Insects Arts and Crafts Ideas

Every spring my children and I love sitting in my front yard and spotting colorful butterflies fluttering around, hearing bees humming on newly blossomed flowers and seeing brightly colored ladybugs on the leaves of plants. It always sparks our creativity so over the years we’ve created quite a collection of insect crafts. If you love exploring insects during the spring season like us, you are going to love these amazing insects arts and crafts ideas.

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Insects Arts and Crafts Ideas

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Butterfly Crafts

Gorgeous Watercolor Butterfly Craft

Painted Newspaper Butterfly Craft

Paper Bag Butterfly Puppet

Wood Peg Doll and Cardboard Butterfly Craft

Pretty Handprint Butterfly Craft

Black Glue Butterfly Art Project

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Ladybug Crafts

Eric Carle Inspired Ladybug Craft

Paper Bowl Ladybug Craft

Cardboard Roll Ladybug Craft

Recycled Cardboard and Sticks Ladybug Craft

Balloon Print Ladybugs

Tissue Paper Ladybug Craft

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Bee Crafts

Recycled Cardboard Roll Bee Craft

Paper Bowl Bee Craft

Spring Time Fuzzy Bees Craft

Adorable Bee Finger Puppets

Simple Paper Straw Bee Craft

Paper Bag Bee Puppets

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Dragonfly Crafts

Shimmery Dragonfly Craft for Kids

Clothespin Dragonfly Craft

Simple Paper Dragonfly Craft

Paint Strip Dragonfly Craft

Wooden Spoon Dragonfly Craft

Beaded Dragonfly Craft

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Lightning Bugs Crafts

Paper Bag Lightning Bug Craft

Leo the Lighting Bug Craft

Beaded Glow-in-the-Dark Lightning Bugs

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More fun spring arts and crafts ideas:

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This 3D Spring paper tree craft is a fun paper craft for kids to help celebrate the beginning of the spring season. The beautiful light and dark pink colors mixed with the green is reminiscent of pretty cherry blossom trees that come to life every spring.

How to Make a 3D Spring Paper Tree Craft

Learn how to make these beautiful paper Hyacinth flowers for a fun spring craft. The petals and leaves pop off the page giving the craft an awesome 3D effect. Find more fun spring flower crafts on our website too like tulip crafts, hyacinth crafts and cupcake liner flowers.

How to Make Paper Hyacinth Flowers