Simple Wooden Spoon Dragonfly Craft

This simple wooden spoon dragonfly craft will have kids excited to get outdoors to observe all of their favorite insects in nature.

Spring temperatures have started to arrive and we are starting to look forward to seeing all of the insects come back to life like ladybugs, butterflies and dragonflies. This dragonfly craft is easy to make and kids will love flying them around and playing with them after creating them.

close up image of two wooden spoon dragonflies .


Your kid are going to love making and playing with these darling dragonflies! Read our easy step-by-step instructions below for instructions on how you can make your own colorful dragonfly craft.

Supplies needed to make this wooden spoon craft:

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Instructions for making this easy dragonfly craft

1. Start by painting the back of your wooden spoon with your turquoise paint. Set it aside to dry.

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image of wooden spoon dragonfly fly with the face of the dragonfly in the bottom right corner.

2. While your paint is drying, cut out two long wings from your wax paper for your dragonfly craft.

3. Glue your googly eyes onto your turquoise buttons. You could also use pom poms instead of buttons.

close up image of two dragonfly crafts with their heads close to each other.

4. Glue your wax paper wings onto your spoon in a criss-cross. Then glue your buttons and googly eyes onto your dragonfly craft.

vertical image of two dragonfly crafts with the words "wooden spoon dragonflies" in the top right corner.

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