Simple and Easy Paper Ghost Craft

I love a fun and simple paper craft for kids! This easy paper ghost craft is just that! They are crazy simple to make and kids will have a blast playing with them afterwards too.

Whether you make them as a last-minute afternoon craft at home with your children or use this idea in the classroom or for a kids Halloween party, these cute little ghosts are sure to be a hit!

How to Make a Simple Paper Ghost Craft

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Supplies Needed to Make This Paper Ghost Craft

Instructions for Making this Halloween Craft

1. Download and print out the paper ghost pattern on white paper. Gather the rest of your supplies.

2. Cut out your paper ghost pattern. Fold the middle of it in half vertically and cut the two small gray slits on the pattern. Unfold it.

3. Thread your black paper straw through the two slits you cut. Use tape to secure the straw in place on the back of the ghost.

4. Add googly eye stickers onto your ghost. You could also glue on googly eyes as an alternative.

Your easy paper ghost craft is finished!

Hold the bottom of the paper straw and twirl your cute paper ghost craft around in the air for some spooky Halloween fun.

This fun craft would go along great with the book Three Little Ghosties by Pippa Goodhart!

Try combining this fun paper ghost craft with our Alphabet Ghost Matching Game! Visit our Teachers Pay Teachers store for more fun craft ideas and learning activities.

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