Cute and Easy DIY Bee Puppets

Looking for a cute and easy insect craft for kids? These DIY bee puppets are simply perfect!

Not only are they a quick and easy craft for kids to make but they can have hours of fun playing with them after they create them.

Combine them with a few books about bees for an afternoon full of fun!

How to Make DIY Bee Puppets

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Supplies Needed to Make these DIY Bee Puppets

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Instructions for Making this DIY Bee Puppet Craft

1. Use your circle punches to cut out a 3-inch circle and 2 1/2-inch circle from your yellow cardstock.

2. Color in black stripes on the larger yellow circle for the bee’s body. Add eye stickers onto the smaller yellow cardstock circle and draw a smile with your black marker.

3. Punch a hole in the top of your bee body. Cut off a section of white tulle, poke it through the hole in your bee body and tie a knot to secure it in place. Trim the tulle if necessary to make bee wings.

4. Cut and bend a piece of black pipe cleaner in half to make bee antennae. Tape it onto the back of your bee face.

5. Finish your DIY bee puppets by taping a paper straw onto the back of the bee. Now your bee puppets are all ready for play!

Watch this step-by-step video for how to make these adorable DIY Bee Puppets:

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