Simple Animal Coloring Pages

Have a wild time of coloring fun with these simple animal coloring pages!

The animal kingdom is filled with so many different types of strange and wonderful creatures. Some are small and cute and some are big, brave and intimidating!

Whatever kind of animal you may encounter, I’m sure most of us have wondered what it would be like to have some animal pals that we could be friends with.

With this collection of free simple animal coloring pages for kids, you’ll have a whole bunch of cute animal friends by the time you’ve finished coloring them in!

There are all sorts of adorable animals in this series, so you’ll get to use a nice range of some of your favorite colors by the end of it.

Once you’ve colored in your favorite free simple animal printables, please share your colorful critters to our Facebook page so we can see how you chose to color them in!

We always love to see how you’ve used your colorful skills on these free coloring pages.

10 Brand New Simple Animal Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

For the first free simple animal coloring page for kids in this collection, we have a cute monkey hanging from a tree and looking rather friendly. He already has a banana in his hand and is hanging from his long tail!

Monkeys can come in many colors, from greys and blacks to reds and browns, so what colors will you pick for the adorable monkey in this simple animal printable?simple animal coloring pages free printable

A little puppy wants to be your friend in this second simple animal coloring sheet. This little one has a very friendly look on its face, and it’s ready for you to bring it to life with colors!

What would you name the puppy in this printable? Maybe you could write what you would name it on the collar for us to see!simple puppy coloring pages free printable

It’s time to get muddy with some porky pals in this next free simple animal coloring page. These two pigs are having a great time rolling around in the mud, so this image should have a lot of some of your favorite shades of brown for the background.

You could also use some thick acrylic paints for the background to give the mud some visual texture, I bet that would look amazing!simple pigs coloring pages free printables

I hope you packed a warm sweater for this next simple animal coloring page, because up next is a cute penguin!

Penguins live in bitterly cold aquatic environments, so for this image I would use a nice light blue color for the background to give an icier feel to this free simple animal coloring printable.simple baby penguin coloring pages free printable

Take a deep breath and dive underwater for this simple animal coloring sheet, because we’re meeting some sea turtles for this next image.

I think that this printable would look really great with a rich, dark blue for the water of the sea and then some bright greens and browns for the turtles and their shells.simple turtles coloring pages free printables

For the next image in this series of free simple animal coloring sheets for kids, we have a happy looking little elephant having a walk outside.

There are some mountains and a great big sky in the background, so I would use some beautiful sky blues with a mixture of browns and greens for the mountains and ground so suggest some vegetation to finish off this simple animal printable.simple elephant coloring pages free printable

This little reindeer looks happy to meet you in this next simple animal coloring page!

You could use some lighter browns and tan yellows for this cute little guy, and then either use lots of colors for a Spring color look for the background or some blue variations for a more Winter themed setting.simple reindeer coloring pages free download

In our next simple animal coloring printable, this little squirrel is running away with an acorn and doesn’t look like it wants to share!

That’s okay, as acorns aren’t very nice for us to eat anyway, but you can still color this cute critter in! Maybe you could use some rich reds, yellows and oranges for the background as a Fall setting that this squirrel is foraging in.simple squirrel coloring pages free printable

It’s time for another aquatic friend for this simple animal coloring sheet.

A happy dolphin is ready to meet you in this image, and there is a nice variety of coral and sea life in the background details, so you can use all sorts of bright and beautiful colors apart from the blue of the ocean.

I bet this will be an especially beautiful image!simple dolphin coloring pages free printable

A pretty parrot is the last friend in our series of free simple animal coloring pages for kids.

As the finale of this series, you have a chance to use the brightest and most beautiful colors in your collection for this parrot’s feathers. How will you finish up this free simple animal printable?simple parrot coloring pages free printable

Simple Animal Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We really hope that you had a ton of fun making some new animal friends in this series of free simple animal coloring pages for kids!

Remember that all of our coloring pages and art printables are totally free, so you can print out multiple copies of your favorite simple animal printables to share with friends or to try out different colors and mediums.

Maybe you could try out some pretty paints and colored pens for even more brilliant color variations!

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Also, don’t forget to share your completed simple animal coloring pages to our Facebook page once you’ve finished them. We can’t wait to see all the cute animal friends you made, and we always love to see how beautifully you all color in these free coloring printables!original and free simple animal coloring pages


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