Paper Plate Arctic Fox Craft for Kids

We recently watched a show about arctic animals and my kids thought the Arctic Fox was adorable. We decided it would be fun to make one as a craft so we put together this Paper Plate Arctic Fox Craft. If your kids love arctic animals, you might also enjoy our Polar Bear Mask or Newspaper Polar Bear Craft.

How to Make a Paper Plate Arctic Fox Craft

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Watch the full tutorial of us making the paper plate Arctic Fox craft before you get started. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a new video!

Instructions to make Paper Plate Arctic Fox Craft:

1. Start by cutting your paper plate in half. Fold the corners of one of the paper plate halves inward towards the center of the plate to create a triangle shape. Staple the pieces shut in the back.

supplies 32. Put your stapler inside the triangle shape and staple it onto your other paper plate. (see picture below)


3. Add some glue onto your paper plates and cover them with tissue paper. Trim off any pieces that hang off the ends.

4. Glue your large googly eyes and black pom onto your fox face.


5. Cut two triangle ears, four legs and a tail out of your white cardstock paper. Glue them onto your paper plate arctic fox craft. (Optional: Add tissue paper onto the tail to give it more texture.)

ArcticFoxCraft3He turned out really cute! You could also turn this into a regular fox craft by adding orange tissue paper to the fox instead of the white. Check out our Cupcake Liner Fox Craft for more inspiration.

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PaperPlateArcticFox 1

Fun books to go along with this Paper Plate Arctic Fox Craft:

Parka: The Adventure of a Boy and an Arctic Fox by Nancy Hemenway
Arctic Foxes by Emily Rose Townsend
Arctic Fox: Very Cool! by Stephen Person

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