favorite – what do you think?

They certainly are different I’m sure you will agree 🙂

Articuno Pokémon Coloring Sheet

Articuno Coloring Sheet


Clefairy Coloring Page

clefairy coloring page

Moltres Pokemon Coloring Page

Moltres Coloring Page

Mewtwo Pokemon Coloring Page

Mewtwo Coloring Page

Greninja Pokémon Coloring Sheet

Greninja Coloring Page

Empoleon Pokemon Printable

Empoleon Coloring Page


Ash from Pokemon

coloring page of ash from pokemon


Blastoise Coloring Page

Blastoise Coloring Page

Pokemon Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

The world of Pokemon characters is full of adventure, and we hope you enjoyed having one as you worked through this collection of free Pokemon printables for kids!

There was a great variety of different Pokemon here, and that means that you can use all of your favorite colors and art tools. You could even take this to the next level and combine all your favorite printables into one awesome coloring book.

We would love to see how some of your favorite pages turned out, so please feel free to share some of your finished artworks on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see!

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