Paper Bag Bee Kids Craft

My friend over at Artsy Momma recently made an adorable Paper Bag Ladybug Craft. While I was making our balloon print bees earlier this week I remembered that cute ladybug craft and a light bulb went off in my head to make a Paper Bag Bee Craft. We used doilies for the bee wings and I think it turned out so cute! Read below how simple it is to make.

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Supplies you will need:

1. Start by painting your white paper bag yellow and let it dry completely. We like to cut a couple inches off the bottom of our paper bag puppets, so we did that, but it is optional.
2. Cut three 1-inch strips from your black cardstock paper for the bee stripes. Glue them onto your paper bag making stripes of yellow and black.
3. Fold one side of your doilies in about an inch to make a straight edge. Glue them on the inside flap of both sides of your paper bag.
4. Glue your googly eyes onto your paper bag and use your black marker to draw a smile.
5. Twirl the black pipecleaner pieces around your finger to curl them and tape each piece to the back of the bee at the top to make antennae.


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