DIY Witches Feet Halloween Card

When I was a kid, I remember being soooo excited when something came in the mail addressed to me. Do you remember that feeling? With all of the technology we are so used to now of days, sending cards in the mail seems to be a fading trend and it’s kind of sad. Luckily, my Mom has started a tradition with my children where every holiday she sends them a greeting card in the mail with a sheet of stickers. Since we don’t live close to Grandma we also love sending her cards for the holidays. My kids have so much fun personalizing the inside of the cards with drawings and we always include a recent photo of the kids to brighten Grandma’s day. Here’s a simple and fun DIY witches feet Halloween card that kids can make to send to a friend or family member for the holiday.

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by cutting your gray cardstock paper in half and then fold that piece in half to make a folded card.
2. Cut out a witches skirt, two pointy shoes and a rectangle shoe heel out of your black cardstock paper.
3. Cut two strips of washi tape and put them onto your card for the witches legs. Glue the witch skirt at the top of the legs, and the shoes at the bottom of the washi tape.
4. Finish your card by using your black marker to write a fun greeting on the front of your card like “Trick or Treat!” or “Happy Halloween”. Now write a personal message on the inside of the card and maybe attach a fun picture on the inside of the card.
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