Recycled Fruit Cup Spider Craft

A couple months ago I shared a Ladybug craft over at PBS using a recycled fruit cup. With Halloween coming up, I wanted to show you how simple it is to also make a spider using a fruit cup. All of the googly eyes make this one an especially fun craft for kids!

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by using your scissors to cut the outside rim off of the fruit cup. (An adult should assist with this part.)
2. Use your hole punch to punch four holes on each side of the fruit cup, trying to space them as evenly as you can.
3. Use your acrylic paint to paint the outside of the fruit cup. The fruit cup may require a couple coats to cover it completely. (From my experience, tempera paint does not adhere well to these type of plastic cups so stick with acrylic paint.) Let the paint dry completely.
4. Put a generous amount of tacky glue onto your large pom and put it onto your fruit cup, making sure not to cover up the holes on the sides.
5. Cut your 2 Fuzzy Sticky in half to end up with 4 pieces. String the 4 fuzzy sticks through the holes in the fruit cup, lining up the holes on each side. Bend the fuzzy stick on each end to look like spider legs.
6. Lastly, use tacky glue or school glue to glue on your small googly eyes. Poisonous spiders have 6 eyes, non-poisonous spiders have 8 eyes.
Now have fun playing with your little spiders, or use them as spooky Halloween decor around your house.

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