Penguin Coloring Pages

Have some icy cold coloring fun with these penguin coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 25 all new Penguin coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

It’s time to get your warmest mittens and coats for some chilly coloring fun! In the collection you have before you, we’ll be heading to some frozen environments to meet some new friends to color.

We’re sure to see some much cooler colors for some icy terrains as we visit some cute penguins to color in!

This selection of free penguin coloring pages are the perfect way to spend some fun hours coloring in some cute penguin pals.

You could even try out some art mediums like watercolor paints, colored pens and pencils for an even more varied look!

Using different mediums can help to create different color moods and environments so it’s fun to experiment.

We hope that once you’ve colored in your favorite penguin coloring printables that you’ll share them on our Facebook page for us to see!

We always love to see your colorful artworks and look forward to seeing some cute and colorful penguins.

25 Brand New Penguin Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first free penguin coloring page for kids features an adorable little penguin wrapped up nice and warm for the cold!

The background of this image is a cold, snowy environment so that means you’ll probably be using some lighter blues and greens to show that it’s a really chilly environment for this penguin.

Will you go for this chillier color scheme, or would you prefer to use your favorite bright and cheerful colors for a warmer and more unusual look?

We can’t wait to see how you color in this first penguin printable!cute penguin colouring pages for kids

We have two new, adorable friends for you to meet on this penguin coloring page. Penguins have a simple black and white color scheme, but you can still get creative as you color!

You could use some unusual colors on the penguins or perhaps fill the background with color, shapes or other interesting elements.penguin coloring pages

For this penguin coloring sheet, we have a happy-looking penguin having a nice walk through the snow.

There are some nice background details, and to offset the large amount of snow and ice you could use a nice bright color for the sky.

I especially think it would look great to use some yellows and oranges for the sky to make it look like a sunset setting.penguin colouring pages for kids

We’re adrift on some ice for this penguin coloring printable! This adorable penguin is sailing away on a block of ice and he’s looking like he’s loving every minute of it!

There’s room for lots of pretty blues in this image, so I think it would look really nice to color in the hat he’s wearing a nice bright red to create some contrast.

Maybe you could use the colors of your own favorite Winter clothes to color in what this cute penguin is wearing! I bet you would make quite the matching pair.cute penguin coloring pages free printable

Adding text can be a great way to add new life to a coloring page, and you could do that here as well.

Perhaps you could look up some fun facts about penguins and write them in the empty space on this page.

Using fun fonts and colors for those fonts would also be a way to make it more visually interesting as well!new penguin coloring pages

The cutie in this penguin coloring page is having some fun doing some belly sledding! What colors do you think would suit this fun-loving penguin having some fun?

You could use more cool colors, or you could make this a more stylistic image by using your favorite bright colors.

This could be a fun chance to try out some cool new mediums as well! If you have watercolor or acrylic paints you could print out a few copies of this page to have some fun experimenting.

We can’t wait to see what colors and mediums you choose!penguin colouring pages free printable

This next penguin printable has an adorable dancing penguin for you to color! For this happy picture, if I were coloring it in I would use some happy and bright colors.

I would again use some yellows and oranges for the background to make it look like he’s doing a sunset performance.

How will you color in this fancy dancer?penguin colouring pages free download

When adding color to this penguin printable, you can use all sorts of fun art tools and mediums.

These penguins are still quite fluffy, and you can create the illusion of hair texture by using a paintbrush to paint.

Short strokes of the brush will help to make them look furrier! Will you use paint or something else?original penguin coloring pages

We have a really cute penguin having a nice and peaceful day outside in this penguin coloring page! For this calmer image, I would use some pretty watercolors to color in this one.

Watercolors are great for a softer, pretty look to a picture so I think they would go perfectly with this more laid-back image!penguin coloring pages free download

This adorable little penguin is having a wonderful day in the snow in this cute penguin coloring sheet. It looks like this penguin just heard a hilarious joke.

Once you’ve colored in this image, maybe you could write in your favorite joke above this penguin! That would suggest what is making it crack up so much.cute penguin coloring pages for adults

It’s time to go fishing for some coloring fun times in this penguin printable. This penguin is having some great fun fishing for his supper!

The way the sky looks in this image makes me think of another sunset setting.

I think using more oranges for the sky would create a great atmosphere for this image, and coloring it in with watercolors would look especially great.simple penguin coloring pages free

There is such a feeling of love to this next page! Because of this, we would use some warm, loving colors like red, purple or pink for this one.

When you have finished coloring this page in the way you want to, you could give it to someone you love in your life as a present!penguin coloring printable

The next penguin coloring page leads on quite nicely from the previous one. The last picture showed a fishing penguin, and this shows one that caught a big fish!

There are some great details for some splashes of color, such as with the clothing that the penguin is wearing. I would use some bright reds and yellows for his clothing for some nice warm colors.

Unlike the previous page, I would make the sky of this one a nice bright blue to show that it’s a beautiful day!penguin coloring pages free download pdf

Our previous free penguin coloring sheets have been filled with cold, icy environments, so we have something a bit different for this next one.

This adorable penguin is out picking corn in a field, and judging by the pilgrim hat he’s wearing I’d bet it’s around Thanksgiving in this image.

This picture will give you a chance to use lots of warmer colors like some beautiful yellows for the corn in the background. I think this image will really stand out from the rest once you’re done!easy penguin coloring pages download pdf

Penguins live in cold, snowy environments, and you could show the environment these penguins live in by drawing a background to this picture.

You could look up some pictures of penguin environments for inspiration, but you could also come up with something fun and imaginative from your own mind!

Where do you think these penguins could be?penguin coloring sheet free download

We have another image that takes us away from the snow and the ice for this penguin printable. If green is your favorite color, then you’re in for a treat because this one is playing in a field of clovers!

You could use all of your favorite greens for a wonderfully colorful page that will really catch the eye.

For this one, I think it would look beautiful to use some acrylic paints to create a bright and vibrant color patrick's penguin coloring pages free download

It’s time for a coloring trip in this penguin coloring page. This happy penguin is on the road and ready for some adventure!

There are some great background details as this penguin seems to be traveling through a beautiful forest road.

This pretty setting makes me think that some bright and cheerful colors would look amazing. You could use greens for the plants, beautiful browns for the trees and a nice light blue for the sky.penguin colouring images free pdf

This adorable penguin is here to say hello in this penguin coloring sheet. He’s dressed in a great big cowboy hat and glasses, and he definitely has a lot of character.

Maybe this penguin dreams of being a cowboy on a ranch someday!

What colors will you use for the sky behind him? Will you use lighter blues for a midday look or use some oranges for a sunset feel?

We hope you’ll share this completed page on our Facebook page so we can see what you decide on!penguin coloring images download pdf free

The cutie in this penguin coloring printable seems to have watched one too many superhero movies as it’s imagining that it is one!

This penguin is wearing a cape and having a great time pretending to soar through the air. What superhero do you think this penguin is pretending to be?

Maybe you could color in the cape in the colors of your favorite superhero to add a personalized touch to this cute picture.pingu penguin colouring images free

I wouldn’t think that ice cream would be a good snack when you’re in an icy wilderness, but this penguin seems to disagree!

He is bundled up in a scarf and some earmuffs, so maybe that makes it easier to enjoy an ice cream! What colors will you use to color in his clothing?

Also, what flavor will you make his ice cream using your colors? I would use brown to show that it’s a chocolate flavored ice cream, but there are lots of options you could choose from.pingu penguin coloring pages free printable

This cute penguin coloring page looks like a photo this proud penguin took of his amazing catch!

He’s posed with a fish he just caught, and I think that coloring in the fish with a nice bright orange would give this picture a nice shot of color.

I would also color in his hat with a bright red, as I feel that there will probably be a lot of blue for the ice in the background.pingu penguin coloring images free download

It’s another wonderful day outside in this penguin coloring sheet. This one is running through a field on a beautiful day outside.

Because of this, I think that this one will probably have a lot of beautiful greens and blues to make it stand out from the other icy pictures.

You could even draw in more details like some flowers for the field for some more beautiful colors!pingu penguin coloring pages for kids free

This next penguin printable shows some high speed ice skating! There are some great details to this penguin’s warm clothing.

I think that you should use your favorite bright and cheerful colors alternated for this penguin’s clothing.

I think it would also look great to use thin layers of watercolor for the background to suggest the movement of this image as well.cute pingu penguin colouring pages free pdf

It’s time for some Christmas cheer in this festive penguin coloring page!

This adorable penguin is dressed in a big Santa hat, which means that you could use your favorite bright red for the hat to create a colorful focal point.

You could use some colored pens to draw in some pretty colored Christmas lights in the background for an extra fun detail. Maybe it would be fun to draw in a Christmas tree behind the penguin as well!easy pingu penguin coloring pages free print out

Our last picture in this series of free penguin coloring sheets for kids has a penguin having a great time sliding through the snow!

For this image, I feel like both colder snow colors or more bright and vibrant ones would work great depending on what colors you feel fit this fun scene.

How will you color in this cute picture? Will you use cooler colors like blues and greens or go more stylistic with some bright warm colors to make the image pop?

We’d love it if you would share this finished image to our Facebook page for us to enjoy!free download simple pingu penguin coloring pages

Penguin Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Hopefully you had an amazingly fun few hours of coloring with this series of free penguin coloring pages for kids!

Don’t forget that all of our coloring pages and printable goodies are free for you to print, color and enjoy!

That means that you can print out multiple copies of your favorite penguin printables to share with friends or use to experiment with colors.

This also means that you can experiment with different fun new art mediums as well!

If you’re not as familiar with mediums like watercolors or acrylic paints, then these printables could be the perfect chance to really experiment with different ways of coloring.

Please be sure to like and share our Facebook page to never miss out on our awesome free coloring pages and printables that we’ll be bringing out.

Also, we’d love it if you would share your favorite completed penguin coloring pages to our Facebook page for us to admire!

We always love to see your colorful artworks and can’t wait to see your cute and colorful penguins.

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