10 Awesome Cupcake Liner Bird Crafts

Do you know how many amazing things you can make with cupcake liners? We have created quite the collection of cupcake liner crafts over the years but my favorites are definitely all of our bird crafts.

I love how there are birds you can observe all year round which makes bird crafts a perfect evergreen craft to make any time of the year.

These 10 awesome cupcake liner bird crafts are simple and fun and are a perfect compliment to learning all about birds.

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10 Awesome Cupcake Liner Bird Crafts

Now is the perfect time to start hanging on to all of those leftover cupcake liners laying around after making cupcakes or muffins. Or you can buy some (affiliate link) colorful cupcake liners on Amazon to help you make all of these darling bird crafts.

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Cupcake Liner Owl PuppetGreat for a fall kids craft!

Cupcake Liner Cardinal CraftFun winter kids craft!

Cupcake Liner Parrot Craft

Cupcake Liner Toucan CraftA great jungle themed bird craft!

cupcake liner bird crafts 3

Cupcake Liner Peacock Stick PuppetsKids will love putting on a puppet show!

Cupcake Liner Quail Craft

Cupcake Liner Flamingo Craft

Cupcake Liner Turkey PuppetsGreat Thanksgiving craft!

cupcake liner bird crafts 4

Cupcake Liner DucksPerfect for spring!

Cupcake Liner Chick CraftSo fun for Easter!

cupcake liner bird crafts

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