Cupcake Liner Parrot Kids Craft

We have been having so much fun making bird crafts this week! We have already made two of our favorite birds, a peacock and an owl, and today we are sharing another favorite…a Parrot. My mother-in-law actually has a parrot so my kids have a special liking towards them. We love their bright, beautiful feathers and how they are able to speak. It’s so much fun for my kids when they get to visit Grandma’s parrot and hear her say “Happy Birthday to you” and sing “I left my heart in San Francisco” and other fun things. Get out some colorful cupcake liners this summer and make this cute Cupcake Liner Parrot Kids Craft.

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Our idea for making this fun parrot craft came from a pin on Pinterest, except for we switched it up and used cupcake liners instead of cardstock paper. Unfortunately the website is no longer working from where it came from for me to give proper credit.




Supplies you will need:

[*NOTE: We used mini cupcake liners because we had them all on hand, but you could easily use regular size cupcake liners for this craft as well.]


1. Start by getting all of your pieces ready for your Parrot. You can see them laid out in the picture below. Cut one of your red cupcake liners in half for the wings. Also cut your blue, orange, yellow and green cupcake liner in half. You will only need one half piece for all of those colors. You’ll also need a 2-inch black and white circle, Cut one-quarter of the black circle out for the beak and use your hole punch to make the eye. Lastly, you’ll need a brown strip for the branch.



2. Once you have your pieces ready, you simple glue and assemble your parrot onto your cardstock paper. Started by gluing your brown branch onto your paper and then glue and layer your two red cupcake liners to make the parrot head and body.


3. Glue your white 2-inch circle onto the face along with the black beak and eye.


4. Finish your parrot by overlapping and gluing the colorful tail feathers on and the two red wings.



We glued ours onto a bright green sheet of cardstock paper so the the colors of the bird would really pop. It turned out so colorful and fun! What other types of birds can you make with cupcake liners?



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