Jaguar Coloring Pages

Explore the jungle with an apex predator with these jaguar coloring pages!

Jaguars are incredible creatures, with their distinctive look and powerful hunting skills they’re a force to be reckoned with!

Unlike their cousins, leopards and cheetahs, these majestic big cats live in the jungles and wetlands of the Americas where they’re the top of the food chain wherever they’re found.

These free jaguar coloring pages will give you plenty of coloring fun with these amazing animals.

Jaguars have a distinctive yellow coloring with black spots, but you can get creative and try out your favorite colors to create some unique looking jaguars!

You could also experiment with different mediums to help show the different environments and terrains these jaguars might live in.

Once you’ve colored in your favorites of these free jaguar printables, please share your colorful artworks to our Facebook page for us to enjoy.

We can’t wait to see your colorful jaguar depictions!

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15 Brand New Jaguar Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first free jaguar coloring page for kids has a jaguar looking over his territory.

The background behind it makes me think of a sunset or sunrise setting, so maybe you could use some bright and vibrant yellows and oranges to give this jaguar printable a distinctive coloring pages free printables

This jaguar coloring page features a cute and playful jaguar cub. Watch as his bright eyes peer at you curiously, as if inviting you to come along on his fun-filled romp.

His spotted coat features vivid shades of tawny gold and ebony, bringing to life the exotic splendor of the rainforest.

How would you color this adorable and cheerful jaguar? Will you use pale yellow, black and white? Or go wild with rainbow colors all over? little jaguar coloring pagesWe have a closeup for this next jaguar coloring sheet.

The background of this image has a treeline taking up a good deal of space, so I think it would look really great to have a mix of your favorite shades of green to create the look of a dense jungle behind head coloring pages free printables

There’s an intense look of concentration on the face of the jaguar in this jaguar coloring page.

The background is separated into segments for you to color, so maybe you could use colder colors like blue and green alternating in the segmented background to represent the concentration this jaguar is showing, perhaps as he stalks his next meal.

What colors will you use for this jaguar printable?

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realistic jaguar coloring pages free download

This next jaguar coloring printable shows one that’s looking a lot more fierce than the previous one! I can only imagine the sound it must be making.

For this angrier jaguar, I would again suggest using colors to create a mood for this image, so this time you could use some warmer reds, yellows and oranges for the background to represent the angrier feel of this jaguar coloring pages free printables

Do you love cute and cuddly animals? Then you will adore this jaguar coloring page featuring a baby jaguar.

What do you think the jaguar is looking at? Maybe it’s looking for prey, or maybe he’s just curious about something.

Color this jaguar cub in your favorite wild shades. Try tawny oranges, inky blacks, or even sunny yellows to make him pop!

Don’t forget to add colorful spots and rosettes all over his furry coat. You could give this sweet cub a fun pattern jaguar coloring pages

It’s time to lay down and relax for this jaguar coloring sheet. This jaguar looks like it had a long day and needs to take it easy, so if I were coloring in this jaguar printable I would use a dark blue for the background of the image to make it look like a peaceful night time scene.

Will you go for this color or pick a different one to finish off this image?

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simple jaguar coloring pages free download

Meet the chilliest big cat around – it’s a mellow jaguar!m. This jaguar buddy is lounging lazily in the grass, taking a nice cat nap.

His head is resting on his fuzzy paws as he gazes up at you with calm and curious eyes. I wonder if he’s dreaming of exploring the rainforest!

Let’s create a peaceful world for this laidback jaguar. Color the background in cool blues like he’s napping by a sparkling stream.

Draw some green reeds for him to hide in, and smooth gray rocks to use as cozy jaguar coloring printable

I mentioned before that jaguars typically have a yellow color with black spots, yet in rare cases they can also have an entirely black coat.

You could stick to these colors for these jaguar coloring sheets, but you could also create some more abstract pictures by using your favorite bright colors to create some gorgeous jaguar variations.

Maybe you could try out a unique color scheme for this free jaguar and white jaguar coloring pages free print

We have a more abstract image for this next jaguar coloring page.

There are lots of stars behind this happy looking jaguar, so I think that this image would look really good with some bright, happy colors.

You could use a bright and cheerful yellow for the stars and maybe a bright red for the rest of the background.

How will you color in the star of this free jaguar coloring printable?

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easy jaguar coloring pages free printables

This coloring page features a baby jaguar that is looking adorable and playful. The jaguar is lying down on its belly and facing the front.

Its fur is covered with black spots that create a beautiful contrast with the white background. Its ears are pointed and its tail is curled up behind its body.

If you want to color the jaguar in a fun and realistic way, you can use different shades of yellow, brown, and black to create the jaguar’s fur pattern. free jaguar coloring printable

There’s another angry looking fellow for this jaguar coloring page! He looks to be roaring and definitely doesn’t look too pleased.

For this picture, it could be fun to try out a new medium, and I especially think that some watercolor paints could really finish off this image beautifully.

What will you use to color in this fearsome jaguar?jaguar coloring pages for kids free download

This next jaguar coloring sheet shows something I’ve never seen: a jaguar looking nervous and almost a bit embarrassed!

For this image, I would use a lighter green for the background to highlight that this jaguar is feeling a bit nervous or embarrassed about something. I wonder what happened to make him feel so surprised?adult jaguar coloring pages free printables

Our final free jaguar coloring page for kids shows a jaguar relaxing after a long day of coloring fun.

Just like the first jaguar printable we showed, the background of this image makes me think of a sunset setting, and to create a beautiful golden look for the background this is another one I would use some watercolor paints on.

That would really give it a softer look and give this jaguar coloring sheet a look of sunlight shining down on this relaxing coloring sheets free printables for preschoolers

This next jaguar coloring page a cute and playful depiction of a young jaguar. The animal is standing on a small platform, looking to the left with curiosity.

You can see its spots, whiskers, and tail clearly in this drawing. The animal has a friendly expression on its face, as if it is inviting you to join its fun.

You can use realistic colors, such as yellow, black, and brown, or you can use your imagination and create a colorful jaguar with different shades and patterns.Jaguar Coloring Pages for download

Jaguar Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had a really great time coloring in this series of free jaguar coloring pages for kids! Remember that all of our coloring pages and other printables are completely free for you to have a great time with, so you can print out as many copies as you’d like to experiment with color.

We think that these free jaguar coloring printables would lend themselves really well to different mediums like paints, colored pens and pencils, so we can’t wait to see what you use!

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Also, we’d love it if you would share your favorite jaguar coloring sheets once you’ve colored them in to our Facebook page for us to marvel at!

We can’t wait to see your colorful jaguar artworks.

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