Cupcake Liner Crafts from A to Z

A few years ago I discovered a love for crafting with cupcake liners. What started out as a few simple toddler crafts has turned into over 50 cupcake liner crafts on this blog. I made it a goal to make it through the entire alphabet using cupcake liners about a year ago and I’m pretty proud and excited to share them all with you here today. Whether you have a preschooler learning the letters of the alphabet, or if you simply love to craft with cupcake liners like me, below you will find all of our fabulous Cupcake Liner Crafts from A to Z.

As we continue to do more cupcake liner crafts in the future I will keep adding them to the list below. Make sure to pin this post on Pinterest so you can reference it in the future when you feel like whipping out some colorful cupcake liners and crafting with them.


A is for… Apple Tree

B is for… Bunny and Bats

C is for… Chicks, Cat in the Hat, Christmas Tree, Crown, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Campfire and Crabs.

D is for… Ducks and Dragonfly

E is for… Elephant, Elf and Earth

F is for… Fish, Fox, Flowers, Flamingo, Flag and more Fish

G is for… Groundhog and Ghosts

H is for… Hot Air Balloon

I is for… Igloo and Ice Cream Cone

J is for… (coming soon)

K is for… Kite

L is for… Lion, Ladybugs, Leprechauns, The Lorax and Lightning Bug

M is for… Mouse, Monsters and Mother’s Day Card

N is for… Net

O is for… Octopus and Owls

P is for… Penguin, Parrot, Peacock and Pot of Gold

Q is for… Quail

R is for… Rainbow

S is for… Shark, Sheep, Sun, Snowman, Spiders, Snail and Space

T is for… Turkey, Tree, Tulips and Toucan

U is for… Umbrella

V is for… Valentine Card

W is for… Walrus, Watermelon and Whale

X is for… X Ray Fish

Y is for… Yo-Yo

Z is for… Zebra

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