Cupcake Liner Octopus Kids Craft

We read a cute story about an Octopus this week called Tickly Octopus and then decided to create our own Octopus out of a Cupcake Liner. Adding the Cheerios to the legs turned out to be great fine motor practice for my daughter’s little fingers. I love that you can customize him how you’d like, with any color of cupcake liner. Making these in a preschool would be so fun!
CupcakeLinerOctopusPin 2

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Supplies you will need:

supplies 4
1. Start by cutting out 8 Octopus tentacles from your purple cardstock paper. I made them about the width of a Cheerio.
2. Glue your purple cupcake liner and tentacles onto your blue cardstock paper. Cut a mouth out of your pink cardstock paper and then glue it onto your Octopus along with your googly eyes.
3. Add spots of glue on your Octopus tentacles and add your Cheerios.
4. Finish your Octopus by using your white crayon to add water waves around your paper. He turned out to be a cute little guy!


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