Plastic Lid Pumpkin Sewing Craft for Kids

Start saving up those lids from containers like sour cream, yogurt or cottage cheese and turn them into a beautiful craft for the fall season.

This plastic lid pumpkin sewing craft is a perfect way for kids to practice beginning sewing skills this fall and it makes a festive decoration to display all season long.

How to Make a Plastic Lid Pumpkin Sewing Craft

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Supplies Needed for this Pumpkin Sewing Craft

Instructions for this Plastic Lid Pumpkin Craft

1. Draw or trace a pumpkin shape on the top of your plastic lid with your fine tip black marker. Use a craft knife to cut a slit in the pumpkin (adults only) and then use your small scissors to cut out the pumpkin.

2. Punch holes around the outside of the pumpkin shape with your hole punch.

3. Cut out a length of string to lace your pumpkin. We used a 12-foot length string for our plastic lid. Roll tape around one end of the yarn to prevent the yarn from fraying when you lace. Tape the other end of yarn on the front of the plastic lid (the label side).

4. Begin lacing the yarn through the holes in the plastic lid. To try to cover up as much of the pumpkin hole as possible, I laced vertical lines from top to bottom twice, then laced a horizontal lines across the pumpkin. With the remaining yarn I laced random diagonal lines. When you reach the end of your yarn, tape it onto the front of the lid.

5. You’ll need half a green shimmer pipe cleaner for the pumpkin vine. Wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger to make it curled leaving about 1-inch uncurled. Use that 1-inch to wrap the vine around your small stick.

6. Use a hot glue gun to glue the stem and vine onto the top of your pumpkin on the plastic lid.

Your plastic lid pumpkin sewing craft is finished!

Try making several plastic lid pumpkins and glue them to a strand of string to make a festive bunting to hang on your mantel for the fall season.

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