Shark Coloring Pages

Explore these all new, completely free and fascinating shark coloring pages

On this page, you will find 45 all-new Shark coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Sharks are some of the most fascinating creatures under the sea. They come in all shapes and sizes, in fact, there are over 500 species of shark.

These massive, sharp-toothed creatures might seem scary, sharks don’t really want to eat people. They are much more interested in fish and other marine life.

Shark’s scary and dangerous reputation probably comes more from popular scary movies featuring these creatures, like Jaws and The Shallows. 

Sharks have become incredibly prevalent in pop culture throughout the years.

The diversity and fascinating nature of sharks make them a great subject for shark coloring pages that you can download and enjoy.

So without further ado, here are 45 all-new and completely free shark coloring pages. Have fun coloring these fascinating creatures.

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Shark Coloring Pages – 45 Printable Sheets

1. The hammerhead shark smiling

The hammerhead shark is one of the most distinctive-looking ocean creatures, and it is also the star of this shark coloring sheet.

These sharks can be quite scary in real life, but this one actually looks quite cute and friendly!

When coloring this shark, you could make it look similar to a real-life one, but you could also create a more cartoony take on this famous shark.

Either way would look great in its own way, so how will you color this unusual shark? We will be interested to see what you end up choosing!Shark coloring pages free printable


2. A happy shark grinning

This next shark looks rather happy and friendly despite its rows of sharp teeth! It is a really great design for you to color in, and there are lots of ways that you can really get creative with it.

The background has been left completely blank, so you could try adding some extra details to finish off the scene.

It could be fun to design a nice ocean background, and you could add fish, more sharks or other ocean creatures for just a few ideas. Will you add a background or keep it simple?Shark coloring pages free printable


3. Cartoon shark showing his white teeth

The shark in this coloring page grins, showing gleaming super sharp teeth.

Sharks have rows and rows of teeth in their mouths that they are frequently shedding and replacing with new ones. Some sharks can have up to 300 teeth at a time.

Unlike jellyfish, right? Jellyfish don’t have teeth, right? If you are not sure, you can check this in these jellyfish coloring pages.Shark coloring pages for kids free download


4. A big shark swimming in the ocean

This shark floats above a coral reef and grins up at a bunch of tiny fish swimming above. A bigger shark’s favorite thing to eat is fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon.

Those fish had better get moving before the shark spots them. Shark coloring pages for kids free download


5. A shark as Neptun coloring page

Sharks are some of the most powerful creatures in the sea but there are also various types of fish to admire.

Here in these fish coloring pages, you can find drawings of some of the most famous types of fish.

We love the creativity of this printable sheet showing a shark proudly holding a trident under the sea.

Tridents are associated with rulers of the sea in classic mythology.

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Shark coloring pages for kids free download


6. A cool-looking shark

We have a shark that is looking really cool and stylish in some cool sunglasses up next. The sunglasses are a simple touch, but they help to give this shark a lot of personality!

We think that because the sunglasses give this a more stylistic feel, you could get a bit creative with the background.

Instead of keeping to an ocean background, you could maybe have it relaxing on a beach towel under an umbrella. That is just one idea, but we’re sure you can think of many more to try!

What other settings can you think of for this shark?Shark coloring pages free printable


7. A laughing shark

The next page in this collection of free shark coloring pages for kids features a laughing shark that looks as if it just heard a hilarious joke!

It’s a really happy and joyful design, and there are a few ways that you can emphasize this side of it. One way would be to use bright and vibrant colors for the shark and the background.

For another one, maybe you could draw in a favorite joke near the shark to show what it is laughing at! These are some ideas to try, but there is a lot you could do to make this picture even better.Shark coloring pages free printable


8. A surfing shark drawing

This shark has hopped on a surfboard on top of the water. He looks like he has some pretty good moves as he tries his hand at surfing.

The shark waves at someone nearby. He is probably a startling sight to see for the other surfers. Shark coloring pages for adults free printable


9. A cute shark with sharp teeth

We’re a little scared of the shark in this coloring sheet. It has a very big body and grins at us with sharp teeth.

Perhaps it is a Great White! These sharks get their name from their distinctive white underbellies. They are some of the most dangerous sharks around.

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Shark coloring pages for adults free printable


10. Two whale sharks

The friendly sharks in this coloring page look like they might be whale sharks. They smile and float around each other in the ocean.

Even though whale sharks are the biggest sharks around, they are not dangerous to humans at all. They open their enormous mouths to filter feed on small fish only. Shark coloring pages for adults free printable


11. A merry shark under the ocean

Another happy shark is here to meet you on this next page.

This is a picture that would be well suited to a wide variety of different colors and art styles, and you can really express your creativity with it!

If we were to color this one, we would probably use some flatter, bright colors done with some colored pens or markers.

A more vibrant look is what came to mind for us, but if you feel that a different approach would work better for you then you should definitely go with that!Shark coloring pages free printable


12. Cute shark coloring page

We really enjoy the facial expression on this next shark! It’s another one that manages to look nice and friendly even though it has some sharp teeth that would be intimidating in real life.

It’s also another image where the background has been left as a blank canvas for you to have fun with.

Sometimes a simple background that is filled with a single color can look great, but you could also fill it with patterns or color mixtures for a more stylistic look.

Or, you could also draw a background setting to show where this shark is hanging out!Shark coloring pages free printable


13. Funny shark drawing

There are so many interesting and exciting shark coloring pages for you to enjoy.

Remember that they are all completely free to print, so you can print and color as many as you want. Use your imagination and have fun! Shark coloring pages for adults free printable


14. A shark and a fish laughing together

Sometimes sharks make friends under the seas, like in this coloring sheet. A large shark talks with a little striped fish.

He reminds us of the vegetarian sharks in Finding Nemo. He’s probably saying, “Fish are friends, not food.”
Shark coloring pages for adults free printable


15. A hungry shark ready to eat

It looks like this shark has spotted a tasty treat. It licks its lips and looks ready to charge after a snack.

Shark’s favorite foods are fish, squid, and crustaceans like crabs and shrimp. But I wonder, do sharks eat turtles?

I hope not because I love turtles, just see how cute they are in these turtle coloring pages. How could anyone or anything eat them, right?

What do you think this shark has spotted to eat?Shark coloring pages free pdf download


16. A very dangerous shark

This shark coloring sheet shows a creature that might be aggressive.

This shark could be a bull shark, which is sometimes considered to be the most dangerous sharks to humans, especially because they prefer shallow waters.

But keep in mind that shark attacks on humans are still extremely rare.

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Shark coloring pages free pdf download


17. An adorable shark looking at you

The next shark coloring printable that we have for you features a really unusual angle. We see the shark head-on, and it gives us a great view of all the little details on this design.

Some of the designs are pretty small, and that can make them a bit more challenging to color.

We would go for some colored pens or markers if we were coloring this one, as they allow you to color in the small spaces easily.

Colored pencils would allow for similar precision but produce softer colors if that’s what you would prefer.Shark coloring pages free printable


18. A realistic hammerhead shark

Another hammerhead shark is swimming up to meet you, but this time it is a more realistic interpretation of this unusual shark species.

Because of this new style, we would probably keep the colors a bit more muted and realistic for this one.

That means using mediums such as different kinds of paints, but it is also not the only way to do it!

If you would prefer a more stylistic look for the picture, then you could absolutely go for that. If you can’t decide, you could print out a few copies and experiment!Shark coloring pages free printable


19. A sweet cartoon shark

This funny shark balances on his tail to stand up. Did you know that sharks don’t actually have bones?

Their bodies are actually made up of cartilage, like the stuff that makes up your ear. Sharks’ skeletal cartilage can still form fossils though.
Shark coloring pages free pdf download


20. A shark swimming in the ocean

Despite their scary reputation, sharks are graceful and beautiful creatures. The shark in this free printable swims gracefully through the water.

In fact, there is even a species of shark called the Graceful Shark.
Shark coloring pages free pdf download


21. A pet hammerhead shark

The shark in this coloring sheet for kids looks like a hammerhead, one of the most distinctive-looking sharks around.

Hammerheads have flattened, long heads in the shape of a hammer, which is how they got their special name. Shark coloring pages for preschoolers free printable


22. A funny shark eating a hamburger

We can’t get enough of this adorable coloring page of a shark holding a delicious hamburger.

How do you think he got his fins on this tasty treat?
Shark coloring pages for preschoolers free printable


23. Two types of sharks to color

This interesting coloring page shows two different species of sharks meeting each other.

It looks like they might be in some kind of serious conversation, or maybe they are just checking each other’s teeth.

Sharks aren’t thought of as affectionate creatures, but some research suggests that they can be friends with each other.

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Shark coloring pages for preschoolers free printable


24. An evil-looking shark

This beautiful sleek shark leaps out of the water into the sky. Some species of shark, like the mako shark, have been known to jump up to 20 feet in the air.

Great whites also jump sometimes to catch prey.
Shark coloring book free printable


25. Naturalistic shark drawing

Next up, we have another example of a shark that has been drawn in a slightly more realistic style.

For that reason, it’s another one that we would use some more restrained colors for if we were to color this one.

You can also add some background details to put your own spin on it, and you could try to make the background match the style the shark is drawn in.

You could look up some pictures of the ocean floor to help you out if you wanted to do that!Shark coloring pages free printable


26. A hammerhead shark underwater

Here’s another hammerhead for you to color, and this shark coloring page also has a nicely detailed background.

Designing your background is fun, but sometimes it’s nice to have one designed already so that you can focus on your color choices.

When coloring this page, you could use the same mediums for the shark and the background, or you could color each element with different ones.

There are quite a few ways you could tackle this one, and each one would bring something new to the image. Where is your creativity leading you on this one?Shark coloring pages free printable


27. A cartoon killer shark

When you finish your shark coloring pages, don’t forget to post your finished masterpiece on our Facebook page.

Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize!
Shark coloring book free printable


28. An odd-looking shark to color

Sharks enjoy swimming in all types of climates and the shark in this coloring page is all smiles in his ocean habitat.

Sharks can also live under Arctic ice, in coral reefs and some even live in freshwater.
Shark coloring book free printable


29. A cartoon shark holding a surfboard

This shark has taken a chunk out of a surfboard! There are so many species of shark, and most of them are not dangerous to surfers at all.

In fact, the vast majority of shark attacks on humans come from only three species – the bull, tiger, and great white sharks.

Still, you should watch out for the sharks when you are out there in the water enjoying your summertime after coloring some of these summer coloring pages.Shark coloring book for kids free printable


30. A hammerhead shark displaying her teeth

Hammerheads’ distinctive head shape has its benefits. They have superior depth perception and could have up to a 360-degree field of vision.

Their heads are also helpful when hunting one of their favorite foods – stingrays! Shark coloring book for kids free printable


31. A dangerous shark attacks

The shark in this printable looks like he is going a little wild. He opens his mouth wide revealing huge sharp teeth.

Despite their reputation, there are many docile types of sharks in the ocean. Some species don’t even mind having humans swim near them.

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Shark coloring book for kids free printable


32. A shark from the ancient times

Did you know that sharks are ancient creatures? It is thought that sharks have been swimming around in the ocean for millions of years.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Megalodon, an enormous extinct species of shark that disappeared from the ocean a very long time ago. Shark coloring book for kids free printable


33. A shark in the water close up

Sharks come in all shapes and sizes. The one in this coloring sheet is small and round, with little eyes and sharp teeth.

The smallest shark in the world is called the Dwarf Lanternshark, and it could fit in the palm of our hand. Shark coloring sheet for children free download


34. A rapid shark in the ocean coloring page

This shark glides easily through the water at great speed. Some shark species are pretty fast. The Shortfin Mako Shark can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour.

That’s much faster than humans can swim. Shark coloring sheet for children free download


35. An old shark swimming through the water

Some people absolutely love sharks. They are extremely interesting and fascinating creatures and some people’s favorite animal is a shark.

The Discovery Channel even hosts a celebration of these animals with shark-themed shows for a whole week. Shark Week is a summer tradition!
Shark coloring sheet for children free download


36. A man-eating shark ready to attack

Close up of realistic great white shark coloring page


37. A dangerous shark among sea corals

Close up of bull shark coloring page


38. A shark in love drawing

Cute shark coloring page with pacifier


39. A baby shark swimming alone

Kawaii blue shark coloring page


40. A shark wallpaper to color

Mandala with shark coloring page outline


41. A hammerhead shark going up

Realistic hammerhead shark coloring page with anchor


42. An aggressive shark looking at you

Scary cartoon shark coloring page showing teeth


43. A dolphin-looking shark

Shark coloring page of shark tale lenny


44. An endearing shark who wants to play with you

Textured whale shark coloring page


45. A singing shark coloring page

Shark coloring page in shirt singing on microphone


You’ve reached the last shark coloring page, but don’t worry there are plenty more fun and fascinating coloring sheets featuring your favorite animals and characters to come.

We are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets.

We hope these shark coloring pages have fascinated and delighted you. Remember to post your finished masterpiece on our Facebook page.

We love seeing all the creative ways you bring to life these super fun images.

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