Cheetah Coloring Pages

Children of all ages enjoy these cheetah coloring pages featuring this glorious wild cat

On this page, you will find 15 all new Cheetah coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

It is a fact that your children will adore coloring these printable sheets with cheetahs captured in various poses.

Not only is it an exciting pastime activity, but your little ones can learn exciting facts about this large wild cat all while having fun.

So, get these fantastic cheetah coloring pages and help your child explore their creativity as well as expand their knowledge.

We guarantee your children will love coloring them with you and will be curious to find out more!

15 Brand New Cheetah Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Just look at this first cheetah! Doesn’t she look majestic? It almost makes you think that the cheetah on this coloring page was posing intentionally for us.

They definitely are beautiful animals with their golden coats covered entirely in unique black spots.

Therefore, this is an idea for this cheetah coloring page. But if you wish to choose another color palette, you can do so.

Remember, there are no rules, so your child can use any shade that inspires them.Cheetah Coloring Pages free printable

This next cheetah looks a bit angry, but don’t expect this gorgeous animal to roar. Interestingly, the cheetah is the only wild cat that cannot produce that roaring sound, typical for these animals.

It is because they don’t have that unique two-piece bone in their throats that helps them do this sound.

Instead, cheetahs can growl, chirp, or hiss. See, your child will be able to learn while coloring these cheetah printable sheets.

Given the expression of our cheetah on this page, we can imagine it growling at something.

On this printable page, you could replace the traditional golden yellow shade for the cheetah’s coat with orange and blue for the eyes. Now, that would look stunning!Cheetah Coloring Pages free download

Meet this curious and playful cheetah cub who can’t wait to explore the world. This adorable little cub is sitting back on its hind legs, looking up with large, innocent eyes full of wonder.

Soft, fluffy fur covers its body in a pale tan coat decorated with distinctive black spots and rings on its tail.

This energetic cub loves to run and tumble through the tall grass, pouncing on butterflies and chasing its siblings. cheetah coloring pages for kids

Did you know that cheetahs are the fastest land animal in the entire world? A cheetah’s body is built in such a way to support them to reach incredible speeds.

With long legs, a tail to maintain balance and claws to perfectly grip the ground underneath, and an elongated spine, cheetahs are capable of reaching 120km/h, about 80 miles/h in a few seconds.

This is incredibly fast; a cheetah can even be faster than a sports car! How interesting is this?

On this cheetah coloring page, this amazing wild cat is definitely caught running at what we imagine being tremendous speed.cartoon Cheetah Coloring Pages free printable

The majority of wild cheetahs live in sub-Saharan Africa. There, they can roam freely and run as fast as possible on open-savannah and forests. We know now that this is ideal for them.

On this cheetah coloring page, our stunning wild cat appears to be looking at something in the distance from a rock formation in the savannah. Perhaps she is hunting.

Cheetahs are the only felines that hunt during the day.

If you think this cheetah is preparing to hunt, you might want to color the white background in a blue shade, showing it is daytime.

As for its coat, why not choose a shade other than the traditional golden yellow? A pastel green would look nice with the blue sky and the bronze yellow savannah.simple Cheetah Coloring Pages for kids free printable

Say hello to a friendly and furry cheetah who loves to relax. This fully grown cheetah is sitting on its haunches, staring with a serious but calm expression.

Its body is covered in black spots and its tail is curled around its body.

As you color this furry friend, think about what colors would make it look more comfortable and cuddly.

Maybe you’ll use warm browns, creamy whites, or even some cool colors like blues or purples. cheetah coloring printable for kids

No one can deny a cheetah’s marvelous posture. If you don’t believe us, you sure will change your mind once you see this cheetah coloring page.

With its serious expression and the way this cheetah is sitting on the rock pompously, it sure is imposing.

Perhaps you want to color this cheetah’s coat with the traditional pale golden-like yellow to make the black dots truly stand out. But it is up to you if you want to stick to this classic shade.

If your child imagines this cheetah to be a light tone of pastel pink, it is best to let them explore their creativity.easy Cheetah Coloring Pages for preschoolers free download

Color this fierce cheetah who loves to prowl the jungle. This big cat has a stunning face and a powerful body.

Its fur is covered in black spots that contrast with its coat. Its eyes are piercing and intense.

I would use shades of yellow, brown, and black to capture its natural beauty. You can also add some details to the background, such as trees, vines, or flowers.

Have fun coloring this fierce and fabulous cheetah who can’t wait to see your creative flair.

free cheetah coloring pdf sheet

Do you want to hear another unique and interesting fact to make coloring these cheetah pages both a fun and educational activity? One cheetah has around 3,000 black spots on its coats.

That seems like quite a lot, but it is this feature that makes cheetahs so unique and mesmerizing.

If you look at this cheetah coloring sheet, you can notice how many black spots this wild cat has on its coat. Interestingly, these dot-like spots turn into circles towards the end of a cheetah’s tail.

You could color this sheet to make it look like it is in open savannah, with the cheetah overlooking the horizon.

But you may also want to draw and color a few mountains in the distance. Since the background is entirely white, why not let your creativity flow?Cheetah Coloring book free printable

In this cheetah coloring page, we have a sneaky and smart cheetah who loves to hunt and chase.

This agile cheetah is sitting on its haunches, turning its head slightly to the left. It looks like it is watching something intently, ready to pounce at any moment.

You can use different shades of yellow, brown, and black to blend in with the savannah. Or maybe use some bright colors like red, green, or blue to make it stand out from the crowd. cheetah coloring pages for adults

Indeed, this cheetah looks quite scary. But cheetahs are wild cats, after all, so being incredibly good at hunting is a must for them in order to survive.

On this cheetah coloring page, our grandiose wild cat is getting ready to pounce.

Did you know that cheetahs’ eyesight has developed to help them hunt during the day?

They do this, so they don’t risk losing their prey to other predators that hunt at night. If you ask us, this makes them intelligent creatures.Cheetah Coloring sheet free printable

It is always an incredible scene to witness a cheetah running. Given the high speeds they can reach, making them faster than a sports car even, there is no denying that it is pretty mesmerizing.

On this cheetah printable page, you could choose an orange shade for its beautiful coat.

As for the background, you could play around with different shades of green and golden yellow to make it look like this cheetah is running.

This means that you can barely catch a glimpse of a tree behind.Cheetah Coloring book for adults free print out

On this cheetah coloring page, you can clearly see the wild cat’s fur in all its glory. Our beautiful cheetah appears to be strolling through the savannah, so you can properly witness its spotted coat.

How about coloring its fur light blue? It is understandable you want to change the palette and not use the same traditional tones.

It is more important to encourage your child to explore their imagination. So, they could draw and color trees or mountains behind, and a sun shining in the corner.Cheetah Coloring Pages free pdf download

These cheetah printable pages can be all kept to see how your child’s imagination takes shape.

Wouldn’t it be an excellent idea to put them together in a portfolio so your little ones can see them when they grow older?

This next cheetah appears to be growling at something. Female cheetahs are quite solitary, unlike other more social felines.

So, it makes sense that our gorgeous cheetah on this coloring sheet is alone – she prefers it this way. Perhaps she is being protective of her cubs.

With a blue sky behind and a bit of green grass underneath, this cheetah would look beautiful with a bright yellow coat.Cheetah Coloring Pages for toddlers free printable

Next, we have a brave cheetah staring down at its prey. With his chin held high, this cheetah’s unwavering gaze shows he is ready to confront any threat.

His round head has small ears and large eyes that can spot any threat. His body is covered in black spots that contrast with his golden fur. His tail is long and curled, helping him balance and steer.

As you color this brave defender, use bold shades of gold, brown, and onyx to capture his fearless cheetah coloring pages


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