Handprint Raven Craft

While the raven and crow are not the same animal, I think their similarities makes it so that this handprint raven craft can work well for making either type of bird. Or, maybe you can have fun making both a raven and crow craft! 

Finished handprint raven craft laying flat on a pink background.

Ravens and crows are classic fall animals because they go along perfectly with a scarecrow theme and their dark black color also makes them great for a Halloween craft.

[This raven craft was originally published on August 23, 2016. It has been updated with a new video tutorial, digital template and additional instructional text and photos.] 

handprint raven craft laying flat on a pink background

How to Make a Handprint Raven Craft

The black handprint feathers add an extra special touch to this easy bird craft. The personalized touch makes it another reason these birds would look stunning hung on display on a classroom bulletin board or art wall at home. Find a list of book recommendations at the bottom of this post to go along with this craft.

Read our easy tutorial below to learn how to make your own ravens or crows. We also have a video tutorial video inside this post you might find useful.

Supplies Needed to Make this Handprint Raven Craft

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  • Raven Craft Template <—– Get the craft pattern in our shop!
  • Black and gray (or yellow) cardstock paper
  • White cardstock paper
  • black paint
  • sponge paintbrush
  • googly eyes
  • scissors
  • glue

NOTE: If you are in the EU, please visit our TpT Store to purchase any of our templates.

Instructions for this Raven Handprint Art Project

1. Use your sponge paintbrush to paint your child’s hands with the black paint. Press each painted palm down onto a white piece of cardstock paper to make handprints. You will need three handprints in total. Let the handprints dry completely.

Handprints can get a bit messy so be sure to keep baby wipes close by or do this by a sink. 

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four image collage showing child having their hand painted and printed on white cardstock paper

2. Next you will need to create your raven body, feet and beak. Just in case the task of creating your own pieces seems daunting, I went ahead and created a pattern in my shop you can purchase to make life easier.

Print the template on black and gray cardstock and then cut out each of the pieces from the template. (NOTE: If you printer ink will not show on black cardstock, you may need to print out the template on white paper, cut it out and trace it onto black cardstock with a pencil.) 

four image collage showing how to glue each of the pieces onto the raven craft

3. Glue the raven beak and legs onto the raven body. Then glue a googly eye on your raven.

4. Cut out each of the handprints once the paint has dried completely. Glue two of them on the body for wings and one at the bottom and back of the raven for tail feathers.

vertical pin image of raven craft with the text "raven craft" in the top right corner

Looking for some books to go along with this craft?

We love combining crafts with books at our house. Here are few book recommendations that would go along perfectly with this craft:

vertical two image collage with each raven facing opposite directions and the text "handprint raven craft" in the center

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