Pretty Paper Bag Angel Craft

This gorgeous paper bag angel craft is incredibly easy to make and is a great Christmas nativity craft for kids.

Along with making the traditional Santa Claus, Rudolph and Christmas tree crafts every year, we also love angel crafts. Our latest is this pretty paper bag angel craft.

Three paper bag angel crafts laying at different angles on a pink background with star stickers and bells scattered around.

After little ones make their angels, they can put their hand inside the paper bag and will have a blast flying around their sweet angel puppets.

[This craft was originally published on November 27, 2016. It has been republished and updated with a how-to video, a revised tutorial and additional photos.]

Paper bag angel craft laying on a white wood background.

How to Make a Paper Bag Angel Craft

Read our easy step-by-step tutorial below for how to make your own Christmas angels. Make sure to watch our video tutorial inside this post before get started too.

Supplies Needed to make this Paper Bag Angel

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Directions for Making your own angel crafts

1. Start by painting the bottom rectangle section of your paper bag with your skin tone paint. Set your paper bag aside for the paint to dry.

“What if I don’t feel like getting out the paints? Do I need paint to make this craft?” 

Trust me, we’ve all been there! Painting is so much fun for kids, but sometimes I’m not always in the mood to deal with cleaning up a painting project. Don’t fear because paint is not necessary to make this fun angel craft.

If you’d rather not drag out the paints this time, you can simply use crayons, markers or colored pencils to color the face of your angel. In fact, we love these new multicultural crayons from Crayola.

Four image collage showing adult painting the top rectangle of the paper bag with skin tone paint, then gluing the rectangle hair pieces onto the angel face, then using a marker and crayon to draw a face on the angel, and then cutting a doily in half for the angel wings.

2. Cut out three rectangles from your cardstock or construction paper to use for you hair. Glue them around the face of your paper bag angel craft.

If you want to define the hair, cut small slits along all of the rectangle pieces and separate and curl the end of the pieces. If you choose to make a boy angel, you can simply use one rectangle glued to the top of the paper bag.

3. Cut your 10-inch doily in half, then fold each of those section in half again. Secure the wing sections by adding a dot of glue on each folded corner. When your paint is finished drying, glue the doily wings onto the back of the paper bag.

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Four image collage showing an adult gluing the doily wings on the back of the angel, twisting the pipe cleaner into a halo and attaching it to the paper bag angel puppet with tape.

5. Using your black marker, draw eyes, a nose and a smile on your angel. We also used a pink crayon to color in some rosy cheeks.

6. Bend one end of your gold glitter stick to make a halo circle. Wrap the end of the circle around the remaining section of the pipe cleaner to close it.


7. Finish your paper bag angel craft by taping the gold halo onto the back of your angel with a piece of tape. Then bend the circle halo down in the front of the paper bag to create the angel halo.

My favorite aspect of this easy Christmas craft is how each child can customize their angel to look however they like, both boy and girl. A classroom full of customized angels is sure to be a joy to see!

Horizontal image of three paper bag angel crafts laying next to each other on a pink background with stars and bells scattered around.

Playing with the Paper Bag Angel Puppet

When children are ready to play with the angel puppet, they place their hand inside the paper bag and bend their fingers forward over the flap at the top of the bag.

Now they can move their puppet around and watch their angel fly and sing their favorite Christmas carol.

Close up image of how to place your hand and arm inside the paper bug angel to use it as a puppet.

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Vertical two image collage with close up image of person with their hand in the angel puppet in the top image and three angel crafts scattered around in the bottom image with the text "paper bag angel craft" in the center between the two images.

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