Lion Coloring Pages

Fun and adorable lion coloring pages for creative children of all ages

Chances are you have seen one of the most famous Disney animations of all time, The Lion King.

Well, you and your children will definitely enjoy these lion coloring pages, which make a fantastic pastime activity.

Not only are these lion printable sheets a delight to color, but your little one can learn more about the animal known as the king of the jungle.

These adorable lions and cubs are waiting for you to bring them to life with color and joy!

15 Brand New Lion Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

There is a reason why the lion is known as the king of the jungle. Simply look at this lion coloring sheet. You cannot deny that our mesmerizing lion has an imposing posture worthy of a king.

But fear not, it might look a bit scary, but this lion is merely protective of his family. We can assume he is looking after his cubs.

When it comes to the coloring choice, the white background invites your child to let their imagination run wild – they could choose a blue shade for the sky and orange for the ground, resembling a dry thorn forest. As for our lion, the fur has a yellow-golden shade, and its mane hair a darker brown.Lion Coloring Pages for kids free download

Come roar with delight at this adorable lion cub. Seated comfortably on the ground, this little lion wears a precious smile across its fluffy face.

Its big, round eyes gaze up at you playfully, while its tiny ears perk up with curiosity.

A soft, downy mane encircles its head, hinting at the regal lion it will grow up to become. You can color in its fuzzy mane with warm sunset colors like orange, gold, and toasted browns.

Try using pretty pastels on its soft body, or go bold with bright golden yellows and deep tawny browns. cute lion coloring pages

On this coloring sheet, we can assume he is looking for something. We wonder, what could it be?

When taking a first look at this majestic creature, you can’t help but notice his smiling expression and kind eyes.

Given lions’ natural habitat is a wide-open African savanna, it is safe to assume that this is where this beautiful animal is on this lion printable sheet.

So, the color palette should include golden yellow and orange, with a splash of green.Lion Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Did you know that a lion’s magnificent mane hair grows with age? In this case, when looking at this lion coloring sheet, you can notice our cute lion’s mane is quite voluminous.

This indicates that he is older. Imagine how majestic he will look in a couple of years if he is already imposing and riveting. Interestingly, the color also darkens once they get older.

So, you could choose a bit of dark brown to showcase he is an adult lion.Lion Coloring Pages free pdf download

Behold the King of the Jungle in all his majesty. This magnificent lion stands tall and proud, his regal mane flowing in the breeze.

Against a backdrop of lush jungle, he surveys his domain, his amber eyes wise and knowing.

You can use the colors of the rainbow, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, or you can use your own favorite colors.

You can also add some details to the jungle, such as flowers, birds, or butterflies. Make this lion coloring page your own. lion coloring printable

No one can say that lion cubs aren’t incredibly adorable. Just take a look at this lion coloring page featuring this cheerful cub with a bubbly personality.

It almost seems like it is dancing around happily.

A cub’s eye color is blue-gray in the beginning when they are a few weeks old, and later on, they change to a brown shade with a bit of orange.

Our charming little cub is probably only two months old, so you could try adding a bit of orangey-brown.Lion Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

By taking the first look at this adorable cub, what do you see? Simba from The Lion King is an obvious inspiration on this fantastic lion coloring sheet.

With its smile, this bundle of joy is hopping merrily through the wide-open savanna, perhaps inviting its siblings to come and play.

If you take a look at the cartoon character, you could color it in the same yellow golden shade with black around its ears and eyes and light pink for its cute little nose.

This could be your child’s own little Simba.Lion Coloring Book free printable

This young lion is standing in a grassy field with some bushes behind it. It has a big head with a mane, small ears, and a long tail.

His sleek body blends into the tall grasses swaying gently around him. In the distance, a lone acacia tree spreads its branches.

Use rich earthy tones like chestnut, amber and cinnamon to bring his coat and mane to life.

Add shimmering golds and warm browns for the grasses, cool greens for the acacia leaves, and bright blue sky to complete the scene. little lion coloring printable

Look at this proud little cub! On this next lion coloring printable sheet, our cute cub appears to be sitting pompously on a tree branch, but in an amusing manner given its small size.

Cubs at this age can be incredibly playful. Just like your children at home, they are extremely curious to discover their surroundings and see what the world has to offer.

Your little one can explore their creativity with this lion coloring page.

Apart from the golden shade for our cute cub on this printable sheet, your child could choose a dark brown for the branch underneath the baby lion and color the background blue for the clear sky behind.Lion Coloring Book for kids free printable

Now, this charming hub is most likely only a few weeks old. It is so cute-looking that your child will probably want it as a pet.

However, lions are wild cats that live in African savannas, so that is the place where they are the happiest.

But this is an interesting fact to teach your child – lions are superb intelligent hunters, especially the lionesses.

So, this adorable little cub on this printable sheet will grow to be just like its parents.

To color it, you could choose a light yellow with a bit of black for its ears and that hairy tuft that lions have at the end of their tails. Add a splash of green to make it look like it is playing in the grass.Lion Coloring Sheet for children free download

This coloring page features a cute young Lion. His eyes radiate gentleness, affection and wisdom.

He has big heads with manes, big eyes, and small noses. He is looking at you with affection and pride.

You can color this lion coloring page in any way you like. But it’s better to use natural colors, such as yellow, brown, or green, or you can use your own favorite colors.

You can also add other details to the field. Make this lion coloring page your own. original little lion coloring printable

Look at this cub’s cute face?

With a smile and tilted head, sitting proudly of being a baby lion, you cannot help but imagine it cheerfully playing with other cubs or chasing its mother lionesses, trying to keep up with her pace.

One cannot help but think about Simba again when you see his smile and imagine him curiously running around.

Your child’s creativity can be explored on this lion coloring page. So, they could choose green to color the background, as if the cub was surrounded by nature, like the scene when Simba meets Pumbaa and Timon.Lion Coloring Book for adults free download

Interestingly, lion cabs build strong family bonds and nurture their strength through play. When they are little, baby lions are joyous and full of life, playing with their siblings and other cubs in the pride.

So, they will race each other, gently and playfully biting their ears or leaping and rolling in the grass.

The cub on this lion coloring page appears to be ready to jokingly attack another cub. Don’t worry.

As mentioned, this is how baby lions play while also learning how to build their strength and hunting skills.

Pick a bit of black for its nose and ears, dark brown for the hairy tuft, and a golden yellow for its fur.Lion Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

This majestic lioness is worthy of the title “queen of the jungle”.

Her splendid appearance, with her imposing posture and expression, suggests she is a strong lioness, ready to protect her cubs from any dangers that might arise in the savanna.

Because The Lion King is an obvious inspiration, which your children can relate to, given the beauty of this timeless animation, we can assume that this beautiful lioness is Nala.

Choose the same golden yellow for her fur, dark brown for the hairy tuft, and perhaps a bit of blue-green would be an excellent choice for her eyes.Lion Easy Coloring Pages

Get ready for roars of delight with this playful baby lion. Crouched down with its eyes shining, this cute cub is ready to pounce and play. You can tell from that sweet face he’s as cuddly as can be.

Let’s use fun, happy colors to bring this lion to life. Try a golden yellow for his fluffy mane and underbelly.

Make his fuzzy coat pop with vivid oranges, browns, and tan hues. Add stripes, spots, or other wild patterns if you like!

In the grass around him we can draw ants to sniff, butterflies to chase, and sticks to play with. Lion cubs love exploring and pouncing on anything that moves! lion coloring sheet free download


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