Killer Whale Coloring Pages

Prepare for some aquatic coloring fun with these killer whale coloring pages!

There are many incredible creatures living in our oceans. From tiny microscopic organisms to the gigantic blue whale, there is so much incredible life to marvel at in the great blue expanses of our planet’s oceans.

Killer whales are some of the most beloved and favorite creatures around the world, and with their distinctive black and white coloring and high intelligence it’s easy to see why!

These free killer whale coloring pages for kids are perfect to spend some time appreciating these incredible creatures while having a fun time coloring.

There are some great scenarios and backgrounds to these images for you to really get creative with!

You could switch up the colors you use for the whales and even try out some new mediums for some great color variety.

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We can’t wait to see how you color in these incredible killer whales.

10 Brand New Killer Whale Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first image in this collection of free killer whale coloring pages for kids features a happy whale having a great day at the bottom of the ocean.

There are a lot of great color opportunities in this image, from the browns and yellows of the sand to some brighter reds and other pretty colors for the coral and plant-life.

We’re sure to see a really pretty image once you’re done with it!killer whale coloring pages to print

There’s a really striking scene for this next killer whale coloring printable. This whale is leaping from the water in front of a beautiful sunset!

For this setting I think it would look amazing to use some bright yellows and oranges for the sun in the background to create a sunset feeling to this image.

Using similar colors for the sky and a darker blue for the ocean would make for an incredible scene!killer whale coloring pages printable

This next killer whale coloring sheet shows another happy looking one exploring the ocean floor.

For some extra fun details, you could draw in some smaller sealife like little fishes, eels and crabs having a good day in the image as well!

That would also provide opportunity for some extra splashes of brighter colors. What sealife would you add to this peaceful picture?cute killer whale coloring pages

It’s another dramatic leap from the water for this killer whale coloring page!

The time of day in this image makes me think of a brighter early morning setting, so I would use some lighter blue for the sky contrasted with a lovely darker blue for the water.

Maybe you could incorporate some acrylic paints into this image for an even richer killer whale coloring pages free pdf

This next killer whale coloring printable shows a whale having a tan on the water’s edge. You could use a pretty and bright yellow with hints of brown for the sand and contrast it with the blue of the ocean and sky for a really pretty scene.

You could also make it a sunset or sunrise setting by using oranges and yellows for the sky, so what will you choose for this image?simple killer whale coloring pages for kids

We have a really cool and more unusual image for this next killer whale coloring sheet. This whale is swimming through water filled with star shapes, so for this one I think you should go wild with your favorite bright and vibrant colors.

Killer whales are usually black and white, but for this imaginative image you could branch out with some awesome favorite colors.killer whale coloring pages adult

There are some beautiful wavy patterns for the background of this killer whale printable. The patterns make me think of ocean currents which could be shown with many different shades of blue.

This image could look wonderful with some watercolor paints for a softer look that flow into each other better.tribal killer whale coloring pages for adults

This next whale has some fishy friends joining him for this killer whale coloring page! For some creative fun, you could color in each fish a different bright and pretty color scheme.

Which of your favorite colors will you use for this varied underwater scene?

We can’t wait to see how you handle this deep dive killer whale printable!killer whale coloring pages black and white

The picture featured here in this killer whale coloring sheet would make an awesome poster for your wall!

You could color in each letter of the words featured in alternating colors, or use a new color for each letter.

How will you color in the polka dots in this picture’s background? You could use one color for all of them or really switch it up and use as many colors as you can for a color explosion!cartoon killer whale coloring pages

For this final free killer whale coloring sheet for kids, we have another peaceful underwater scene at the bottom of the ocean for you to color in.

There are plenty of bubbles and ocean life like coral as background details, so you can really vary the colors you use for these details to make this image pop.

We can’t wait to see how you color in this last killer whale printable!free printable killer whale coloring pages

Killer Whale Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We really hope that you had a fun time coloring in this set of free killer whale coloring pages for kids!

Remember that all of our coloring pages and printables are free for you to color in and enjoy, so feel free to print out multiple copies so that you can experiment with colors and mediums!

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Lastly, we’d love it if you would share your completed killer whale coloring sheets to our Facebook page for us to admire! We can’t wait to see how you colored in these awesome killer whales.

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