Halloween Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for crafting with kids because there are so many characters to choose from. Whether you are looking for a fun art project to make at home or at a classroom party, or need some last minute craft projects, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration with these easy Halloween arts and crafts ideas below.

Fun and Easy Halloween Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Witches and ghosts and mummies, oh my! There is so much to love about Halloween. Whatever character or category you are looking for, we have fun and easy craft ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages for the holiday.

Your kids are going to love all of these Halloween craft projects!

Cute Halloween Witch Crafts

Of all the cooky Halloween characters, witches are my favorite! There are some fabulous Halloween children’s books that pair perfectly with any one of these crafts which makes them a great choice for preschool.

Here are my two favorite Halloween kids books featuring witches (affiliate links):

Newspaper Witch Art Project

Paper Bag Witch Puppet Craft

Stuffed Paper Bag Witch Craft

Halloween Witch Windsock

Paper Plate Flying Witch Activity

Paper Witch Shapes Craft for Kids

Simple Envelope Witch Puppet

Paper Bowl Witch Craft Project

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Not pictured:

Witches Feet Halloween Card Idea

Stained Glass Witch Project

Easy Witch Paper Craft for Kids

Pumpkin and Jack-o-Lantern Arts and Crafts

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a few pumpkin arts and crafts projects. Making a silly Jack-o-Lantern craft is a great way to finish a trip to your local pumpkin patch. Whether you want to make something simple, silly or arty, we have so many fun pumpkin crafts to choose from.

Goofy Pumpkin Faces Art Project

Black Glue Pumpkin Art Project

Knuckle Printed Pumpkin Patch Art

Paper Bowl Jack-o-Lantern Craft

Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

Five Little Pumpkins Art Project

Jack-0-Lantern Halloween Windsock

Circle Stamped Preschool Pumpkin Craft

Silly Face Pumpkin Flip Book

Pumpkin Sewing Craft for Kids

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Fall crafts for Kids -Fun and easy arts and crafts projects. Pumpkin crafts, fall art projects, Halloween crafts, fall leaf crafts for kids of all ages.

Not Pictured:

Crayon Rubbing Pumpkin Art Idea

Balloon Printed Pumpkin Patch Craft

Washi Tape Pumpkins Craft

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Craft Project

Sponge Painted Jack-0-Lantern Activity

Easy Bat Craft Projects for Kids

Bats are another iconic Halloween character that are fun for kids to enjoy crafting each year. You can even make a cool bat craft out of recyclable materials like paper plates, paper bags and even a paper bowl. Check out this fun list of bat crafts and get planning for a fun afternoon of Halloween crafting.

Simple Accordion Fold Paper Bats

Paper Plate Halloween Candy Holder

Stuffed Paper Bag Bat Craft

Paper Plate Flying Bat Craft Activity

Paper Bowl Bat Craft

Easy Clothespin and Button Bats 

Paper Bag Bat Puppet

Halloween Bat Windsock Craft

Not Pictured:

Felt Bat Finger Puppets

Cupcake Liner Bats Craft

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Ghost Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Ghosts are another fun Halloween theme for kids. Whether you want a simple paper craft project or need a fun ghost themed art project, we have plenty of ideas for kids of all ages to enjoy creating.

Paper Bowl Ghost Craft Activity

Potato Print Ghost Art Project

Sponge Painted Ghost Art Activity

Simple Paper Ghost Puppets (free template!)

Three Little Ghosties Cupcake Liner Craft (fun book inspired craft)

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Not Pictured:

Paper Plate Ghost Craft

Halloween Ghost Windsock

Stuffed Paper Bag Ghost Craft

Awesome Mummy Craft Activities

Get ready for some Halloween fun by making one of these cute mummy crafts. We have something simple for toddlers to make, a project that incorporates awesome fine motor skills and something great for hanging up for a Halloween decoration.

Yarn Wrapped Mummy Craft

Simple Envelope Mummy Puppet for Toddlers

Mummy Windsock Craft

Moving Eyes Paper Plate Mummy Craft

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Cool Frankenstein Kids Crafts

Want to add some Frankenstein coolness into your Halloween celebrations? These simple Frankenstein craft ideas are both creative and fun for kids. Our sticky wall Frankenstein will definitely be a hit for a group preschool project.

Stuffed Paper Bag Frankenstein Craft

Sticky Wall Frankenstein Craft Activity

Paper Bag Frankenstein Puppets

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Spooky Spider Arts and Crafts Ideas

Even though I am deathly afraid of spiders in real life, I am a huge fan of colorful spider crafts. It’s amazing how many different ways you can create a cute spider craft with a variety of different materials. If you like repurposing materials, you’ll love how we used paper plates, paper bags and plastic fruit cups for making spiders. We even have a fun way to create a spider art project using balloons!

Interactive Paper Plate Spider Web Craft

Easy Paper Plate Spiders Craft Project

Stuffed Paper Bag Spider Craft

Recycled Fruit Cup Spider Craft

Balloon Printed Spider Art Project

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Not Pictured:

Paper Plate Spider Sewing Craft

Cupcake Liner Spiders Craft for Preschoolers

Very Busy Spiders Book Inspired Craft Project

Amazing Monster Crafts and Art Projects

Monsters have to be one of the most fun themes for kids. Not scary monsters but rather silly, colorful ones. Whether you want to create some cute puppets, a simple monster out of paper plates, or want to encourage reading with some fancy bookmarks, we have an awesome collection of monster craft projects for kids of all ages.

Paper Bag Monster Puppets

Paint Smash Monster Stick Puppets

Paper Plate Monster Craft

Big-Nosed Monster Bookmarks

Recycled CD Monster Craft Idea

Not Pictured:

Envelope Monster Puppets for Toddlers

Cupcake Liner Monster Craft for Preschool

More Halloween Arts and Crafts Ideas

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget out black cats, skulls and haunted houses. Here are a few more Halloween crafts you’ll want to put on the top of your craft to-do list this year.

Black Glue Sugar Skull Art Project

Paper Bowl Black Cat Craft

Amazing Haunted House Craft for Kids

No-Carve Owl Pumpkins

Spooky Halloween Tree Craft

Not-so-Spooky Haunted House Craft for Kids (not pictured)

Handprint Raven Craft

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Save this page for later! We’ll be adding more Halloween arts and crafts projects to this page as new crafts get posted.

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Fall crafts for Kids -Fun and easy arts and crafts projects. Pumpkin crafts, fall art projects, Halloween crafts, fall leaf crafts for kids of all ages.

Square image of paper plate panda bear craft holding onto cardboard tree trunk with leaves.

Paper Plate Panda Bear Craft

Two paper turkey crafts side by side. One made with colored paper and one made with white paper that is colored by children.

Paper Turkey Craft