Colorful Paper Cup Parrot Craft

I love all kinds of birds but I have always been especially fond of owls, peacocks and parrots.

My husband grew up with a pet parrot named Sunshine. It lived to be over 30 years old and recently passed away but every time I heard it belt out “I left my heart in San Francisco” my heart jumped with joy. Especially since the San Francisco part came out like “San Fran-Fran-Fran-Fran-Fran Cisco!”

With the Kids Craft Stars challenge being crafting with cups this month, we took an opportunity to make this colorful paper cup parrot craft. Make sure to check out the other awesome crafts made out of cups at the end of this post.


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How to Make a Paper Cup Parrot Craft

Supplies Needed for this Paper Cup Parrot

paper cup
acrylic paint
– paintbrush
colored feathers
– googly eyes
– orange foam craft sheet
– toothpick
– glue gun
– tape

Directions for this Paper Cup Parrot Craft

1. Start by painting the outside of your paper cup with your acrylic paint. Let it dry completely.

2. When your paint is dry, cut off a long strand of your yarn. Tape one end onto the back of your paper cup and wrap your yarn around the bottom half of your paper cup. When you reach the end of the yarn tape it on the back of your cup. You can omit this step but I just loved the fun texture the ribbon gives to the parrots.


3. Head up your hot glue gun. (Note: Adult supervision is required when children are using a hot glue gun.) Cut out a beak from your orange craft foam sheet. Glue it onto your paper cup along with your googly eyes.


4. Finish your paper cup parrot craft by using your hot glue gun to glue a couple feathers onto the sides of the paper cups. Then poke one or two holes into the bottom of the paper cup with your toothpick and push down feathers into the holes.




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