Paper Bag Halloween Witch Craft for Kids

I’m super duper excited to share our latest paper bag craft with you today. As you know, we’ve been having a lot of fun getting a head start on our Halloween crafting this past week. I’ve been thinking about all of our favorite Halloween books and two of our most favorite have a witch as a main character. It inspired us to make this adorable Paper Bag Halloween Witch Craft for Kids. This one will surely get the kids excited about Halloween so whip out those paper bags and small paper plates and lets get creating this adorable witch craft
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Supplies you will need:


1. Start by painting the front of your paper lunch bag with black paint and the bottom of your small paper plate with lime green paint. Set them aside to dry completely.

2. While your paint is drying, trace your child’s hands onto your orange cardstock paper. Cut them out.  You will also need to cut a nose out of your green cardstock paper and a witch hat out of your black cardstock paper. We cut a triangle and rectangle shape to make our hat.

3. When your paper plate is dry, cut a slit out of each side of the plate to give your witch a big chin. Staple it onto the bottom of your paper bag.

paper bag witch craft 4

4. Fold the fingers of your handprints accordion style to make your witch’s hair curly. Staple each handprint onto your paper plate for the hair. Then staple your witch hat at the top of the paper plate. 

5. Finish your witch by gluing on your googly eyes and nose and drawing on a mouth with your red marker.

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Try coupling this craft with one of these darling Halloween Books:

Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman

paper bag witch craft

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