How to Make a Colorful Macaw Craft for Kids (with free pattern)

Two of my very favorite birds live in the Rainforest so when I found out Rainforest was our theme for this week’s creative preschool group I was so excited! Since we have already created a Toucan craft in the past, we decided to make our focus this week on the beautiful Macaw. We read a few books to learn about the Rainforest and then made our craft. I’m pretty excited to share with you how to make a colorful Macaw Craft for Kids today. Since I love all of you so much, I have included my free pattern to make the craft even more simple for you.

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by printing off the Macaw Pattern and cutting out all of the pieces. Use the pattern pieces to trace and cut the body out of red cardstock paper, beak out of black cardstock paper and feet out of gray cardstock paper. You will also need to trace your child’s closed handprint onto red cardstock paper three times and cut them out. (Note: I’m showing you the pieces I cut out for tutorial purposes, but I suggest letting your preschooler cut out all the pattern pieces if they are able.)
2. Paint your small paper plate with your red, green and blue paint. We painted a ring of red and green and a blue circle in the middle. Let it dry completely.
3. While your paper plate dries, crumple up your white tissue paper squares and glue them around the face of the Macaw. Glue your beak and your googly eye onto the Macaw.
4. Layer and glue together the three handprints to make the end feathers of the bird. Glue them onto the end of the bird.
5. Glue your feet onto the bottom of the bird. We wanted our bird to look like it was in flight so I trimmed my front foot to make it look tucked up against the bird.
6. Finish your Macaw by cutting your small paper plate in half and gluing one half on the front of the bird and one half on the back of the bird.
Looking for books about the Rainforest? Here are a few that we enjoyed reading this week:
This post is part of a collaborative preschool series where five bloggers and myself have joined together to bring you fun crafts and activities based on a common preschool learning theme. This week we are sharing ideas focused on the Rainforest.

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