Sponge Painted Jack-o-Lantern Craft

Can you believe Halloween is only a few weeks away? We have already shared lots of great Halloween crafts but we have a few more we are excited to share like this Sponge Painted Jack-o-Lantern. It is super simple to make, only 3 steps, and it’s a fun craft that gives kids an opportunity to create a truly unique piece of artwork. It is also a perfect preschool craft for learning about triangles.



Supplies you will need:

  • white and brown cardstock paper
  • orange and black paint
  • sponge cut into small triangle
  • small paper plate
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • glue stick
1. Start by cutting a pumpkin shape out of your white cardstock paper. Paint it orange and then set it aside to try completely.
2. Cut a few small triangle shapes out of your sponge. Squeeze a small amount of black paint on your paper plate.
3. Dip your triangle sponge into your black paint then press it onto your pumpkin to make eyes on your jack-o-lantern. Continue dipping the sponge into the paint and onto your pumpkin and make a one-of-kind jack-o-lantern face.
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