Cupcake Liner Duck Craft for Kids

Every year in the spring we look forward to going to our local ponds to feed the birds and to look out for adorable little ducklings. It’s only the first part of March, but we’ve been having fantastic weather, warm enough to go out and feed the ducks. It inspired me to continue our crafting through the alphabet with cupcake liners using the letter D for this Duck Craft. Check out our Cupcake Liner category to see all of our past crafts.

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by cutting a strip of your dark blue cardstock paper for the water and gluing it along the bottom of your light blue cardstock paper.
2. Cut your regular sized yellow cupcake liner in half and 1 of your mini yellow cupcake liners in half. Glue one half of your regular size yellow cupcake liner onto your paper and both of halves of your mini yellow cupcake liner.

3. Cut out the rest of the pieces for your ducks. You’ll need a head and beak for each, and a small section of your remaining cupcake liners cut off into a triangle for each duck for the wings.

4. Glue the head, beak and wing section onto your paper. Finish your ducks by gluing your googly eyes on them.
They turned out so cute, like a Momma Duck and two of her babies swimming in the water. You can personalize it even more with crayons to draw a sun or clouds, or marks in the water. Anything your heart desires.

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