Yarn Wrapped Blue Jay Craft

I am a bonafide bird nerd. I am so enthralled by them that I actually have a handful of birds on my bucket list that I would love to see in person before I die. One of them is a blue jay.

As you can guess, they don’t live near me so in the mean time we are doing the next best thing, crafting them. This yarn wrapped blue jay craft is not only stunning but it’s a great fine motor activity for kids.

We made this one exactly like our cardinal craft so make sure to check it out too.


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How to Make a Yarn Wrapped Blue Jay Craft

Supplies Needed to Make this Blue Jay Craft

– cardboard
– blue and black paint
– paintbrush
– blue yarn (we love this multi-colored blue yarn)
– black yarn
white felt
blue feathers
– googly eyes
hot glue gun
– tape
– scissors

Directions for Making this Yarn Wrapped Blue Jay

1. Start by printing out our cardinal craft pattern. Use the pattern to trace and cut out the body for your blue jay. You’ll also need to cut out a beak and legs from your cardboard. Paint your bird body blue and your beak and legs black. Set them aside for the paint to dry.

2. When your paint is dry, wrap your blue jay bird body with your blue yarn. Tape the end on the back of the bird body.


3. Cut out a piece of white felt to use for the bird belly and one for the face. We made the face similar to our cardinal craft. The belly is just half of an oval.

4. Heat up your hot glue gun. Glue a small blue feather at the top of the head and a larger bird feather on the side of the bird for the wing. Next glue your white felt pieces onto your bird. Lastly glue your beak, legs and googly eye onto your blue jay.


5. This step is optional, but we observed how the blue jay has a ring of black around it’s neck area so we wrapped some black yarn around the neck.


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