Tissue Paper Ladybug Kids Craft (with free pattern printable)

My preschooler is a big fan of using tissue paper in crafts. So am I! We really enjoyed the fun textures the tissue paper created in our Tissue Paper Bee Craft so I decided to create another insect pattern and we made this super adorable Tissue Paper Ladybug Craft. I’ve included our pattern as a free printable to make this craft even more simple and fun!
Ladybug Kids Craft Pin

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by printing out the Tissue Paper Ladybug Pattern on cardstock paper and cut it out.2. Cut your black pipe cleaner in half, curl the ends to make antennae and tape it to the face of your ladybug. (see picture below)

Ladybug Kids Craft 4

3. Cut out some black and red squares from your tissue paper. Start by adding school glue to the spots on the body and adding crumbled tissue paper to them. Continue by adding glue and tissue paper to the face of the ladybug.

4. Now add school glue all over the body of the ladybug and finish covering it with crumpled red tissue paper.

Ladybug Kids Craft 5


5. Cut six legs out of your black cardstock paper and glue them to the bottom of your ladybug. Also, cut out a small strip of black paper to divide the wings and glue it down the middle of the body.


Ladybug Kids Craft 2

6. Finish your ladybug by gluing on some large googly eyes at the front of his face.

Those antennae poking up make him especially cute! Have you made a ladybug craft yet this Spring?

Ladybug Kids Craft 3 2

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