Baby Animals Coloring Pages

Exercise creativity with these adorable baby animals coloring pages!   

On this page, you will find 44 all new Baby Animal coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Coloring is a good way for kids to exercise the muscles in their small hands in preparation for writing. It’s also a great way to practice creativity and color recognition skills.

What better way to introduce color to kids than through cute and adorable images? Pictures of baby animals bring a certain warmth to the heart of anyone looking at them.

We have created 10 baby animals coloring pages for kids that you can download for free. They are adorably cute and we made sure they are easy to color so kids can enjoy them.

Our free baby animals printables promote an enjoyable and easy coloring activity.

We would like to provide access to coloring resources to many people so we encourage you to share them with friends and family.

And let’s make the world a bit more colorful with these free and printable coloring pages!

20 Brand New Baby Animals Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

An adorable little monkey is having a fun time in the jungle in this baby animals coloring page! This little guy is so adorable, and it is swinging around while having a ton of fun.

It’s not just a cute picture, though. There are many fun details for you to color in such as the vines and other plant life you can see.

We think that this one would look perfect with some bright and vibrant colors to create a jungle paradise!baby animals coloring pages free printable

How cute is the next animal we have for you to color? The best thing about this picture is that you could make it be any cat-like animal you like!

If you want t baby lion, then you could use some tan and light brown colors. For a tiger, give it some orange and black stripes or go for spots if you fancy a leopard.

Of course, you could also make it a common little household kitty if you prefer! What kind of animal will you turn this cutie into?baby animals coloring pages free printable

Have you ever seen a newly-hatched chick? Baby chicken, in general, has cute little beaks and plump bodies. They of course come in different sizes and colors but remain to be always cute!

This free baby animals coloring page for kids is an illustration of an adorable, newly-hatched chick sitting in its nest.

It looks as though it is singing while flapping its small wings. Eggs with circle designs filled the background.

Time to play around with colors!

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cute baby animals coloring pages

Possibly the most famous domesticated animals alongside cats, dogs are part of many households.

Their man’s best friend title isn’t at all for nothing!

These cute baby animals are born with their eyes shut and don’t open until three weeks later. They use their powerful sense of smell to navigate the world around them. They are smart animals and very loyal to their human buddies.

Our baby animals coloring pages series highlights this four-legged animal on this page. It looks cute sitting on what seems to be a wooded floor and behind it is a wall with vertical designs.

There are so many elements on this illustration and kids are sure to find this coloring page enjoyable and challenging!cute puppy free coloring pages

This next animal looks like a living teddy bear, and who wouldn’t want to encounter that?

There are so many ways that you could color this little one, and you can have tons of fun getting creative with it.

You could go for a realistic look that makes it look like a real little bear, or you could maybe go with a style that portrays more of a classic teddy bear.

If you went with the second approach, you could maybe even add some extra details such as stitching or patches on the bear!baby animals coloring pages free printable

The next page in our collection of free baby animals coloring pages for kids features a truly lovable little baby beaver.

As we all know, beavers are known to chop down trees and use the wood to build dams, and this one seems to be taking a break from that process.

We think that this one would look perfect with some watercolor paints to give the image a softer, more natural look.

That’s what we would go for, but it is just one of many ways you could go about coloring it in. How do you think you will finish off this image?baby animals coloring pages free printable

Giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth! Despite being so tall and big, they are very gentle. Unless threatened, they’ll use their long legs to kick and run for as fast as 35 miles an hour!

The adorable giraffe on this free baby animal printable page is smiling and sitting quietly. It looks like he is in grassland or an open woodland with the vast space and sea of clouds behind.

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cute baby giraffe free coloring pages

This cute baby elephant in the next illustration is for kids to color!

It is sitting calmly in the jungle with its long trunk swaying. Elephants are the largest animal on the planet and can weigh up to 7,500 kg!

They are so big yet so gentle that they have managed to capture everybody’s hearts!cute baby elephant free coloring pages

There is a really cute red panda that is ready to meet you in this next image!

It is leaping through the air for a fun pose, and this opens up possibilities for you to play around with as you finish off the scene.

You could draw in some more details to finish it off, but you could also keep the background simpler with some solid colors.

The red panda itself has some beautiful reds and oranges for its fur, so it should really stand out wonderfully if you go for that color scheme!baby animals coloring pages free printable

We have another cute creature with a red and orange color scheme, as this time we have a little baby fox for you to color.

This fox has such a happy, friendly look to it, and we know that it will look even cuter once you have added some color to it!

As we mentioned, foxes typically have a bright red and orange color scheme, but you could use any other colors you like for this one.

Do you think you will create a typical fox or make your very own unique variation?

We will be interested to see how you color this cutie!baby animals coloring pages free printable

Tigers are the biggest species of the cat family and are known for their easily-recognizable coat of reddish-orange fur with dark stripes.

The baby tiger on this page looks calm and patient. In this baby animals coloring page for kids, kids can exercise their motor skills as coloring the stripes of tigers can be quite tricky.cute baby tiger free coloring pages

Famously known as the King of the Jungle, Lions are fierce felines and are the only cats that live in groups called prides.

Lions are known for their yellow-gold fur and their roars are so loud they can be heard up to eight kilometers away!

Sitting comfortably in what seems like a grassland, is this adorably cute baby lion with its tail proudly showing behind.

The baby animal printables can be a good exercise for small kids to practice color recognition too!

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cute baby lion free coloring pages

This baby animals coloring printable features a little lamb taking a nice rest on some grass, and it makes for a really relaxing picture to look at.

We would go for some bright blues for the sky in the background while contrasting it with bright greens for the grass.

As for the lamb, we would use some lighter colors such as yellow for its fluffy wool.

For an added fun touch, you could glue a lump of cotton wool over the lamb to make it look like it is actually covered in wool!baby animals coloring pages free printable

It’s time to take a swim with our next baby animal, as we have a cute little hippo for you to meet in this image.

Hippos love to take a dip in the water on a hot day, and that is exactly what this one is doing. For this one, we would use some watercolors for a softer look to the colors.

This medium is perfect for watery environments, and you could also use some colored pencils as another medium that presents some softer colors.

That’s not to say that brighter colors wouldn’t look great too, so it’s up to you to decide!

What will you choose for this adorable little baby hippo?baby animals coloring pages free printable

Pandas are big eaters! They can eat up to 84 pounds of bamboo a day! Seen here on our baby animals coloring page for kids is an adorable baby panda looking intently on a bamboo.

Pandas are known to camouflage well with their environment.

What colors are you using on this coloring page?printable baby panda animals coloring pages

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. Like dogs, they are part of many households.

They can make over 100 vocal sounds and have such amazing night vision, 6x better than humans.

They spend 70% of their lives sleeping. Cats are smart animals and they love their humans!

This cute baby cat is smiling naughtily walking on a wooded floor with vertically-designed walls.

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cute kitten coloring pages free printable

Koalas are nocturnal animals, meaning they are mostly active at night.

They have grey fur with a creamy-colored chest and they love hanging out in eucalyptus forests where they get their food, gum leaves, which are usually toxic to other animals.

In this baby animals printable, a baby koala is hanging on a eucalyptus tree with leaves showing in the background.cute koala baby coloring free sheets

We have some more monkey business for you to enjoy for this next picture! This little monkey is just too cute, and the way it has its arms extended makes it look like it would like a hug.

This pose gives the picture such a warm and inviting feeling.

We would use some nice warm colors and intense mediums in order to compliment that warm feeling, but there are tons of ways to color this one.

There are some small details to color here, and you could use some colored pens or markers to add color to the smaller animals coloring pages free printable

Let’s take a trip to Australia, as a koala is featured on this next baby animals coloring page we have for you.

Koalas are cute in any form, but this is especially true for this baby one. The way it is drawn here makes it look almost like a teddy bear, and it makes for a really huggable little animal!

Now it’s up to you to decide how you will color it in. Koalas usually have a white and grey color scheme, but don’t be afraid to use some brighter colors if you prefer!baby animals coloring pages free printable

The last page of our baby animals coloring pages features this baby hippopotamus sitting and looking quietly pleased.

Hippopotamus, or hippos, are large mammals with large-barrel-shaped bodies, short legs, and big heads with large mouths.

They can grow so big to up to 10 feet long, 5 feet high, and can weigh over 7000 pounds! Pretty big, huh?cute baby hippo coloring pages free printables

How To Make These Baby Animals Coloring Pages Even Better

Before we finish off this cute collection of adorable animals, we wanted to give you a few more ideas to get your imagination flowing.

These can help to enhance your favorite pages from the collection even further!

One way you can make these baby animals coloring pages even better would be to think outside the box with regards to your chosen art tools and mediums.

Most people like to color with crayons, colored pencils or pens, but there are so many other mediums that can be used. For example, you could go for some paint mediums.

Watercolor paints are great for softer colors if you want a nice relaxing feel for your image. On the other hand, acrylic paints are easy to use but can bring some vibrant colors to your picture.

Some special paints can even have glitter or neon coloring to really pop. Glitter, beads and stickers can also be used to greatly enhance the look of your picture.

You can buy these crafts and many more at any art and craft shop and even some supermarkets. They may seem simple, but it’s all in how you use them!

It can be fun to print out a few copies of your favorite images and then try out different ways of coloring them. You never know what might happen when you allow yourself to experiment and have fun with it.

If you let creativity be your guide, you can end up with something you never would have imagined when you started out!

To summarize, we would encourage you to try out as many different mediums as you can, perhaps even some you’ve never used before.

What will you use to bring these pictures to life?

Baby Animals Coloring Pages – Cute and Easy-to-Color Free Printables

Baby animals coloring pages can be very helpful and instrumental in introducing coloring to kids.

They are cute and easy to color and kids will surely love looking at them.

Our free baby animals printables are made accessible for you to download. Print them and use them so kids can familiarize themselves with these different animals as well as their designated colors.

Kids can also bring out their inherent creativity to use unusual color combinations.

What other cute and easy-to-color illustrations would you like to see next?

Let us know and don’t forget to share these baby animals coloring pages with friends and family to help spread the love for color!

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