The Cutest Cat Coloring Pages

Brand new, original and cat coloring printables – which one will you choose?

On this page, you will find 49 all new cat coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Cats are mischievous, adorable, and sweet. They love to lay in the sun on a warm day, play with all kinds of toys, or explore the great outdoors.

They come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns, so our readers can use these brand new cat pages to design these fun little kitties however they imagine.

Many people’s favorite animal is a cat. They are beloved for their adorable and fun attitudes and they make great pets and companions.

Recently we can’t get enough of these fun, fluffy little animals!

The popularity of these furry friends has translated into a high demand from our readers for printable cat coloring pages that you can enjoy for free.

At long last cat lovers and cat owners can enjoy these brand new playful and fun cat coloring pages that you can download and print for free. Have fun and use your imagination!

Cat Coloring Pages – 49 Brand New Printable Sheets

Cats like to hide in the funniest places. In this cat coloring page below, a tiny cat has crawled into a pair of shoes.

He looks very comfortable in his new favorite spot. Hopefully, no one needs their shoes any time coloring pages for kids

Everyone knows that they love to play. They have tons of energy for chasing toys and playing with their friends.

This cat cartoon coloring page shows a mischievous kitten having a great time unspooling his favorite toy – a ball of yarn. You can tell by the look on his face he doesn’t want to get caught.

Cat coloring pages printable

Another cat has gotten into mischief. This coloring page shows her crawling into a hatbox and modeling the beautiful hat with flowers inside.

She seems to know the hat looks pretty on her. What colors do you think the flowers are?

Cat coloring pages for adults

This cat coloring page features a sleepy cat who is having a sweet dream on a cozy mat. They love to nap and can sleep up to 16 hours a day.

This cat has fluffy fur with different patches that make it unique. You can color the patches with any colors you like, or try to match them with a real cat breed.

The mat has a simple design that you can also customize with your favorite colors and patterns.

What kind of background setting can you think of for this scene? cat coloring sheet

Every cat needs a friend! Maybe opposites attract in the printable below. A short fluffy cat in a collar sits with her much taller friend who wraps his tail around her.

These two probably love to spend time together and play.

cute cats coloring page

We have an adorable kitten for you to meet in this cat coloring sheet. This little one is looking pretty happy, and it has some markings on its fur that you can color as well.

There is also some blank space on the cat, so you could draw some extra markings and patterns onto it that you can color as well.

You could even add some background details and maybe even some toys for this adorable kitten to play with! What kind of background setting can you think of for this cat?cute cat looking curious

This little guy is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. A tiny kitten holds a heart-shaped balloon and even wears a hear-shaped collar.

He seems to have brought the balloon just for you.

Cat coloring pages pdf

In this cat coloring page, we have a happy cat walking with its tail up in the air. They raise their tails when they are feeling friendly and confident. With its small ears and nose, it looks very tiny and curious.

You can color the stripes on the cat’s body with different shades of the same color, or mix and match different colors.

What kind of background setting can you think of for this coloring page? For me, I would use a park, street, or beautiful living room.cute cat printable

You can never have too many friends, especially if you’re a cat.

In this coloring sheet, a whole bunch of cat friends stacks on top of each other to lay on one little cat bed. How many can you count on this coloring sheet?

cats printable coloring page

Hunting and stalking are a part of a cat’s natural instincts.

You might catch them crouched to spring at a toy or an insect, like the coloring page below. What do you think this cat is looking at?

cute cat coloring pages pdf download

It’s cuteness overload for this next scene. We have another kitten for you to color, and it looks like it is ready to play!

Everyone knows that cats love to play with a ball of yarn, and there is one next to this one here.

A ball of yarn can come in many different colors, and it could make for a lovely bright spot of color even if you stick to more muted, realistic colors for the cat.

What colors and mediums will you use for this cat?cute cat pdf download

Next in this collection of cat coloring pages, there’s a dapper cat standing on its hind legs and holding a small fish in its paw. Cats are very smart and can learn to do tricks just like dogs.

This cat is wearing a bow that makes it look elegant and sophisticated. You can choose a bright color for the bow tie to make it stand out from the fur.

You can also color the cat’s face and belly with lighter colors. original cat coloring pages

Here’s another cat who loves to play. The adorable kitten on the coloring page below is extra happy to have two balls to play with.

He is surrounded by hearts and can’t stop smiling. Do you think he knows how to play baseball?

funny cat coloring sheet

Oh no! This cat’s hunting instincts have caused him to take a special interest in a fishbowl. He paws at the fish inside and is sure to get in trouble soon.

At least the fish doesn’t seem too worried about it. Maybe they are friends and this is a game they play.

cat coloring page for preschoolers

In the printable below, a little furry feline wears a big stocking cap with a star on the front, probably to make sure she doesn’t get cold while she plays outside.

Remember that all of these cat coloring sheets are completely free, so be sure to color as many as you want.

funny looking cat

This cat looks spooky and cute at the same time. It’s dressed up in a bat costume for Halloween.

Did you know cats are often associated with Halloween because of their mysterious and nocturnal nature?

You can color the wings with black or dark colors, or try to make them look realistic with different shades and textures. Imagine if you colored this as a black cat with a black outfit – that would look spooky!

The cat is also wearing a bow tie around its neck that adds a touch of class and humor. black and white coloring page of a cat

Some pet cats mostly live outside. They like to roam the neighborhood and come home when they please.

The cat in this coloring page loves to look at the moon and stars in the night sky. Don’t worry though, he has a collar to help him get home if he ever gets lost.

cute cat coloring sheet

Have you ever seen a cat hatching from an egg? You have now, as that is the scene in this utterly adorable image.

This little kitten is emerging from an egg, and it makes for a really imaginative scene. While it’s super cute as is, it also gives you some wonderful details to color in.

The egg has some pattern details on it, and you could add some of your own as well in order to make it even more detailed!

This should be one of the most interesting pages in the collection when you’re finished with it.cute cat coloring sheet

Sometimes cats think that they are almost like royalty. In this cat coloring sheet, a beautiful cat seems a little bit spoiled.

She sits on a cushy throne in a sparkling crown and wears flowers in her neatly brushed fur. A fancy shirt and collar are even added to complete her outfit. That’s one well-dressed cat!

cute cat free printable

We have an adorable ballerina cat that loves to dance. It is wearing a tutu and ballet dancing. Cats are mostly active and love to play and explore.

It looks so happy as it dances happily on its little hind legs. What type of dancer do you think this cat is?

You can capture the action in this scene by coloring the tutu pink. We also suggest coloring the cat’s soft, fluffy fur with brown, orange, silvers or black.

This kitty would love a bright blue or purple fur coat cat coloring sheet

There is definitely a theme of curiosity when it comes to these cat coloring sheets.

We like to imagine that the cat on the coloring page below was exploring the neighborhood when she came across a beautiful butterfly. She seems almost enchanted by the insect.

cute cat coloring book

In the next image in this collection of free cat printables, we have a kitty that looks as if it has just woken up from a nap.

It’s such a sweet picture, and we think you could make it even cuter with the colors and art mediums you choose.

This picture gives us a calming feeling, so we would use some softer colors done with some watercolor paints or colored pencils to make them even softer.

That is one approach we think would suit this picture, but there are many other ways you could go about it!cute cat coloring sheet

Cats are some of the most beautiful and graceful animals around.

In this cat coloring sheet, a cat gently stalks forward with a playful look in her eyes.

cute cat coloring book free printable

Our coloring page designers really love to see a cat in a hat. We love this little guy’s favorite hat that is all patched up from wearing it all the time.

He wears a heart-shaped collar and a single-toothed grin.  A ball of yarn sits next to him and he is ready to play.

funny cat coloring page

We just love the design of this next little cat. It is so small and adorable, and it has a lovely happy look on its face.

For this one, we would give this happy kitty a happy, bright color scheme.

You could stick to colors that you would see on a real cat, but don’t be afraid to use less realistic colors that you love as well if you like!

It’s completely up to you, and we will look forward to seeing how you color this cat! Be sure to let your creativity take over as you finish up this page.cute cat coloring sheet

When it comes to cats, the more the merrier! In this coloring page, a house full of cats climb about on the shelves or relax on the couch.

One cat even looks like he is taking the picture.

lots of cats and kittens coloring sheet

Cats need a lot more sleep than humans do. They love to take naps in comfy spots.

We love this coloring sheet of three cats curled up in a cloud-shaped bed. There is even a teddy bear to help them fall asleep.

cute cat coloring Sheet

It’s time to play some dress-up with this next adorable picture. This next little cat is dressed up as a cute frog, and it really just melts your heart.

For the frog outfit, we would use some bright greens and yellows done with some colored pens or markers to make the colors pop!

We think that would be perfect for this little outfit, but as always it is completely up to you.

There are many ways you could color this dressed-up kitty, and we know that whatever you choose will look incredible!easy cat coloring sheet

In this adorable printable, a mother cat is playing with her two rambunctious kittens.

She seems to have a lot on her paws as one climbs on her back while the other asks for attention by brushing against her leg. Kittens are a lot to handle but they sure are cute.

cat coloring Sheet for children

Cats have such a silly and playful nature, like this little feline in the coloring sheet below. She sticks her tongue out and looks ready to cause some trouble.

Who do you think she is sticking her tongue out at?

coloring Sheet for children

We’re not done with adorable dress up just yet! This next cat coloring page features another kitty that is dressed up, and this time it is as a little bunny rabbit.

It is just such an adorable image, and there are so many ways that you could go about coloring it in.

In addition to the colors you can use, you can also add some details of your own!

For example, you could give the picture an Easter theme by drawing some decorated Easter eggs around this cute cat!simple cat coloring sheet

Surprise! Imagine seeing a cat in your box of carry-out food.

The cat on the coloring page below looks delighted to hide there, especially because he probably already ate all the noodles.

cute cat coloring Book for adults free download

Did you know that house cats are descended from lions and tigers?

The cat on the coloring page below certainly bears a resemblance to a tiger with his distinctive striped pattern. However, he looks a lot more cuddly and sweet.

cute cat coloring Book for adults free download

It’s hard to look at this image and not let out a big “awwww!” Here we have another kitty dressed up, and this time it is dressed as a teddy bear.

For a wonderful detail, there is a big heart on the chest of this cat’s outfit, and we think that this would look great with some bright red or pinks.

Then, you can decide on which other fun colors you will use for the rest of the outfit and its details! What kind of color scheme do you think you will choose for this kitty teddy bear?cute cat coloring sheet

We love this cute coloring sheet of a cat dressed in a turtle costume.

The cat has a cheeky sense of humor to dress up as another animal as he roams about the garden and picks flowers.

cute cat coloring Book for adults free download

We think this cat looks happy as can be in this adorable printable below. Remember to post your finished cat coloring sheets onto our Facebook page.

Every month we choose the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize!

cute cat coloring Original Sheet

It looks like it may be Halloween time in this next picture! This next cat is wearing a bandana with a skull on it, and it makes for the cutest pirate we have ever seen.

There are also some wonderful details on the cat that you can have fun coloring in. For some extra details, you could maybe add a background as well.

For example, you could show that this cat has an active imagination by drawing a fun pirate setting behind it!

What kinds of pirate details can you think of that would finish off that kind of imaginative setting?cat coloring page

Here is another cat with a distinctive pattern. She has stripes and the cutest little pointy teeth. This cat looks ready to explore.

Original cat coloring page

The adorable cat in this coloring page feels like she could rule the world.

Or maybe she just got into some mischief and knocked over a globe to play with.

cat printable

It’s time to appreciate the joys of Spring with this cat coloring sheet! This little one is dressed as a flower, and what a cute flower it is.

The petals on this flower give you many opportunities for some bright and vibrant color choices, and there are so many ways you could do it.

You could use one color for all of the petals, or maybe use a different color for each one to create a color explosion!

If you’re feeling extra creative, then perhaps you could also add even more flowers to the background to make it even more bright and breezy of a picture.easy cat coloring sheets

We love the imagination in this coloring page of a cat who has grown wings!

He can fly to touch the stars and float amongst the clouds. Let’s hope he knows how to get back down.

unicorn cat coloring page

Cats have all different patterns and colors in their fur that makes every single one of them unique.

The cat in the coloring sheet below has a distinctive mark on her face. What color do you think it is?

Simple Coloring Sheet of a cat smiling

Could this be the same mother cat with her kittens from before?  In this coloring page, they seem much more well-behaved.

Maybe it’s because they have a bowl of milk, one of a cat’s favorite treats.

mother cat with kittens coloring page

This cat looks hungry after a long day of playing and exploring.

The coloring sheet shows him ready to chow down on a bowl of something tasty like tuna, chicken, or some other treat. What do you think he has in his food bowl?

Simple Cat Coloring Pages

Cats like to play fight for fun and exercise. These two cats in the coloring sheet below have made a mess while playing throughout the house.

There are various objects like a ball of yarn, a bone, and a sock laying around them.

two cats playing coloring page

Remember to check back for more fun characters and animals that you can print and color.

We are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets for you to enjoy. There is so much fun to be had!

Our furry friends have roamed about the neighborhood, played, dressed up, and had a tasty meal. We hope you enjoyed using your creativity to bring to life these cat coloring pages.

Don’t forget to post a photo of your finished masterpiece on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

All New Cat Coloring Pages for 2024

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better we Michael on our artist team just sent us these brand new cat coloring sheets. Have a look at these and let us know what you think.

I think you can agree these are some of the all time cutest cats you have ever seen 🙂

Which will you choose? Make sure to show us what you come up with on our Facebook group page – there are hundreds of finished cat coloring sheets from our readers in the group already!

If you wanted to go the extra mile you could even pull your favorite coloring sheets together into an awesome cat coloring book and then you could share it with your friends!

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