Kawaii Coloring Pages

Prepare for a cuteness overload with these kawaii coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 35 all new Kawaii coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Anything can be made cute if you style it in a certain way, and that’s what the kawaii craze sweeping the world is all about!

This adorable style originated in Japan where it is incredibly popular, and has shown the world that anything can be adorable!

This collection of free kawaii coloring pages for kids is the perfect way to have hours of adorable fun coloring in some cute new friends.

From animals to foods and other objects, we’ll really be seeing that anything can be lovably cute!

There will be plenty of opportunity to really stretch your creative muscles and experiment with colors and mediums.

Once you’ve colored in your favorite kawaii coloring sheets, please share them to our Facebook page for us to see!

We’ll be looking forward to enjoying your cute and colorful new kawaii friends that you’ll be making.

35 Brand New Kawaii Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

For this kawaii coloring sheet, we have an adorable bunny enjoying a hot beverage on a cloud.

This would be the perfect page to make a favorite beverage of your own so that you can enjoy it as you color!

There are many ways that you could color this page, but because there are so many clouds, we think some nice soft colors would be perfect.

You could use mediums such as watercolors or colored pencils in order to make the colors look even softer.

That is what we think would look great for this page, but what do you think would work?Kawaii coloring pages free printable

There is music in the air for this next page. This kawaii bunny is surrounded by some music notes, and it helps to give this page a nice vibrant feeling.

For this page, we are thinking that some bright and vibrant colors would be perfect, as they would help to portray the happy feeling that music gives you.

You could take it even further by adding some words from some songs you love into the background to make it look like this bunny is listening to that song.

Which song would you choose if you were to do that?Kawaii coloring pages free printable

Our first image in this series of free kawaii coloring pages for kids has an adorable cinnamon roll friend for you to color.

This is literally a very sweet image, so for this picture I would use some bright and vibrant colors to give it a sweet look.

Using some colored pens and markers would also add some lovely colorful touches to this kawaii printable.printable kawaii coloring pages free

Grab your favorite snack for this next kawaii coloring sheet! This cute and chubby dino is enjoying some of it’s favorite tasty treats, so you may as well too as you color!

I would make this dinosaur a lighter shade of pink while keeping background colors much brighter with reds, greens and yellows. How will you color in this snacking dinosaur?printable kawaii coloring pages animals free

The next kawaii character that we have for you is having a fun and joyful time as it dances around.

This is another image that would be perfect with some bright and happy colors to create a party feeling. We think that it would look good to use as many colors as possible for this one!

That is what we think for this page, but you may have a completely different approach that you have in mind. We can’t wait to see what you choose to do for this happy dancing character!Kawaii coloring pages free printable

We have an especially cute scene featured on this next page in our collection of free kawaii coloring pages for kids!

The little bunny in this scene is hugging a small stuffed animal, and it just makes for such an adorable scene.

There is a lot of space surrounding this character and its toy, so you could draw some extra details around it to make this picture even more fun.

Maybe you could add a whole bunch of other stuffed animals surrounding it to make this scene even cozier!

What kinds of stuffed animals would you add?Kawaii coloring pages free printable

Two cute kitties are relaxing on some comfy pillows for this kawaii coloring printable. It seems like a lovely day outside, so I would use some lighter blues and greens for the sky and the background.

That would really make this beautiful day outside radiate off the page!free printable kawaii coloring pages for kids

This incredibly cute kawaii coloring page shows a goodnight kiss between two snuggling bunnies!

This sleepier image would be well suited to milder color variations. I bet some watercolor paints would really suit this image perfectly! That would give this picture a much calmer, soft look.

You could also get a softer look with other mediums by using lighter shades of colors. We can’t wait to see how you interpret this cute image!kawaii coloring pages for adults free download

It’s time for a coloring treat as we take on this next page. This little kawaii kitty is enjoying a nice ice cream cone, and it could be a good excuse to enjoy one of your own as you color this page!

When coloring the detail of the ice cream, you have many options for how you could fill it in.

You could choose the colors of your favorite flavors of ice creams and use them for the scoops in this image for inspiration.

We think that would be a fun idea, but do you have other colors you would like to use for the ice cream?Kawaii coloring pages free printable

For the next page, we have such a cute little animal that is about to munch on a banana. Because of that detail, the obvious color to choose for a theme for this picture would be yellow.

You could use that just for the banana, but you could also use it for the background to create a bit of a theme.

Do you think that you will go for a yellow banana theme or will you choose a different set of colors instead? Either way would look really great, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it!Kawaii coloring pages free printable

It’s play time for the cat in this kawaii coloring sheet. This cute little guy is having a great time rolling around on the floor!

You could draw in some extra shapes like stars, rainbows and hearts around this cat to visually show how happy it is!

That would also add some splashes of fun and bright colors to make this picture pop even more.kawaii coloring pages free download

There’s a special delivery of cute for you with the package in this kawaii printable! Another cute kitty has been sent especially to provide some coloring fun for you.

What color will you make this little kitten surprise? I would make it a nice purple, but I bet anything you choose will look amazing!kawaii coloring pages girls

The kawaii coloring printable that we are featuring next has another kitty that is looking very happy and excited.

You can match the mood of a picture by using colors that suit that mood, and for that reason we would use some bright and happy colors for this one.

That would be perfect to show just how happy this little kitty actually is!

That is just a suggestion for you, and it’s up to you to decide which colors you will go for. You can also add some more elements and details to really take this image to the next level!Kawaii coloring pages free printable

There is such a cozy feeling to the picture on this next page. This one shows a bunny relaxing on a pillow while it’s about to enjoy a tasty snack.

We’ve spoken about how you can use colors to create a mood that fits the picture, and we would probably go for a lighter, cozy set of colors for this one.

The mediums that are best for this softer look would have to be colored pencils or watercolors, so if you have some on hand then those could be a great choice.

Will you go for our suggestion or try out something else?Kawaii coloring pages free printable

Some outdoor fun awaits for you and the bunny in this free kawaii coloring page!

There is some plant life and vegetation in this cute image, so you could keep it to shades of green or use some creative, pretty colors.

Who’s to say there can’t be red, pink or yellow flowers and grass in this kawaii universe?kawaii coloring pages printable hamster

The bunny in this kawaii coloring sheet has found itself a delightful treat! A basket of goodies is being inspected by this bunny, and your job is to make it look as tasty as possible.

I think using some colored pens and pencils for the little details of the basket would make for a colorful, tasty treat!kawaii coloring pages cup cake free download

We have double the cuteness for you with this next page in the collection! We have not one but two adorable little kawaii bears for you to color, and they are floating around while looking very happy.

This is the kind of picture that could be taking place in their imagination, so you could draw all sorts of fun scenes around them to finish off that feeling.

If you were to create an imaginative setting around them, what do you think you would choose?Kawaii coloring pages free printable

Next up, we have a kawaii coloring page that features another cute little cat.

It’s another image where there is plenty of space around the animal in order to give you lots of room to get creative with it.

Drawing a background can be fun, but you can also add even more characters to join this cute cat.

If you wanted to do that second idea, you could use some of the other characters in this collection as inspiration.

What would you add to this cute image?Kawaii coloring pages free printable

There are more sweet treats to behold in this kawaii printable. This adorable creature is surrounded by a bunch of tasty donuts, and I think it would look delicious to have each donut in its own color!

How will you color in this tasty donut day?cute kawaii coloring pages for kids free printable

A unicorn is relaxing and looking happy in this free kawaii coloring page. Who can blame her, as she’s lying on a giant treat! What colors will you use for the giant treat to make it especially tasty?

I would use some pinks, purples and reds for a sweet color sensation. Will you use these colors or pick your own for this sugary picture?unicorn kawaii coloring pages printable free

Get ready to dive underwater with a cute new pal in this free kawaii coloring sheet for kids! This adorable little turtle is diving under the sea with some fishy friends.

There will probably be a lot of blues and greens in this image, so you could use some bright oranges, reds and yellows for the fish swimming in the background.

What colors will you make the cute little turtle having a fun swim?kawaii coloring pages i can print

Say ahoy for coloring fun times with the fun scene in this kawaii printable! A little dinosaur is riding a cute sea monster across the ocean on a beautiful day.

I would use one of my lightest blues for the sky and one of my darker blues for the sea to create a wonderful color contrast.

What colors will you use for the dinosaur and the sea creature in this cute maritime image?Japanese kawaii coloring pages

A cute quartet of little animals are enjoying some delicious treats in this adorable kawaii coloring page.

There’s a great variety of cute creatures to color in for this printable, so I think it would look amazing to have each character a different color variation.

What unique colors will you use for these sweet chomping pals?kawaii coloring pages mouse free download

This bunny is ready to dig in to a delicious plump fruit in this kawaii coloring sheet.

What kind of fruit does this remind you of? You could make it a more realistic orange, yellow or red to look like a real fruit or you could choose your favorite wild color!

I think that this fruit would look tasty as a bright, rich purple. What color will you use for this tasty treat?kawaii coloring pages of bunnies

A treat that’s too cute to eat is up next for you in this kawaii printable! These adorable kitty treats on a stick need to be colored in to finish off this delicious image. What color will you make each treat on the stick?

You could use small colorful stickers on the kitties to look like colorful sprinkles on this delectable delicacy!girly kawaii coloring pages free printable

We have another cute kitty for you to color in for this kawaii coloring page for kids! It seems this little cat is having a nice relaxing day in this image.

This is another one where I would suggest using some lovely watercolors to color it in.

Watercolor paints can create a much softer mood to an image, so I think it would suit this relaxing kitty perfectly.

That’s what I would use, so will you try out some paints or use another medium for this image?cool kawaii kitten coloring pages for kids

This cute little fellow is taking a little lie down in this kawaii coloring sheet. For this image, you could use some colored pens and pencils to draw in some shapes and patterns for this adorable little guy.

What shapes do you think would be on this cutie? We hope you’ll show us how you decided to color in this image by sharing your finished artwork to our Facebook page!hamster kawaii coloring pages for kids free download

We’re feeling the love in this kawaii printable! The hearts around these two hugging cats makes me think that this image should have some warm reds and pinks in it.

Perhaps you could try out some bright acrylic paints to give this picture an even more striking look to it!kawaii coloring pages of animals free printable

It’s time to dance in this kawaii coloring page! This adorable bunny is doing a happy dance, and that means that some bright, happy colors would look great here!

Making some wavy color shapes with some thick paint brushes would make it look like some music is floating around this bunny.

How will you color in this happy dancing printable?kawaii coloring pages Pokemon free download

The two cats in this kawaii coloring sheet are enjoying a lovely day outside! One is sipping from a juice box while the other looks like it’s telling a story.

Once you color in this background, you could draw in some colorful butterflies and birds for some fun extra background details.kawaii coloring pages kittens

This fluffy sheep is here to say hi in this cute kawaii coloring printable! You could get really creative with this one and stick some cotton wool over the body to make a fluffy sheep!

That would give this page a 3D feel that you could finish off with a beautifully painted background.

Will you use some cotton wool for this image or color in this sheep with your favorite colors?kawaii coloring pages for adults free to print out

Some cotton candy pals are up next for this next free kawaii coloring page. If I were coloring in this sweet duo, I would use pink for one and blue for the other to make a nice pair!

I would then alternate other shades of these colors for the background, but how will you color in this delightful duo?kawaii coloring pages ice cream free printable

Get ready to meet a new llama friend for this next image! This kawaii coloring sheet features an adorable llama for you to color in.

What will you use to color in the blanket on its back? I would use some colored pens to really get into the finer details, but whatever you choose will look really beautiful!kawaii coloring pages sheep free download

This puppy pal is here for coloring fun for this kawaii printable.

Maybe you could use some pretty oranges and yellows for the background clouds to make it look like a beautiful sunset setting.

You could even paint in a beautiful rainbow in the background for a colorful addition to this image.new kawaii coloring pages puppy easy free

Our final picture in this series of free Kawaii coloring pages for kids has a delivery of a bear that’s feeling the love!

This is another image that has some hearts in the background, so I would again suggest some pretty reds and pinks for this one.

What color would you make this cute teddy bear? I would use a lighter blue or a purple myself, but any of your favorite colors would look great!

We can’t wait to see how you close off this cute collection with your colors.new kawaii coloring pages for kids download free

Kawaii Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had an amazingly fun time coloring in this collection of free kawaii coloring sheets for kids!

Remember that you can print out these pages as many times as you like for free, and the same is true for all of our coloring pages and printables.

That means that you could print out a few copies of your favorites to share with friends or use for color experimentation.

It can be really fun to try out new art mediums, so you could try out different paints, colored pens and pencils, markers and anything else you have to get some great new color styles.

Please remember to like and share our Facebook page to never miss out on our awesome free coloring pages and printable goodies!

Lastly, we really hope that you’ll share your favorite completed free kawaii printables to our Facebook page for us to see!

We always love to see your colorful creativity and look forward to some cuteness overload with your colorful creations.

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