Snowman Coloring Pages

Have some frozen coloring fun with these Snowman coloring pages!

Getting to go out into the snow is a wonderful thing to enjoy. There are many activities you can partake in, like snowball fights and making snow angels.

Possibly the funnest thing you can do in the snow is build a snowman, and we have plenty of them for you to meet here!

These free snowman coloring pages for kids are perfect to have some snowy fun from the comfort of your favorite chair!

Whether it’s snowing outside and you’re toasty by the fire or it’s Summer outside and you’re dreaming of Winter, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Because these pages are full of chilly fun, we’re sure to see lots of cooler colors like blues and greens in these pages. You can still get creative by injecting in some warm colors and trying out different mediums like watercolors, paints and colored pens.

We really hope you’ll share your completed snowman coloring printables on our Facebook page for us to admire!

20 Brand New snowman Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This cute little snowman is up first in our series of free snowman coloring sheets for kids!

There are plenty of great little details that give you the chance to work in some nice bright colors into the image.

You could add your favorite reds, greens, yellows, pinks or any colors you love to bring some brightness and warmth into the picture!baby snowman coloring pages free printable

The kid in this snowman printable is looking thrilled that he’s made such a great snowman!

There are more great details where you can add in some bright and vibrant colors, such as for the clothing on the snowman and that the boy is wearing.

Adding some green for the trees in the background will also make for some pretty color variation.happy snowman coloring pages free printable

A snowman is enjoying a lovely day out in the snow for this snowman coloring page!

If you colored in his hat with a bright red and used some bright green for the trees in the background, that would create a beautiful color contrast for this image. What colors will you use for the rest of this cute snowman printable?little snowman coloring pages free download

This adorable next snowman coloring sheet has a couple of cute critters working together to make a snowman!

A cute teddy bear is doing most of the work, but his bird pal is helping by bringing a stick to finish off the snowman. I think that for this bright and cute picture, it would look great to use as many different colors as you can!

This would also be a great chance to use some coloring pens or pencils for more precise color details.snowman coloring pages for kids free printable

There’s a lot of warmth coming from this next snowman coloring printable despite how chilly the scene would be!

This snowman is saying hello to a cute bird friend as he went to check on his mailbox. I would again think that some brighter, warmer colors for the clothing and objects in this picture would look great!

I think that using some nice blues and purples for the sky would also give off a look of a beautiful Winter evening.happy new year snowman coloring pages free printable

It’s a wonderful day out in a Winter wonderland in this lovely snowman coloring page! There’s a nice wavy, segmented design to the background, so you could alternate some nice blues and purples for a cold, Wintery look.

Contrasting that with some brighter colors for the snowman’s clothes and the trees in the background would make for a great Winter scene!

Will you go for a color scheme like this or will you use your own beautiful colors? We hope you’ll show us by sharing your colorful artwork to our Facebook page!cartoon snowman coloring pages free printable

This next snowman coloring sheet shows a snowman with a broom out in the frozen wilds, and I think it would be quite a task to sweep up that much snow!

What colors will you use for this snowman’s hat and scarf? I think it would look great to pick two of your favorite colors for these elements to add a splash of beautiful color variety to this image.realistic snowman coloring books free printable

It’s time for a trip to some beautiful snowy mountains to color in this snowman printable!

There is room for lots of great variations of more muted natural colors and spots for bright and vibrant ones in this image.

You could use some lovely browns for the mountains in the background with your favorite greens for the trees in the background.

Finishing off this image with some great favorite colors for the snowman’s scarf would add s nice finishing touch to this picture!Christmas coloring snowman coloring images free download

This snowman is bundled up nice and warm for a freezing cold day in this snowman coloring page.

For the trees in the background, I think it would look great to have some bright greens with some white or light blue left at the tips of the branches to make it look like there’s snow hanging from the branches.

How will you finish off the remaining details like the snowman’s scarf and the bird in the picture? We’ll be interested to see what colors and mediums you decide on!christmas snowman coloring pages free printable

We have a wonderfully creative and fun image for this snowman coloring sheet!

This Winter wonderland has what looks like giant lollipops in the background, so I bet those would look great with some bright reds and yellows.

There are so many wonderful details to this sweet and happy coloring page as this snowman hangs out with some penguin pals.

I’m sure this will be one of the most colorfully beautiful pages in this series, so I can’t wait to see how you color this one in!snowman coloring pages for adults free printable

We’re feeling the love in this cute snowman printable! This snowman is holding up a sign saying ‘I love you,’ and because of this I think it would be great to add in some wonderful brighter colors into the details.

Some reds or pinks would especially add a loving feeling to this image.

Once you’ve colored in this picture, I bet that it would make for a great card to give to someone you care about to let them know you love them!i love you snowman coloring pages free pdf

This girl is celebrating the awesome snowman she made in this snowman coloring page! I love the detailing of the snowy village in the background of this one!

With all the trees included it also means that there will be plenty of chances to have some pretty colors to break up all the lighter colors of the snowy setting.

Keeping the colors for the girl’s clothing and the snowman’s scarf warm and bright would finish off this picture nicely, I would think!funny snowman coloring pages free printable

We have another snowman thoroughly bundled up for the cold in this wonderful snowman coloring sheet! There’s a detailed pattern on his scarf that would let you use a wide variety of pretty colors!

For this one, I would again suggest using some colored pens or pencils for details like that, as they allow you more control when adding some smaller details.

How will you color in the lollipop in this snowman’s pocket?free printable for winter snowman coloring pages

This next snowman printable has a snowman really enjoying the beautiful snowy day outside!

This could be a great image to try out a different medium on, for example I think that some watercolors would be perfect for this image!

Watercolor paints give a lovely subtle, cooler look to an image and I think that some subtlety would work great for this cute image.

What colors and mediums do you think would suit this beautiful day out in the snow?christmas snowman coloring pages for kids printable

I wouldn’t imagine that an umbrella would be very effective in a snowstorm, but the snowman in this snowman coloring page is trying it out!

The heavy snow is gathering on top of the umbrella, so I would guess it’s helped to keep the snow off of the snowman!

Again, there are some wonderful details to color in that would add some brighter dashes of color.

You could pick a variety of your favorite bright colors and alternate them in some interesting ways for the various details in this delightful picture.cute snowman coloring pages free pdf

This next snowman coloring sheet has another snowman having a wonderful day outside! For this picture, it could look nice to use a mixture of different mediums!

For example, you could use some brighter acrylic paints mixed with some more detailed work using colored pens, pencils or markers.

What art tools do you think you would like to use to color in this cute snowman? We can’t wait to see how you color this in!happy cartoon snowman coloring pages

There’s possibly too much cuteness in this snowman printable! This happy snowman is cuddling a whole bunch of absolutely adorable little bunnies.

I think that it would look so cute to have each bunny be a different color! I would color in the snowman and the bunnies with crayons, colored pens or pencils and then use some watercolors for the background.

There’s a lot of warmth to this picture, so if I did this then I would use some red or purple watercolor for the background color to finish off the warm and loving vibe of this printable.preschool snowman coloring pages free printable

The little boy in this snowman coloring page is having a wonderful time working on this snowman.

There’s an adorable puppy joining in the fun as well, so for this fun and sweet image I would try to work in as many bright and cheerful colors as I could.

I would personally try to work in some reds, yellows, greens and oranges as my main colors, but what colors are you feeling for this adorable picture?winter fun snowman coloring pages free printable

We have another super cute snowman coloring sheet as this snowlady is hugging an adorable little bird!

Like many of the pictures in this collection, there are some beautiful details for you to color in. I love the patterns on the scarf and hat that leave a lot of intricate details to fill in.

I think that it would create a beautiful color focal point if you used as many of your favorite bright colors as you can for the clothing details in this picture!free printable Christmas coloring snowman

The final page in this collection of free snowman coloring pages for kids is an appropriate sendoff as this snowman walks away while waving.

How will you close off this freezing cold series of lovable snowman printables?

We hope you’ll show us how you finish off this collection by sharing the completed image to our Facebook page for us to see!snowman coloring sheets for preschoolers free printable

Snowman Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

There were a lot of fun pictures in this series of free snowman coloring sheets for kids, and we hope that they provided hours of fun Wintery coloring!

Remember that all of our coloring pages and printable goodies are totally free for you to print, color, share and enjoy!

That means that you could print out multiple copies of your favorites to experiment with different colors and mediums.

It can be fun to try out different mediums like paints, colored pens and pencils, so we hope you have fun switching it up!

It can really look beautiful to mix multiple mediums in one picture, so we can’t wait to see your creativity on show.

Please remember to like and share our Facebook page to never miss out on any of our awesome free coloring pages and printables!

We would also love to see some of your completed snowman coloring printables, so please share some of your finished artworks to our Facebook page for us to admire!

We can’t wait to see how creative you all got with these chilly pictures.

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