Silly Paper Plate Bird Hats Your Kids will Love

One of my favorite things about spring time is sleeping with the window open and waking up in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping. It’s so cheerful isn’t it?

All of the happy, singing birds we’ve been hearing this week inspired us to make these silly paper plate bird hats. These cute and silly birds scream spring time fun!

Kids are going to love getting creative making a silly paper plate bird hat!

paper plate bird hats 2

How to Make Silly Paper Plate Bird Hats

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Supplies Needed for these Paper Plate Bird Hats

Instructions for this Paper Plate Bird Hat Craft

1. If you want your bird to be a color other than white, start by painting the bottom of your paper plate with the color of your choice. Let it dry completely.

2. Cut about 1/4 off of one end of your paper plate, leaving a straight edge at the bottom. Cut out two white strips from your white cardstock paper to assemble your hat. Also, fold your yellow cardstock in half and cut out a folded beak for your bird.

paper plate bird hats 3

3. Make two creases in the middle of your folded bird beak so you have a flat surface to glue it onto your paper plate. Glue the beak onto your paper plate. Use your black marker to draw eyes on your bird, or glue googly eyes onto your paper plate.

paper plate bird hats 4

4. Glue or tape feathers onto the back of the paper plate.

5. Staple a white cardstock strip to each end of your paper plate. Join them together and staple them closed to make a circle to place on your child’s head. It might be helpful to measure your child’s head for this part. If you want to, cut out bird wings from your colored cardstock and glue them onto the white cardstock strip on the sides of your bird.

paper plate bird hats 5

6. Let any glue dry before playing with your hat.

Let the Paper Plate Bird Hats silliness begin!

Place one of the paper plate bird hats on your head. Look in the mirror or at your classmates and it won’t take long for lots of giggling to ensue.

paper plate bird hats 7

My daughter and I giggled a lot at our cooky white bird. We had intended for it to look like a duck but it kind of reminds me of the seagulls in the Disney movie, Finding Nemo. Ha! My daughter has been walking around wearing it and saying “mine, mine, mine, mine….” and it’s pretty much made my afternoon.

paper plate bird hats 6

What kind of silly features would you give your paper plate bird hats?

paper plate bird hats

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