Witch Craft

My son and I recently took a trip to our local Gardner Village to see the annual Witch Scavenger Hunt. It made for perfect timing for us to make a fun witch craft.

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Hands down, my favorite Halloween book is Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman. After attending our annual Witch Scavenger Hunt, we read Big Pumpkin and then made this craft as a perfect compliment to both activities.


My son’s witch turned out awesome!


The best part of course is her fun nose!!

Supplies you will need:

1. Download our witch craft template HERE. I drew a template for a witch’s head and nose on our green paper and a witch’s hat on black paper and my son cut them out. I also used an old shredder to make the small orange strips for the witch’s hair. You can just cut small orange strips from your orange paper yourself though.

2. The nose requires an adult to help attach it. Hold the nose up to the face where you want it attached and use a craft knife to make a slit on the face alongside the nose.

3. Push the nose through the slit in the paper.

4. Fold the paper back on the back side of the face and use tape to secure it in place.

5. After the nose is in place, my son glued on his googly eyes and glued hair to the front of his witch.

6. Make sure to glue some hair to the back of the witch as well.

7. Glue the hat onto your witch.

8. We used oil pastels to draw eyebrows and a mouth onto our witch. Crayons obviously would work too. I just like how bright the oil pastels are. In the Big Pumpkin Book, the Witch has designs drawn on her hat and cloak, so my son decided to draw spiders and bats on his hat.

I crinkled up my orange paper to make the hair on my witch curly like in the book. Such a fun craft!!

See how we turned this same craft into a Stained Glass Witch!


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